Winners and losers emerging from Florida’s General Election

In this election, some winners and losers are obvious. But — much like the overall outcome of the presidential race — others are more elusive.

Florida Politics contemplated the trail, the election, and the aftermath to develop a comprehensive look at who walked away victorious, who tanked, and landed somewhere in the middle.

While much of this list breaks on partisan lines — Republicans had a banner night in Florida, so they will obviously have an outsized presence in the winners’ column — the list includes an analysis of strategy and future implications that concerns itself not with political affiliation.

From the GOP leaders who delivered an impressive, and to many shocking, five seats in the Florida House to the power brokers behind this year’s slate of constitutional amendments, here are this year’s winners and losers of the 2020 election.

As with other lists, this isn’t necessarily set in stone. Email any sins of commission (or omission) to for consideration.


TurnoutHistoric turnout statewide. More than 11 million Floridians took their civic duties seriously, which’s a good thing for the Republic’s future.

Political partiesAmendment 3 could have brought about a seismic shift. With jungle primaries —

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