I am a beachophile. Having grown up on Plum Island, north of Boston and lived in Sarasota, Florida for 10 years, salt water is in my blood. Florida appealed to me because as a veteran Northeasterner, I wanted to get away from the snow and ice.

While living in Sarasota, a place that I considered paradise, I visited Costa Rica for the first time, at the suggestion of a friend who had been there many times. My first visit was in 2003 and I spent a couple of days in the capital San José and a week in Manuel Antonio discovering the south Pacific coast.

Over the next five years I made a total of seven more trips to Costa Rica and always ended up in the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area. So in 2008, I retired to Quepos…and found my new paradise.

I moved to my Costa Rican paradise because I wanted to get back to a greater sense of natural beauty and wanted to live a simpler, less harried lifestyle as a retiree.

Although the beaches where I lived in Sarasota were beautiful, rapid Florida development had led to the beach being completely surrounded by condos and other developments. Here in Quepos, I can hop on a bus and 15 minutes later I’m on one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica…and when I look around on Manuel Antonio beach, all I see is pristine jungle and soft white sand. And the ocean is always warm here, even in December, January, and February when it can be a bit chilly in Florida.

After moving to Quepos, I began to email friends and family and gradually this turned into a monthly newsletter called the Golden Gringo Chronicles. The name comes from being in my golden years and also that life

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