Winner and Loser of the Week in Florida politics – Week of September 27, 2020

Perhaps you saw footage of the celebration outside Amalie Arena in Tampa when the Tampa Bay Lightning won hockey’s Stanley Cup.

Hundreds of closely packed people watched on big-screen TVs as the final seconds counted down.


And crazy.

I saw a lot of hugging, screaming, high fives.

But masks? Hardly anyone.

Also last week, I watched as my beloved Cincinnati Reds lost (boo!) their playoff series to the Atlanta Braves. It was virtually the same scene. Fans packed into an area outside the stadium and celebrated the Braves’ victory.

No masks – at least none that I could see.

Neither franchise allowed fans inside the playing venues as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Looking at those scenes, though, it would have been smarter to let a limited number of fans inside. They could have enforced social distancing and safety.

President Donald Trump, as we know, contracted the virus, as did First Lady Melania Trump.

That’s bad.

Worse is how quickly it spread throughout the West Wing. Multiple White House staffers tested positive and that number likely will increase in the coming days.

We all want this

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