Could an MVP-caliber hittter like Paul Goldschmidt get added to the pool of talent available for contenders to trade for? 

7:50 AM ET

Between now and Opening Day, every team in baseball will hire some people, sign some people, trade some people and drop some people. But nearly all of the names have to be figured out. While we’re all going to have to wait on the details, we can talk about some general outlines. We can talk about where teams are, and about potential plans. Some teams are positioned to improve; for example, there are plenty of different ways to get better, but getting better is the goal. The same goes for teams poised to get worse; some teams already know they’re about to take a step back. What’s left is to work out how that’s going to look.

Bryce? Manny? Both? … Or steer clear. We examine how every team in baseball should approach a historic pair of free agents.

Want to make a hot-stove splash? Start with these bold trades and free-agent additions.

From the free agents set to cash in to the big-name stars sure to come up in

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