Woodstock supervisor wants to prevent cannabis dispensary near church in heart of town – The Daily Freeman

WOODSTOCK, N.Y. – Supervisor Bill McKenna is seeking to ward off the town’s first legal cannabis dispensary after learning that the owner of hemp & humanity at 17 Tinker St. has been awarded a state license.

McKenna, saying that the site is too close to the Dutch Reformed Church, announced plans to draft a moratorium on Tuesday during a Town Board meeting. He contends adopting clarifications to the town zoning code would help overcome shortcomings in the state’s oversight of retail cannabis applications.

“First, they told me that (approval was given) because it was not used solely as a church that the 200-foot mark didn’t apply, and their own…regulations say that ‘we recognize that churches are sometimes used for bingo halls and childcare and AA meetings,’” he said. “So, when I pointed that out to them they came up with … it’s not located on the same street. It is. Their legal address is Tinker Street, their building is back behind the Village Green (and) they own the Village Green, it is their front yard. They own Tinker Street II, that section between the Green and their building.”

The building in the state application, which was submitted by Melissa Gibson under the business

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