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About Sunnyside Florida

Sunnyside, formerly known as One Plant & 3 Boys Farms in Florida is a licensed medical marijuana treatment center, or MMTC. Sunnyside, the store brand for Cresco Labs, has several dispensary locations throughout the sunshine state. 

Sunnyside medical marijuana products are available by deliveries RX in most of the state. Sunnyside offer selections of medical grade cannabis products including smokable flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates.

To purchase Sunnyside cannabis products you will need to have received your Medical Card from a local certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida.

Stock Page: CRLBF or SOL

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Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm


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Sunnyside dispensary delivers cannabis menu products to most home throughout Florida. To purchase Sunnyside, previously One Plant dispensary products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Call 877.395.1009 to order and schedule a delivery. Delivery fees may apply.

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Sunnyside* Florida
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by nada

I have been going to Sunnyside and have been pleased until today, 4 people standing around, I wait 15 minutes then got my card back and walked out.

What a way to run a railroad!

 by Teddy

Great dispensary and helpful staff. They were low on a couple of strains for my PTSD. One of the city council members was outside in a black pickup truck and he was pretending to play detective and being a douchebag. I told him to f**k off when he made a comment about my American flag on my vehicle. I guess AP is still a bible thumping type town. Other than that, it saves me a long drive to Winter Haven.

 by Susan

North Miami just got sunnier, concentrates are 🔥

 by Edwin Estrada

Great place, variety, people. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the website is awful. I’ve been unable to access on day 2. I’m less than 10 minutes away so,it’s a waste of time trying to get on a website that doesn’t work. The hour glass just spins forever. They need some IT people to fix that!!!

 by Jim

NEVER ORDER FROM HERE!!! I’m Disabled can’t Drive and suffer from Grand Mol Seizures and this is The Worst Place I’ve Ever Encountered Hands Down …I was yelled at lied to and told to Shut my Mouth, As a Patient…Short side of it, I put in an Order At 4pm and They didn’t Bother to fill it till after 7pm this is what happens when you meet greedy miserable people who don’t care bout anybody but themselves….even though I told them I have seizures and need this medication they said no problem promised I’d get it by tomorrow, No Worries! And here’s what happened…so I put my order in my order about 4pm (had a great Convo with Skylar she explained everything and made sure I was getting the right stuff she’s great but she’s the only one) when I called back to check on my delivery they didn’t care, and the Second lady I talked to, messed up my entire order for no reason screwed it all up adding stuff then taking off stuff she had no clue what was going on or what she was doing total incompetence at its worst, I start freaking out and asked her to stop and what was she doing and WHY I never said do any of that she starts yelling like I made the mistake then tells me to calm down like I’m a child! Phone gets disconnected (wonder How,hmm…) and no one Bothered to call back like their supposed to Nothing…after that An hour Later I get a call from delivery and the dude with an attitude says he got in texts from her (the 2nd lady i spoke to) and She was telling him to cancel certain items on my order then he says ‘okay sooo I only see 1 item still in stock from your order,do you still want it?

I asked the Guy Dumbfounded “So Your Just Now Filling my order at 7:15? Why wasn’t it filled at 4 like it was supposed to be? This is serious medicine for me” “I put the order in at 4pm and was promised there wouldn’t be any problems there was more than enough in stock when I put my order in at 4?” (I was concerned about my Seizures, they were concerned with money and teaching me a lesson) he Gets Quite then Mad Wont answer the simple question Continues to belittle me and threatens to cancel the order Like he’s God or Something (mind you this is Life and Death MEDICATION FOR ME!!) I told him about my Grand Mol Seizures hoping to get him to understand why I’m upset, because I died from one already he used it against me like he was my only life line, WTF IS THIS PLACE and WHO DO YALL THINK YOU ARE …what I’m supposed to be shook? Dude continues to berate me then hangs up.

Now No one from there has tried to contact me back TO FIX ANY PROBLEMS they know of my Health risk and conditions but they choose to ignore me, Lie to me and treat me like Garbage this shows their true colors and their want for Greed not help YOUR A CUSTOMER TO THEM NOT A PATIENT…they are Snakes (I recorded the call so this will be an interesting week with the lawyers)….what a Horrible Experience Never Felt More like A Costumer Glad I only had to experience it once Bye Felica…I did have a good experience with the first person who helped put my order in Skylar she needs to be manager and the rest fired new team needs hired. Yall know how wrong you did me but that’s okay what goes around comes around.

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