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Florida – Trulieve is Florida’s largest licensed cannabis company in the state. Through open Trulieve dispensaries, they strive to bring you the relief you need in a medical marijuana product you can trust. Trulieve stock is also publicly traded through the Canadian stock exchange under the ticker symbol TCNNF.

Trulieve plants are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible at every turn. The staff is trained to work hand-in-hand with physicians to provide the right products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the compassionate care they need.

Trulieve cannabis stores provide CBD and THC products to patients with a Qualifying Condition by walk in or delivery. You must have a gotten approval for your Florida medical card from a local participating doctor. The low-THC  High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care.

Phone: 1-844-878-5438
Contact: i[email protected]

trulieve Products

Discounts & Deals

New Patient

15% OFF

  • All patients receive a 15% discount off their entire first order.
  • Visit Trulieve for the first time, or place your first delivery order.

Renewal Fee

Renewal Fee
$75 Off $150 Spent 

  • Trulieve patients who renew their medical marijuana use ID card receive $75 off an order of $150 or more!
  • $150 minimum purchase required Not valid with any other discount or promotion

Veterans Discount

10% OFF

  • Veterans get 10% off any product in stock.
  • Proof of former service required.

Snap Card

10% OFF

  • Snap card holders receive 10% Off every order


$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Florida – Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door throughout the sunshine state. There is now the convenience of ordering your meds online or over the phone without ever leaving your home.

The low-THC/CBD products will be available for patients who need non-euphoric care.

Please call 844.878.5438 or email [email protected] to schedule a delivery.

Trulieve Florida

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Trulieve Dispensary Reviews
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 150 reviews
by Not Diggin on Trulieve Dispensary Reviews

Trulieve, Is the worst! Every over priced dollar you give them, is supporting one of the worst “medical” cannabis business models. Anyone who thinks that there products are top notch and medical grade. Are sorely mistaken, or simply don’t know better. You know they don’t use real cannabis terpenes in most of there products. They use nasty cutting agents to save a buck an maximize profit. They will proudly lie to you in a polite voice most times. I love when i hear them giving advice and trying to explain things they dont understand themselves. Talk someone in to using a whole paycheck for less then a handful of products….. They have limited edition MEDICINE. Morally bankrupt to the max , They’ve lied to me more times then I care to remember.

The only thing consistent is them taking advantage of you and giving you almost nothing in return. They’ve credited me with free delivery, only to have it disappear. I live super far away and they wont let you check out any products in store, 2 hr drive 3 hr wait ( told us it would be 20 mins 4 times.) Then I was a dollar short ( spending triple digits) the manager was talking to me while the tender was fulfilling my order, then when i was a dollar short the manager said you can use your 15% discount to cover the dollar or use the atm. Then said both options suck and smiled. Got home 8 of ten products where underweight by half an more, so over ground it was powder.

Got expensive flower too , Harvested way to early therefore all those lovely cannabinoids never got a chance to develop. Smelled like pure chlorophyll. But at least the effects were just as bad an a complete waste of money. I contacted them asap about it only exchanged the pr’s 8 of them just as they were when i purchased. then they used my credited delivery to do the exchange ( 25 dollar loss ) An to my amazement the exchanged products were even worse an even more inconsistent. That was over a month ago. I tried to speak with a supervisor ( thats a joke) tried emailing , tried calling , by this time over a week into this nightmare. An no matter how long it takes them to help they expect you to just go out and waist more money on more product to due you till they can rectify the problem.

Goodluck with that. I did two orders with them , both failed. The last one 5 days went by no issues, got the phone call about when they would be out an all that. They wait till the 1st 12 hrs n call me to say hey we went ahead n sold your order from under you , n lucky for you we have zero similar products to replace it. Was told they would call the next day he said i took your name an number an have sat it aside especially lol right….. waited all day never called.

Look on reddit this is trending they re the worst company to give money to , cause that is all they care about , patients an quality products last. But by all means if you want FL to be filled with dispensaries like this that care zero about patients or the quality of there products. Then so be it, Personally i don know why the cannabis community doesn’t embrace it self and get these prices down and bad business out of the state.

by Lawrence Hayes on Trulieve Dispensary Reviews

Had another visit to this location again today. I’m writing this review specifically for Adriana and Jesus, who work at the front desk. They are kind, nice, polite, and most of all very knowledgeable. They are the main reason I go to this location for my prescription. Those two folks are patient and helpful with ALL the clients that come into the location. The supervisor Eddie is also very professional and helpful. I highly recommend this location to provide your needs. Place is clean, tidy, and they have a variety of medicine to help everyone.

by Dan on Trulieve Dispensary Reviews

I would like to thank Sergio E. (Deerfield Beach) for taking the time to educate my wife and myself on Trulieve’s vast products. We had some coaching from a friend who is an associate at another store and brought that information to Sergio who showed the product, explained the features and benefits of each product and gave the recommended procedures on each of them.

We were impressed with the whole experience from being greeted and then waited on. Easier than buying a car! Thanks again!

by Dallas on Trulieve Dispensary Reviews

I am new at this and learning & teaching seems to be the main focus of the fantastic staff at Trulieve in Kendall. I have learned so much about the products available. I have also had amazing results. From intractable non-stop pain requiring a cane when I could ambulate, to pain free & frequently, no pain. Thank you Troy, Jordan, Roh and everyone I didn’t write down their names.

by Genanne on Trulieve Dispensary Reviews

They need more employees and more flower product. They only have 3-4 strains a day and sometimes are out by 10:30 am. Also the online ordering is glitchy. This is a business folks – get it together.

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