What it's like to lose your job to Bryce Harper

Nick Williams is the odd man out in the Phillies’ outfield after his team signed You Know Who. So how does he feel about it? 

10:14 AM ET

Four days before the end of spring training, Nick Williams finally bought some furniture.

The Philadelphia Phillies outfielder and his fiancée, Brianna, were moving from the furnished apartment they lived in last year to a new one that came unequipped. But Williams didn’t want to pull the trigger on any new furniture because he didn’t think he’d be staying in Philadelphia.

Long before the Phillies invested a third of a billion dollars in Bryce Harper, Williams began to see the writing on the outfield wall. Last season, during a four-game series in Los Angeles that kicked off on Memorial Day, he had lunch with Scott Boras — the agent who, as fate would have it, represents both him and Harper — and tried to get a sense of where exactly the former MVP might wind up after his contract with the Nationals expired. Two months later in Cincinnati, just after the All-Star break, Williams deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts because he was having too much trouble tuning out the

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