MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Sarasota, FL

5045 Fruitville Rd
Sarasota, FL 34232

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri : 10AM – 7PM
Sat: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Sarasota MüV dispensary located at 5045 Fruitville Rd is open to service Kensington Park, The Meadows, Fruitville, and Sarasota County in general. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for patients near Sarasota with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care. 

AltMed MüV Products


Sarasota  – MüV cannabis products are available by home delivery within 20 miles of the Sarasota store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Scott Mondro
Scott M.
23:14 17 Dec 21
Great customer service and product. Always great to drop in for a sale too!
Rob Lewis
Rob L.
15:36 30 Nov 21
Muv is awesome! I love seeing a Florida company grow. The discounts that they do and now all the holiday discounts make it easier for us to medicate. Thank you all so much for making our experiences easy and direct but also fun.read more
Thomas Rapkin
Thomas R.
14:56 30 Nov 21
11/10 the people at this location make the experience even better. awesome crew and great products
Kirsten Johnson
Kirsten J.
23:58 04 Nov 21
Such knowledgeable staff, super patient, great experience! Would recommend
marcy puleo
marcy P.
13:12 30 Oct 21
Great people. Very helpful. Always a nice place to visit.😊
James Shields
James S.
06:01 19 Oct 21
Great dispensary. They got pretty good stuff. There brand of rso is 1 of my favorites.
Vibrant Junglist
Vibrant J.
13:41 03 Oct 21
Way too expensive. Thier “deals” are not good. Never has any sativas. way too much indica. Both trulieve and curaleaf have way better deals and stock.read more
07:07 26 Sep 21
BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!Has nothing to to with any of the products. I wish there was another rating column for products.Overall service was horrible.Let’s cut to the chase, we all pay a good amount of money for these products, but when i started to ask questions about deals or discounts, asked if they could check the back for more products, and to check the pricing of different products (with the discounts and/or deals) you better believe they turn their attitude to “oh so happy to serve you look” to “The Snobby Hurry the Eff up and buy our products.” Again we all pay good money not just for the products but also for the service. I will not be coming back here.read more
debra sterling
debra S.
17:06 09 Sep 21
Sam was so helpful and kind I am totally new at this she had her hands full when she answered my call she’s the best!!
A Google User
A Google U.
16:43 09 Sep 21
Abraham Hernandez came to my patients home very professional and polite. I give him a thumbs up!
17:55 04 Aug 21
Came in on Friday Jan 22nd to have my significant other pick up her medication and was issued the incorrect medication and had to go back in to get this corrected and also heard another medical patient try to pay with a credit card to only be told that they don’t take this form of payment. Just a bit of knowledge, tell the medical patient during check-in and not in the back.Just had another visit to this location today Aug 4th and your team needs to pay more attention to what they are giving the patient as they sold her one more flower over what she had ordered. Completely disappointed with your franchise and their staff not paying attention.read more
Frank Messina
Frank M.
10:56 09 Jul 21
I placed my pickup order on my phone and was helped by SAM she was very helpful and knowledgeable.She gave me all the information I needed and made me feel like I was a valued customer. If I had a company I would want her to represent me.read more
Kathy Henry-Acosta
Kathy H.
16:27 30 May 21
Medical marijuana patients should check out their local MUV for high thc % flower. I picked up some Pillows Factory, Guru, Velvet Glove, and Triangle kush flower and they were all high testing thc, some as high as 31%🌱💚🌱 They have a wide selection of flower and edibles. If you like edibles, try the wana gummies/soft chews 🙂💚🌱💚🌱read more
Blue Eyed Chef Chmielewicz
Blue Eyed Chef C.
18:18 17 May 21
Great service, fantastic products 👏 👌 👍
Gary Rouse
Gary R.
15:00 06 May 21
I placed an on line order to pick up. I renewed my state card last month. I had a tele call with my Dr. in February of 2021, three month ago. Because I didn’t have a Dr note of recertification, Muv would not fillMy order. I called my Dr to have them give Muv approval and while on the line Muv said no cellPhones in office. They do $75. Off $150. With each recertification and because I didn’t have or off from Dr. they refused my products. I couldn’t have renewed my state card without Dr Recertification, but that didn’t matter. I was refused service. No other dispensary I’ve been to ever had an issue. I would highly recommend Curaleaf or Trulieve, not Muv. Very poor service and bad policy.read more
Gary Rouse
Gary R.
17:43 05 May 21
I placed an on line order to pick up. I renewed my state card last month. I had a tele call with my Dr. in February of 2021, three month ago. Because I didn’t have a Dr note of recertification, Muv would not fillMy order. I called my Dr to have them give Muv approval and while on the line Muv said no cellPhones in office. They do $75. Off $150. With each recertification and because I didn’t have or off from Dr. they refused my products. I couldn’t have renewed my state card with Dr Recertification, but the at didn’t matter. I was refused service. No other dispensary I’ve been to ever had an issue. I would highly recommend Curaleaf or Trulieve, not Muv. Very poor service and bad policy.read more
Angela Montalbano
Angela M.
00:26 05 May 21
Muv is my dispensary of choice – always short wait times, friendly and helpful employees, discounts and deals, and great products with many options. I have never had issues at Muv like I have had at other dispensaries especially involving very long wait times. I only wish Muv accepted debit card payment but I can overlook thatread more
Stronzo Carabinieri
Stronzo C.
15:17 29 Apr 21
They are definitely more responsive to any thing that patients don’t feel good about. Like at any dispensary, good to ask what discounts are available.They handled a misunderstanding very well.read more
Stronzo Carabinieri
Stronzo C.
14:52 28 Apr 21
They keep the buy 1 get 1 EVERYBODY IS ENTITLED TO A SECRET.Really unpleasant to shop , be overcharged , rushed and , when you bring this up after spending $$$ , they say ,” No you have to present us with a nonexistent orange card , or a copy of the updated rec , that we can already see.This , is my opinion, takes advantage of the disabled folks (on fixed incomes) and disregards any obligation to remind folks, who are already struggling:”By the way you are entitled to this discount “Or since its covid19 and you have been doing telemetry forget the card.read more
Scooter Maloney
Scooter M.
14:53 17 Apr 21
The most INCREDIBLE staff ever! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Awesome selections, great pricing and a beautiful interior! Thank you for helping me manage my pain and anxiety in a safe, healthy way. I’m able to live a more productive life and contribute more to the good of the community by not having to use prescription pain medication, which almost ruined my life.Thank you MÜV for giving me a better solution!read more
Catherine Delaney
Catherine D.
11:06 07 Apr 21
Love MUV! The people here are all so nice and helpful!!
Blurry Vizion
Blurry V.
23:36 21 Mar 21
Always a pleasant experience inside the store. Love to go when they have sales. The RSO capsules are one of my favorite products. Wasn’t a fan of the preroll that I got though (too tight for proper airflow). No big deal. I prefer to make my own rolls anyway.That being said, i’ll be back in the future for sure.read more
21:17 16 Mar 21
First time ever going into a dispensary, staff were eager to help and extremely professional. Will be going back soon! 🙂read more
Scott Franz
Scott F.
13:10 12 Mar 21
The staff was professional, knowledgeable, laid back, and friendly. The quality of the product is excellent!
melinda robar
melinda R.
00:39 11 Mar 21
I just love muv. People are so friendly..wish I could stay longer just to visit with the the people
R Flani
R F.
02:16 09 Mar 21
So much better than Trulieve in every way.If you are in Sarasota and are wondering what dispensary should be your go to, this is the one. The staff is always pleasant and courteous, and they take the time to provide patients with what method of medicine will be best.read more
Beanca Gordner
Beanca G.
21:31 26 Jan 21
Being in the Medical Cannabis Industry, i can highly recommend stopping into see the staff at this Dispensary. The best thing is they are always so welcoming and knowledgeable about all the products. Keep shinning!read more
15:33 16 Dec 20
Great Flower, Transdermal patches, & i recently tried the sports gel and I am liking it.❤Strawberry Cough is my Favorite Strain & you carry it.Fast Service!Great Product!read more
Ed Willey
Ed W.
21:05 15 Dec 20
stop there for the first time, (Sarasota) really friendly and knowledgeable people. they have a large selection of Products… Some I didn’t even know was even available… I believe the prices were just a few dollars more…read more
Carl Albaladejo
Carl A.
11:02 11 Dec 20
You do not get to smell or look at anything before you buy it . It’s just a mystery till you pay for your over priced products, this place was cool. The Bradenton and Apollo Beach locations are just w.e. they looked at me like a walking wallet. I have proof of 29 seeds ,I’m not just talking . The products are overpriceread more
Jeff Dickinson
Jeff D.
22:34 22 Nov 20
Let’s get the 1 con out of the way. They don’t usually have a great variety of flower. That’s the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars.That aside, the staff is always super friendly, the place is always clean and comfortable. They have a great, automatic point system through their app that gives you discounts just for shopping with them. The wait is usually somewhere between 0 and 10 minutes and I’ve never had a single issue with anything here – unlike the hurry up and wait forever nightmare that Trulieve usually is.If you just want to be able to pop in, grab your products and be on your way, MUV is the dispensary you’re looking for. I’ve found that submitting an online order doesn’t really save any time here because weather you have an order or come in to shop you’re in and out in just a few minutes anyway.read more
Brian Harrison
Brian H.
20:21 26 Oct 20
Delivery Review: I went with delivery. This is the first time I’ve gotten delivery since Covid hit.The delivery was quick and easy. The driver basically looked over my ID, then went over what was in the order, took care of the money, then I was able to give them permission to sign the required form for me. It was painless. I should have done it earlier. I’m really cautious about Covid and this was an option that worked well for me.In store experience: Please work on more effectively communicating your policies. Thanks you for listening.read more
chris whitney
chris W.
21:44 28 Sep 20
Pretty amazing place!! Reminds me of walking into a Apple store. I’m impressed with the knowledge and customer experience I received today on my first visit. I will definitely be returning for my meds from this location . You get what you pay for top notch service. Thanks guys keep up the great work 👍read more
Melysa Dunbar
Melysa D.
20:54 18 Sep 20
I like MUV but they don’t have discounts for people on disability or low income EBT. Trulieve gives these discounts and I wish MUV did too. I would shop there more if they did. They do have great sales sometimes which is when I shop there. And a patient discount point system where you earn points and get money off. They have good products too. I especially like their RSO. The only issue I have is you can’t return a product if it’s not the right strain for you. There is a lot of trial and error when using medical marijuana. Trulieve has a return policy so I shop there more often. If MUV started doing these things I would definitely have them as my number 1.It’s a very nice and clean place but I have to agree with another review on here about patients not wearing masks. But apparently MUV doesn’t have control over that problem. If you call them some of the locations will do curbside for high risk patients. That’s what I’ve done. I did have an issue with Dan with a curbside order once. He was very rude to me but everyone else is nice and helpful there. Yanitza at the call center in Ruskin is very nice and so helpful. So overall I like this dispensary more than others I’ve been to. I Hope this review helps some other people.read more
Des Nutz
Des N.
17:10 15 Sep 20
Best customer service in the state of Fl
William Stanton
William S.
22:46 11 Sep 20
I’m going to start off saying this is a very nice place. The staff I have dealt with there have been very knowledgeable and helpful. MUV the selection is okay and has gotten better. Really the thing I’m disappointed about though is that if you try a new product and don’t like it you cannot return it for something else. Trulieve does that which is great customer service and it allows you to try products that you might not usually try. My only critique of MUV would to adapt that exchange policy.read more
Brian Harrison
Brian H.
21:40 09 Sep 20
Muv doesn’t require customers wear masks at all locations, only the ones where local laws require them . Employees are always required to wear a mask. This means that some locations require masks on customers, while others like Sarasota do not. I can’t ethically spend money at a business that doesn’t make a reasonable effort to protect all their customers from covid So I don’t shop here.I’m posting this review because the company refuses to post their individual store policies. If anything in this review is in error I hope Muv will correct me.read more
Jane Doe
Jane D.
00:44 07 Sep 20
Jordan Fuentes told me there was a chart for the terpene profiles in the strains MUV sells, but my asking if I can see this chart, twice (on the phone and in email) has left me with nothing, ignored. I guess they don’t really want customers to know what it is that they might like. Not sure how this helps with sales.read more
Leigh Rogers
Leigh R.
14:31 04 Sep 20
I love Muv, I used to drive to Apollo Beach, which I still do on occasion.To have one now in Bradenton is amazing!I’ve been here a bunch of times, the staff are wonderful as are the products. Go see the new store. It’s beautiful!Tell them their English Goof ball sent you 😁read more
Alexis Speckman
Alexis S.
23:52 01 Sep 20
I went to MüV for my first visit to a dispensary & all my expectations were surpassed. Blanca helped educate me on numerous products & I am very eager to return again!read more
Matt Madigan
Matt M.
19:26 29 Aug 20
Wonderful facility, staff, and product. Alix provided a great experience, will absolutely return.
Josh Hutchinson
Josh H.
23:38 27 Aug 20
These guys are top notch! My budtender Thomas G.’s knowledge, advice, and customer service has been absolutely incredible. My experiences here have always been quick, easy, and pleasant. The whole team does a great job! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!read more
Jose E. Bermudez Mangual
Jose E. Bermudez M.
13:04 12 Aug 20
My expirience with MUV always has been great, as a veteran US Navy and Disable All of the staff current or past had treat me better than other Pharmacy/Dispensary. I am greatfull that I don’t have to wait to get my express order. Highly recommended try shatter for a change. Is my favorite .read more
Charlie R
Charlie R
22:17 27 Jul 20
Very nice place and staff. great selection. would highly recommend.
Deb Green
Deb G.
02:16 26 Jul 20
Today was my first visit to this dispensery. They were friendly and professional. The lady that helped me today (I’m sorry I forgot your name) was very helpful and gave me some great suggestions. The quality of flower that I got today is fantastic! I look forward to my next visit.read more
Tyler Menendez
Tyler M.
19:41 20 Jul 20
Great, high quality products. vape carts and concentrates are their bread and butter
Brian Harrison
Brian H.
10:54 17 Jul 20
This Medical Marijuana dispensary doesn’t require a mask to enter. The employees are required to wear masks but they don’t require customers wear one. It’s really disturbing to see a company that deals with such a vulnerable clientele not take every reasonable precaution to keep their customers safe.They’re doing the bare minimum required by the area that the store operates in, instead of what the cdc recommends. This means that unlike the competing dispensary 2 miles away, patients that shop in this store aren’t required to wear a mask. Publix, Walmart, Target, And CVS all require masks now. It’s likely at some point in the near future Sarasota county will mandate masks indoors the way the city did. When they do I’m sure this store will decide to require masks, not because they care about their customers, but because they have to.read more
Zane Walter
Zane W.
16:20 06 Jul 20
Happy ,understanding, dedicated TEAM truly becomes contagious! Always challenging the limits of their resources to provide you the best which gives you a positive placement in the muv-ment. Thanks to everybody at muv for always making me feel like I have a team to help me through the process of medical issues.read more
Jose E. Bermudez Mangual
Jose E. Bermudez M.
21:49 21 Jun 20
Best strains in town. Veteran discount, the personal is GREAT , fast and friendly service. Very accurate in online orders.. HIGHLY RECOMENDEDread more
James Vezzose
James V.
19:07 11 Jun 20
Just came back from Dr Apt to renew my card and they told me about MUV…called when I got home and spoke to an amazing gentleman named Billy. Let me just say that the ONLY reason I placed an order today was because of him!! I am an older person who was extremely uninformed about items and effects,but after my phone call I feel more able to manage my care. Billy was soooo helpful,friendly(sincere) and knowledgeable. I honestly cant say enough how grateful I am for his patience in answering all my questions and making me feel comfortable.I may not know what their products are like yet…(delivery tomorrow) but their patient care is by far the best and if you are older like me and want to talk to someone about about any thoughts or concerns I highly encourage you to ask for Billy. Please keep this man on your staff!!!!!!!read more
Emma Tischler
Emma T.
18:36 08 Jun 20
MUV has an incredible staff, both in store and for deliveries. Also, their customer service team is responsive and helpful! Always a great experienceread more
James Cannon
James C.
19:49 17 May 20
Worked with Regina on Live chat to set up my delivery. As as a live chat agent myself,I am very impressed at Regina’s ability to connect with their guest on the chat. Fantastic work. Sweet person , and very attentive. My new dispensary in Sarasota! Thank you guys!read more
Ian M
Ian M
15:13 18 Apr 20
I have been a frequent customer of this location and I am always impressed with the quality of their products. On my last visit I was super impressed with Abe. He was efficient and very friendly. Definitely an asset to your store and company… I look forward to working with him in the future.read more
J Luzar
J L.
13:27 11 Apr 20
This place is AWESOME! The staff is THE BEST and the products are consistently awesome. The flower is top notch, and higher potentcy to help with pain, which is why it sells out so quickly. Very happy customer here. Please don’t change a thing. ;-)😍😍read more
Megan Hall
Megan H.
02:36 07 Apr 20
Absolutely amazing, wonderful, beautiful, patient caring place. I had the best experience possibly ever thanks to MUV customer service representative, also in store salesman representative Brandt who helped me figure out what I needed.also was very patient and took his time to educate me on the product. Thank MUV TEAM. Satisfied customer .🤘👏read more
Scott Wilson
Scott W.
22:42 12 Mar 20
Amazing place with amazing staff, but what is up with the inventory lately?! No product or very limited for over a week now. 🙁 still 5 stars but this makes me sad because I am forced to take my business else where.read more
holly lettington
holly L.
21:19 10 Mar 20
Brandt and Tj are always smiling and happy! They help me out every single time i go in and i love how they explain certain strains and how I’ll feel with them!!! It’s always a pleasure whenever i come to MUV you’ll always be in great handsread more
Erin ModgePodge1111
Erin M.
03:13 06 Mar 20
I loved my first purchase but am extremely disappointed with my second purchase and will NEVER return to this location EVER.EDIT: Called and spoke to someone who said my product “should be fine” and that was the answer to my problem? No. Couldn’t ever speak to Nicole. Definitely never going back. I have shatter that is useless, money wasted and no medicine. Worst. Place. Ever. The shatter was black and oozing out of the sides of the plastic paper all on the inside of the package.read more
Kate Noel
Kate N.
22:09 10 Oct 19
I am in love with this place and these people. They care about their customers first. I had a little issue and told them. They completely took care of me, above and beyond my expectations. They are loving, intelligent people that are passionate about their jobs. They have the best energy and vibe. The products are high quality with plenty of options and varieties. MUV is the place to go!read more
Jake Nastars
Jake N.
20:04 06 Sep 19
So quick and friendly!! Okay my names Jake and Every time I come into this location I feel right at home. Bright smiles from the entire team, I’m talking from the front desk all the way to the back. The last few times I have been in I have worked with My main man Erick! I swear this man lives,eats, and breaths positivity. Knows his material, and really helps you leave with what you came to find or even leave with something better. 10/10 would recommend you talk to Erick!! To Nicole: You have one awesome team!!read more
jp llamas
jp L.
11:29 25 Mar 19
The store and staff are A+ always greet me by my preferd name and very happy when i come in.
Game On 863
Game On 8.
15:42 21 Sep 18
Very upscale and professional enviorment. Friendly faces and easy transactions , loved the service! Modest pricing is posted for customer convienience.read more
Lawrence Gelineau
Lawrence G.
15:57 31 Aug 18
Great staff, very knowledgeable and helpful . Wide variety , cheaper prices and sales. New stuff coming soon as well. CBD patches are great and work fantastic for pain. I highly recommend them. Large waiting room w comfortable chairs and a large check out / service area. The other place is like being in a closet compared to this place .read more
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