Yikes, Tom Felton Admits There's a Villain Scarier Than Lord Voldemort Out There

He Who Must Not Be Named has some villainous competition out there, according to the dark wizard’s former cohort Draco Malfoy Tom Felton.

Yes, giving Lord Voldemort a run for his, er, Galleons is none other than A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting‘s Grand Guignol, also known as the boogeyman and Felton’s latest character. 

“The sultan of suffering, the master of menace, the kneader of nightmares…He is quite a scary character,” Felton exclusively told E! News. “He is creeping out of closets and he is waiting to pounce. Voldemort is a bit more obvious. You can’t miss it, can you really? But he’s also probably a lot worse to interact with.”

Despite the Grand Guignol’s nightmarish motives, Netflix’s boogeyman clearly has more fun causing evil than Lord Voldemort ever did. “He is having a ball, he loves this,” the Harry Potter alum explained. “He absolutely revels in the chance to bring some nightmares to life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t all go to plan.”

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