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Silly Nice, a pioneering cannabis brand that uniquely blends its Black and Veteran-Owned identity with innovative offerings, has rapidly captured the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts across New York State since its launch on March 4th, 2024. Known for its distinctive products like Frosted Hash Balls, Diamond Powder, and Infused Flower, Silly Nice has established a significant presence, now available in 40 dispensaries statewide. Learn more about their groundbreaking products at Silly Nice.

The product line is as innovative as it is premium. The Frosted Hash Balls feature a potent hash core with a Diamond Powder finish, creating a lasting effect cherished by connoisseurs seeking depth in their cannabis experience. For those pursuing powerful effects, the Diamond Powder offers an exceptional 84% THC concentrate, elevating any session to new heights. Meanwhile, the Infused Flower combines top-grade buds with Diamond Powder and premium High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract oil, offering an aromatic experience that balances intense potency with rich flavors.

Cannabis aficionados can effortlessly explore these exceptional offerings through an easily navigable locator page on the Silly Nice website, ensuring they can find the nearest dispensaries with adult-use cannabis. Due to the high demand for these products, potential customers are advised to

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