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Florida – Sunnyside, formerly known as One Plant Florida is a licensed medical marijuana treatment center, or MMTC that bought their way in. Hone based in Illinois, Sunnyside now has several dispensary locations throughout the sunshine state.

To purchase Sunnyside cannabis products you will need to have received your Medical Card from a local certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida.

Sunnyside medical marijuana products are available by deliveries RX in most of the state. They offer selections of medical grade cannabis products including smokable flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates.

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Customer Service and Ordering Hours
Monday – Saturday 10am – 7pm
Call – 877.308.3344

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Sunnyside delivers their cannabis menu products to most of Florida. To purchase Sunnyside, previously One Plant dispensary products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

Call 877.395.1009 to order and schedule a delivery. Delivery fees may apply.

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Sunnyside* Florida
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Robert

Great store. Very pleasant, friendly, happy, upbeat personal. They helped me get the right product for my needs. Very knowledgeable of the products.

 by Joseph Colantuono

First time there and was treated great. Very friendly and very knowledgeable. Quick service and great prices. Very good customer service

 by Nancy

A new dispensary in PCB is a real treat. Spacious and clean shop. Flower is fresh. Cheyenne, Makeney, and Hope were such a pleasure. I now feel confident to order delivery.

 by Donna

My first time going to Sunnyside was yesterday. I ran myself dry of everything, I wanted to cycle my stash of flower for fresh. I tried his recommendation of pancakes 7gr for one of the few indica choices. No matter where I purchased prior, no way does this flower compare, even his top recommendation.

Now the strawberry indica special vape cart was really really surprising. Some strains I feel like I’m puffin away all day, this I had to put down and leave it for a few breaks!!! Employees were sociable, knowledgeable and patient with all my questions before it clicked what I was ready on the menu. I kept trying to buy the category title!!! As empty vape carts??? I had a puppy with me that was parading himself in front of everyone, he was distracting me . Dog friendly, he was a service dog in training but mama failed him to only an emotional support animal. He may be young still and come around, but he’s not always reactive on his own. He’s less than 2, until end of January!

Why is there such a turnover of help in these dispensaries, are they not trained correctly, paid enough, is there a level of education required in say sciences or related to the mmj industry? Surrterra wiped out an entire store staff in one day but ONE young girl. When the new crew came in they took over, shunned her out the door?. So why is good help hard to hire and hold onto???

 by nada

I have been going to Sunnyside and have been pleased until today, 4 people standing around, I wait 15 minutes then got my card back and walked out.

What a way to run a railroad!

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