Mail-in ballots have been out for some time, early voting is gearing up, and Nov. 6 Election Day is right around the corner.

Everyone’s focused on the Florida Governor’s election and other big campaign battles, but right now, we want to draw your attention to a little City of St. Petersburg item that’s hanging on to the bottom of the ballot: The Harborage Marina Referendum.

Although this referendum is among the most benign, if not useful, referendums that ever existed, if it doesn’t get enough votes — merely because people aren’t terribly aware of it — It might not pass.

Here are a few things that you might want to know about the Harborage Marina Referendum:

It is no cost to the City or taxpayers.

This referendum only concerns a decadeslong lease between the City of St. Petersburg and the Harborage Marina, and it would allow the marina to expand its lease to more submerged land for a longer lease agreement. The marina plans to develop more boat slips to meet increased area demand.

The marina will pay the City through this lease, so it costs the city and the

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