With four more years ahead, Luis Viera has big plans for Tampa

Luis Viera has big plans for his second term in office.

The District 7 representative on Tampa City Council won re-election handily March 5 — and now he has his eye on the next four years.

“I call it Tampa value issues,” Viera said. “Every area has different parts with different needs and all are very unique.”

Viera’s district is no exception. It includes New Tampa and its rapid growth. There’s the University area with its booming technology and innovation sector. There’s a golf course residents are afraid will fall victim to redevelopment. And, of course, there is a pedestrian fatality epidemic.

For his district, Viera wants to tackle the long-running safety issues plaguing Busch Boulevard. To do that, Viera wants to invest in additional crosswalks along the busy, and dangerous, corridor. He’s also amenable to lowering the speed limit.

He also wants neighbors in the area to get better organized.

“When citizens are engaged and organized they get more from their local government. That’s why our friends in South Tampa do so well is because they’re very organized,” Viera said.

To do that, he plans to work with community leaders to help them start

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