5:56 PM ET

Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. — Even Zack Britton gets confused about the proper spelling of his first name.

Known throughout his baseball career as Zach, the 31-year-old New York Yankees reliever said last week that going forward his name should be spelled Zack.

“I was born with a ‘ch,’ sorry, excuse me, the ‘ck,” Britton said Monday after his first pre-spring training workout at the New York Yankees’ minor league complex.

Britton was traded to the Yankees from Baltimore last summer, became a free agent and agreed to a $39 million, three-year contract with New York last month. The contract initially used “Zach” before it was changed.

“My wife is an attorney, and she’s like, ‘legally we need to change it because legally that’s not your name,'” Britton said. “The Orioles always put ‘k’ on any, like, legal documents and then they just went with an ‘h’ (on printed rosters). The Yankees just felt like it was better for everybody if I just kept it with a ‘k,’ and I was like, yeah, why not?”

Britton said with a smile that he’s “blaming my parents” because they had told him it was an ‘h.’

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