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About Trulieve in Florida

Trulieve is Florida’s largest and most well known cannabis brand in the state. Through their many open Trulieve dispensaries, they still bring you the relief you need in a medical marijuana product you can trust.

Trulieve’s customer retention and lions market share are a testament to their exemplary customer service paired with high quality feel good products. At the nurseries, cannabis plants are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible at every turn.

The Trulieve staff are trained to work hand-in-hand with certified Marijuana doctors to provide the right products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the compassionate care they need.

Trulieve’s dispensary menu consists of CBD and THC products including Edibles, Flower, Concentrates and more. These are available to Florida medical card holders. Dispensary products are available thru in-store pickup, walk in, or delivery.

Phone: 1-844-878-5438
FLD Stock Page: TCNNF


Trulieve offers medical cannabis products delivered right to your doorstep from the Panhandle to Key West. You can check the menu and place your order online or call to have your medical marijuana products delivered.

For patients who require non-euphoric care, low-THC high CBD products are available. You may schedule a delivery by calling 844.878.5438 or order online & select delivery date & time.

Trulieve Delivery: $50 Minimum Order After Discounts, $15 Fee For Orders Below $100+, and Free Delivery For Patients 65+ Years Old With Minimum Order.

Trulieve PRODUCT Discounts

Daily Trulieve Specials

Trulieve Discounts & Deals

  • 1st Time Customer: 60% Off (Not Stackable)
  • 2nd Visit: 50% Off (Not Stackable)
  • 3rd Visit: 40% Off (Not Stackable)
  • Card Renewal Discount: $75 Off $150, Valid Once Per Year (Not Stackable)
  • Veterans Discount: 20% Off ( Stackable Up To 30% Off)
  • Seniors Discount (55+): 10% Off (Stackable Up To 30% Off)
  • SNAP Discount: 10% Off (Stackable up To 30% Off)
  • Birthday Discount: 25% Off Purchase (Not Stackable)
  • Industry Discount: 20% Off on Tuesdays Only (Not Stackable)
  • Pediatric Discount: 20% Off (Stackable up to 30% Off)
  • Bulk RSO Discount: 10 RSO For $400 (Stackable up to 30% Off)
  • Refer A Friend: Both Receive 50% Off

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