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Florida – FLUENT Cannabis Care, formerly Knox Medical, is a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) that has cannabis dispensaries open throughout Florida as well as Puerto Rico. FLUENT is committed to ensuring Florida cannabis patients access to consistent and pure medical marijuana, in a professional setting in their open dispensaries, from the highest level of industry experts.

Knox Medical’s evolution into FLUENT Cannabis Care has established a new level of excellence in the medical marijuana industry revolutionizing the way medical marijuana is manufactured by utilizing proprietary technology designed by retired NASA engineers.

FLUENT medical marijuana products available at their dispensary locations as well as via statewide delivery, pass rigorous purity standards and analytical testing, in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure it consistently exceeds industry standards. With an assembled team of experts in this field, focused on assisting patients to attain complete wellness, FLUENT Cannabis Care has solidified itself as industry pioneers.

FLUENT in FL provides the highest level of service and care for Florida Medical Marijuana Patients with a Qualifying Debilitating Condition that have received approval from a Certified Recommending Doctor.

Fluent Products

Discounts & Deals

First Time Patients

20% OFF

And Free Vape Pen

  • 1st time patients receive 20% your first order.
  • Patients receive a free pen vaporizer with your first order.
  • Your ordering physician must approve inhalation.

Veterans Discount

20% OFF

  • Veterans and their spouses get 20% Off.
  • Valid VA card required.
  • Discount stackable up to 30%.

Birthday Club

10% OFF

All birthday month long!


No Delivery Fees Statewide!

Free delivery statewide with no minimum order.

20% Off delivery to certain areas without a nearby FLUENT dispensary location.

Call 833.735.8368 to schedule FLUENT home delivery.

Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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FLUENT Cannabis Care
Average rating:  
 46 reviews
by Eric on FLUENT Cannabis Care

Although it’s very nice having a dispensary in this part of town I was unimpressed with their lack of knowledge and they’re very sparse inventory. As far as products they had some vape carts and minimal flower but all they had was singles so I got them but I was not very impressed with the quality and although the package was small they reiterated a couple of times that yes there were three regular pre rolls in there, however when I get home this is only 3 small joints totaling 1 1/2 grams rather than 3 x 1 gram joints.

The labels were covered with other labels so that it couldn’t be verified and they told me I couldn’t alter the labels so I just couldn’t check in any way shape or form. I was not impressed with their knowledge because no matter how many times I asked about concentrates that were not in cartridges they didn’t understand what I meant. They were unfamiliar with shatter and wax and hash and bubble hash or crumble and rosin and all the different sticky forms of concentrate and I found that way too lacking to not be very familiar with common products even if they don’t sell them. I was more put off that it took too long to explain to them that I did not want cartridges but I did want concentrates.

Because they don’t sell any other form of concentrate they don’t understand concentrate but not in a cartridge they do not understand vape pens that are not a battery hooked to a cartridge and I found this lack of knowledge and lack of having various products in stock as well as lack of having any significant quantity of inventory of the products they did have in stock and lack of quality in what I did buy.

by Diana on FLUENT Cannabis Care

Friendly service,great products. Only offer discounts to veterans. Other Dispensaries offer discounts to SNAP recipients.

by JoAnn S on FLUENT Cannabis Care

Fluent on Missouri Ave: Being a nubie my experiences so far have been delightful. From front desk to back of house very friendly, patient, and informative. Its nice to be able to customize what works best for me. Thanks Jade for all our help and knowledge. Looking forward to return visits.

by Ivey on FLUENT Cannabis Care

The Fluent Jax dispensary is the absolute best in town! Not only is it clean and fast, the folks that work there have the highest level of integrity. They are professional, knowledgeable and most of all very personable. They call me by name and are always able to answer any question regarding the product without hesitation. I’ll NEVER go anywhere else. It couldn’t be any more convenient. I love them!

by Anna on FLUENT Cannabis Care

1st time ordering delivery…it took 2 weeks to get order…i bought 2 90$ vape carts in polaris and both taste like burn plastic…customer service replaced both for saggita and both of them taste like horrible burnt plastic….trulieve products do not taste this bad…it is horrible!!! I cant use it at all and have just wasted 180$… i will never order a cartridge from knox again and i warn others to not order the vape cartridges also…i have now had 4 and all 4 were nasty tasting…and customer service said they cant do anything about bad taste but you are not allowed to try any products before buying…so unless you want to waste your money on something that cannot be used do not order the vape carrs at knox

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