White House Deputy National Security Advisor resigns: report

White House Deputy National Security adviser Matt Pottinger resigned Wednesday, according to CNN.

The resignation was reportedly in response to President Donald Trump’s reaction to his supporters breaching the U.S. Capitol, a person close to Pottinger reportedly confirmed to CNN.

He told people there was very little for him to consider, CNN said.

CNN reported Wednesday night that several of Trump’s top aides, including national security adviser Robert O’Brien and deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell, were considering resigning.

The resignations come after a day of civil unrest at the U.S. Capitol perpetrated by Trump supporters in which four people died including one woman who was shot.

The riot caused Congress’ typically routine certification of election results to be significantly delayed. The U.S. Senate rejected an objection to election results in Pennsylvania, which exhausts Trumps ongoing efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election results.

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