ALISON STEWART, PBS NEWSHOUR WEEEKEND ANCHOR: Joining me now from Tallahassee to discuss the battle for Florida is Mary Ellen Klas. She’s the capital bureau chief for the “Miami Herald” and co- bureau chief for the “Tampa Bay Times.”

Mary Ellen, so who’s left at this point? Who are Trump and Clinton courting while spending all this time in Florida these last three days?

MARY ELLEN KLAS, MIAMI HERALD: Well, it is pretty clear that both of them are working — Trump is working to win Florida, which he needs it. And Clinton is working to win Florida to keep it from Trump because without Florida, it’s very unlikely he has a path to the White House. It is — it looks as though the early voting numbers indicate that Democrats might have the edge because even though it’s — we’ve got about 40 percent of Democrats, early voters showing up, 40 percent Republicans, and the bulk are no party affiliated, those “no party affiliated” voters more than half of them are first-time voters and a majority of them are Hispanic. And that may swing things as an advantage for Clinton.

ALISON STEWART: What’s changed about the demographics in Florida in the past four years that would have an impact this time around?

MARY ELLEN KLAS: Well, Florida has gained a lot of population. You know, 1.4 million people have moved to Florida. And more than half of those new people however, have been Hispanics. And they have — many of them are Puerto Ricans, and unlike people from other Latin American countries, when Puerto Ricans come to Florida, they can register to vote immediately because they’re citizens.

So, we have watched as the number of Hispanics grow and the unique thing, is they are the ones that are

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