Every year we here at WLRN put together a list of the weirdest, craziest, Florida-ish stories of the year.

We’re torn about this whole thing.

Part of us face-palms every time @_FloridaMan or @_Flor1daWoman tweet out their latest. But these stories also keep us on our toes, they’re often part of what makes living in Florida colorful and up to our neck in stories to pick from for these end of year roundups.

Look at what else has kept us asking: fake or Florida?





Here are some of our staff picks for craziest stories of 2017:

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Cokey Monster

Weird crime stories are part of South Florida’s fabric, and the Florida Keys get more than their share, per capita. This year, Keys cops found a car with a strong odor of marijuana. And when they searched it, they found a kids’ toy that was doing more than gobbling cookies.

Where do you dance?

We all knew I-95 was just a dance party waiting to happen. Turns out, when President Trump is in town, that’s the perfect time to express oneself on the asphalt. Who’s bringing the disco ball next time y’all?

Stuck in standstill traffic at an accident scene in South Florida. No movement in 20 minutes. This just happened … pic.twitter.com/ZQd4jqiHR3

— Jeff Pearlman (@jeffpearlman) November 21, 2017

Best skier ever

Before competing at the Nordic World Ski Championship, it’s probably a good idea to know how to actually ski. That would be news to this guy, who thought substituting wheels for snow would do the trick. Spoiler alert: It’s no Cool Runnings.

Space politician

Coral Castle is a long-lost Egyptian Pyramid, according to the