Worse than Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump hammers Joe Biden ‘crime family’

U.S. President Donald Trump rallied thousands in Ocala Friday, pressing his argument that the Bidens are singularly corrupt and would sell America out to China.

The President, fresh off a seniors event in Fort Myers in which he compared Hunter Biden to a “vacuum cleaner” for the larger Joe Biden “crime family,” continued his critique of the Biden campaign and what he sees as a host of institutional enablers, including the “fake news” media itself.

Trump said Biden was the “embodiment of the corrupt political class,” noting that Biden did not get one question about it in his 90 minute town hall Wednesday.

“It’s incredible,” Trump said, before chants of “Lock him up” filled the air.

“Thousands and thousands of people,” estimated Trump, were at the rally, a presage of a “red wave the likes of which they’ve never seen before.”

Biden is a “servant of the wealthy donors and globalists … they sold you out big,” Trump said. “One act of treachery after another”

“This week we learned … that Joe Biden has lied about his involvement in his son’s blatantly corrupt business dealings,” Trump said. “This is a guy that got thrown out of the military. No

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