Why 5 U.S. Cannabis Stocks Will Outperform Amid Federal Ban


7 Long-Term Stocks to Buy with the Election Behind Us

Snowflakes. Soy boys. And other pejoratives, many of which are unrepeatable in polite company. These are some of the lesser grievances that liberals have had to endure during the four years of the Trump administration. Barring unlikely and bizarre circumstances, President-elect Joe Biden will take over the White House, leading to much joy among the left. In this exuberance, it’s tempting to configure your long-term stocks to buy based on the election results. However, that would not be the wisest course of action. Don’t get me wrong — the transition to Democrats taking control of the executive office is wildly significant. As CNN reported, Biden plans to issue executive actions that will undo outgoing President Trump’s policies. Among them, controversial issues such as immigration reform will be top on the list. With such promised large-scale changes, of course it will have an impact on long-term stocks. But it’s important to not get myopic. Although you might want to direct your long-term stocks toward companies that will largely benefit from Democratic rule and avoid those that perform better under Republican stewardship, Biden probably won’t have full control of government. Even

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