Why Prince Amukamara made more than 300 deliveries working for DoorDash

6:00 AM ET

PHOENIX — Back in the spring, when Arizona was in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Prince Amukamara was looking for something to pass the time.

He was isolating with his wife, two children and five sisters in his home on the west side of greater Phoenix, and it seemed as though the only thing he could do was hike. No one was allowed in gyms or restaurants. Boredom was setting in and it was getting harder for Amukamara to just sit around after his daily workouts.

He and two of his sisters — Promise and Princess — were brainstorming things to do and the conversation turned to working for food delivery apps. Why not, they thought? So each picked a different app to work for, and Prince upped the ante: a contest to see who could make the most money. Princess started working for Postmates, Promise started working for Instacart and Prince for DoorDash.

Winner gets bragging rights.

“We come from a very competitive family,” said Promise, who plays professional basketball for French club Charnay. “But, he was like, ‘Oh, I can make more money than you doing this.'”

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