‘You can’t kneecap your own society’: Gov. Ron DeSantis defends reopening amid pandemic

Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke frankly on Sunday in defense of his decision to reopen the Sunshine State amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We wanted society to function,” DeSantis said on the Life, Liberty & Levin talk show. “You can’t burn down the village in order to save it. You can’t kneecap your own society and think you’re going to successfully handle a pandemic.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, the first-term Governor has faced sharp criticism for his handling of the pandemic, particularly in regard to schools.

Florida schools and universities closed in March as the COVID-19 pandemic began to grip the state. In July, however, DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran ordered schools to reopen, arguing it was critical that children return to classrooms to minimize the learning gap.

The push to reopen drew a lawsuit that alleged the order violated the state’s constitutional requirement for a “safe” and “secure” public education. That lawsuit was later decided in favor of the state.

“The people who say we should no have kids in school are the flat earthers of our day,” DeSantis told Levin. “There’s no scientific basis at this point to not have in-person instruction.

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