At a speech in Miami the week before the election, Donald Trump pledged to eliminate funds for fighting global warming and “use that money to support America’s vital environmental infrastructure and natural resources.”

That includes protecting the Everglades and restoring the dike around Lake Okeechobee, he told a crowd at the city’s Bayfront Park.

Environmentalists took some reassurance from the president-elect’s promise to continue restoring the Everglades, which enjoys bipartisan support and represents the kind of job-creating public works projects Trump supports. But they say his policies on climate change, oil drilling and business regulation could have disastrous consequences for Florida.

“Everyone who cares about the environment has every reason to be worried,” said Eric Draper, executive director of Audubon of Florida. “It will now be easy for Congress to pass legislation allowing oil drilling off Florida’s coasts. Drilling in the Everglades is already possible. Everglades restoration – my guess is the funding for that will probably continue. Florida is seriously threatened by sea level rise. Florida’s in trouble if we don’t reverse the effects of climate change.”

Trump enjoyed considerable support in South Florida’s large hunting and fishing community, however, where issues of gun control and public access to federal land and waters are important.

“The need for inexpensive energy to fuel a growing economy will put a stop to federal interference in developing resources needed to make the U.S. energy independent,” said Newton Cook, executive director of the duck hunting group United Waterfowlers of Florida. “That includes South Florida where there are legal oil leases. Trump will support the long-standing Everglades restoration program as it is supported by Gov. Scott….There is no negative for the Everglades in Trump’s victory. The climate change issue will be simply ignored as poor science and left-wing political agendas.”

Trump’s energy policies

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