A gay couple walked out of a Kentucky courthouse with a marriage license Sept. 4, a day after the county’s defiant clerk was hauled to jail for refusing to license same-sex marriages, citing “God’s authority.” (AP)

MOREHEAD, Ky. – When the Rowan County Courthouse opened Friday, Brian Mason was waiting behind a sign reading: “Marriage License Deputy.”
James Yates and William Smith Jr. entered the media-filled courthouse, hand-in-hand, and began the process of applying for a marriage license. Again.
They had been rejected five times previously, as Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to any couples since the Supreme Court declared in June that gay couples had a constitutional right to wed.
By 8:15 a.m., with Davis being held at the Carter County Detention Center, about 35 miles away, Yates and Smith had finally obtained the elusive $35 license.
Mason, the deputy clerk, congratulated the couple and shook their hands.
(Footage via Lexington Herald-Leader/YouTube)
Yates and Smith hugged and cried.
“They got it!” a man shouted.
As the couple exited the courthouse, same-sex marriage supporters erupted in cheers, chanting: “Love won! Love won!”
Yates and Smith said they now had to set a wedding date. Then, they walked hand-in-hand to their car, followed by cameras and boom mikes.
They were later followed on Friday morning by Tim and Mike Long, a couple who had obtained a name change years ago. There were cheers for the pair when they walked outside, and a woman they didn’t know, who had traveled from Louisville, gave them flowers.

April Miller and Karen Roberts weren’t at the courthouse when it opened Friday. Miller had a morning class to teach at Morehead State; Roberts had a migraine. But Miller and Roberts, who were among the couples who filed suit after Davis denied marriage licenses, arrived later in the day, picked up their license — which does not bear Davis’s name — and told reporters about their ceremony plans.
“I don’t want to be a hero — just a woman who got her marriage license,” Roberts said.
One day earlier, Davis was sent to jail by U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning, who also ordered five of the six deputy clerks in the county to begin issuing marriage licenses to all couples. The deputies …Read More