Zachary Quinto Knows His Boys in the Band Wardrobe Was Extra–But For Good Reason

You’ve gotta have chutzpah to pull off a matching green velvet suit, a look that sounds like an ideal fit for Elton John or the late, great Prince

Luckily for Ryan Murphy, the producer behind Netflix’s The Boys in the Band, Zachary Quinto had no qualms about dressing up in a costume designed to garner attention. The new film follows a group of gay friends in 1968 as they celebrate a birthday party that quickly takes a sour turn.

Quinto plays the birthday boy, Harold, a hard-to-like character who is cunning and just plain rude to those closest to him. To understand why, get through to the end of the film—it’s worth it. If you’re overeager for an answer, simply Google the original Mart Crowley play, which the film (and its 2018 Tony-winning Broadway revival) are based on. 

Speaking with E! News, Quinto opened up about transforming into Harold, whose velvet green suit is the flashiest on that celebratory night (he is the guest of honor, after all) and whose face is littered with pockmarks that stem from his internalized shame and anxiety.

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