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LOS ANGELES — There’s a method to the madness.

And you’d better believe, the Los Angeles Rams‘ offense is madness.

Some might even call it the Greatest Show on Turf 2.0, including quarterback Kurt Warner, the conductor of the original Greatest Show.

“What makes them so good is that they’ve got great balance,” Warner said about the 2018 Rams. “They’re equally effective running and passing the football, offensive line is playing great … and Sean McVay does a great job of making everything look the same.”

It’s time, members of the original Greatest Show said, for the records to fall, for new legends to be made, and for them to reunite at the Super Bowl to watch this new team solidify its place in history.

1999 Rams 2018 Rams* 6,412

Total Yards

7,168 55

Total TDs

57 526

Total Points

536 22.9

Avg. Margin of victory

11 *Based on 16-game projection

“Heck, records are meant to be broken,”

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