Why the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes-to-Travis Kelce connection is the best of its time

6:00 AM ET

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The margin for error was already slim in the second quarter of last season’s divisional round playoff game against the Houston Texans, so it’s no coincidence quarterback Patrick Mahomes went looking for tight end Travis Kelce to rally the Kansas City Chiefs.

Using their backyard brand of football, Mahomes threw three touchdown passes to Kelce in the quarter as the Chiefs overcame a 24-point deficit to lead by halftime and eventually win the game. It’s just one example of what makes Mahomes and Kelce — teammates on the field and friends off it — the best pass-catch combination of their time.

Against the Texans in January, the chemistry was obvious. On third-and-goal from the Houston 6 with the Chiefs down 10, Kelce took his route as planned toward the right sideline. But he saw an open pocket in the Texans’ coverage back toward the middle of the field. That’s where Kelce headed and it was exactly where Mahomes wanted him.

ONE. POSSESSION. GAME. pic.twitter.com/nAuEFXmJmQ

— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) January 12, 2020

The improvised route resulted in a touchdown and left the Chiefs one score away from overtaking the Texans. They

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