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Florida – FLUENT Cannabis Care, formerly Knox Medical, is a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) that has cannabis dispensaries open throughout Florida as well as Puerto Rico. FLUENT is committed to ensuring Florida cannabis patients access to consistent and pure medical marijuana, in a professional setting in their open dispensaries, from the highest level of industry experts.

Knox Medical’s evolution into FLUENT Cannabis Care has established a new level of excellence in the medical marijuana industry revolutionizing the way medical marijuana is manufactured by utilizing proprietary technology designed by retired NASA engineers.

FLUENT medical marijuana products available at their dispensary locations as well as via statewide delivery, pass rigorous purity standards and analytical testing, in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure it consistently exceeds industry standards. With an assembled team of experts in this field, focused on assisting patients to attain complete wellness, FLUENT Cannabis Care has solidified itself as industry pioneers.

CNTMF is the Cansortium – Fluent  ticker symbol as it is now publically traded.

FLUENT in FL provides the highest level of service and care for Florida Medical Marijuana Patients with a Qualifying Debilitating Condition that have received approval from a Certified Recommending Doctor.

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Call 833.735.8368 to schedule FLUENT home delivery and check availability.

Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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FLUENT Cannabis Care
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 89 reviews
by John on FLUENT Cannabis Care

I made my first visit to a Fluent store at the San Jose location. Having only been to one dispensary over the year and a half I’ve had my medical card I was finally fed up enough to travel out of my local area and see what the experience is like at a different dispensary. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from a customer standpoint, especially a new one to the store. Very friendly check in staff, my bud tender thanked me for driving the distance to come check them out. A very thorough explanation of how they operate and description of their products. Justin took care of me in such a friendly and professional manner I was very impressed.

Great insight into Fluent products and how they are made, terpene profiles, extraction methods, cutting agents. Really helped out choosing what I wanted. I will be back to see the friendly crew at San Jose Fluent, thanks guys for making the drive worth my trip. The products at the dispensaries are going to be better at some places over others, for me personally after having countless bad customer service problems with certain places I am going to be returning to the place that takes care of their customers.

by Nonya on FLUENT Cannabis Care

Expensive. Zero compassion and rarely get things right. Or do the right thing. I’ve found out that this is just the standard in FLORIDA! AKA non existent. I mean its bad enough the quality is terrible. Its all in house grown no matter what dispensary you use. That saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars. In states that have morals and ethics or even decent business skills. You never see this type of stuff happening. Its rare to hear complaints at all. Even in states that have been legal half as long as us. Because the love using every excuse down here to why there products , company and staff are awful consistently.

Did I mention theres few places especially out of the south. Where a medical 8th cost more then 15 dollars…… Usually less. I can think of three states of the top of my head one has been open as long as FL. The other state half as long as fl. And the other one longer. They always say we just haven’t been open long enough to have good product ,practices or honest pricing scales. The only reason it is the way it is in Florida. Is because thats what the powers that be here want it to be. Including the disp. Who love this monopoly so they can control RECREATIONAL TOO! So many people think its going to magically get better and prices will drop to near realistic. Is laughable, you have the worst model and greediest companies. Front running this state. Like trulieve ( they even discontinued there clearance after introducing a month or 2 earlier. ) Prices are still the same. As they where three years ago. Product still sucks. The only people who can enjoy are the ones who dont care about money and have endless amounts. Because youll need it! The other being those who have never used real cannabis. Which i haven’t seen in 3 years from any disp in FL.

Since the flower is already terrible that makes it a guarantee anything made from it will be low grade as well. But where being charged like it comes from another planet. With quality that cures anything wrong…. Its more expensive then anything from the pharmacy. I never thought id be able to say that. Nor should anyone be able to. Where just being ripped off to the max. No one cares. Then where treated like garbage and put on the farthest back burner available. TL. GH. MUV. Suttera,fluent. Ect All horrible. I like how there like just spend 200 dollars! Then we will give you free delivery lol….. Crazy that 200 dollars is meaningless in fl for medical cannabis. And its not free if there over charging you to pay for everything 4 times over…..

by Kendrick on FLUENT Cannabis Care

I am a 60 yr. old vet. My wife a 36 yr vet schoolteacher in Duval Co. We don’t do complaints as they are stressful. On 7/31/2020 at 5:46 pm I arrived at Fluent located at 9510 Atlantic Blvd. I had ordered online as not doing so takes longer. As I entered the dispensary and walked up to the counter I handed my MMC to the man talking to me. I noticed he was the only one of the 3 seated that did not wear his mask over his nose at all. I asked him to cover his nose. You know the reasons already. One more is my wife and I have “underlying health issues” which put us in the likely to die if infected group. The man said “Ok thanks for your concern”. I told him “Thanks for your lack of concern” cause that was rude. We walk back and I tell him I must use the ATM. He said he would go in back to get my order.

He had already taken the mask back down below his nose. He was over 6′ away so I don’t comment. When he returned to the desk, I stated “Put your mask back up” He stated “My face is covered enough”. I told him “While you stand there talking to me your nose is not covered”. He asked me if that would be all? I asked to see the manager. He stated you are looking at the manager. I stated I want his card and will contact Corporate. He then told me he General Manager and “I’m not afraid of my job from you”. I did contact Fluent that day to my knowledge on a comment platform section and got no reply at all. I will leave it to you to ascertain how many of your espoused values this mocks. This man has no respect for others and is derisive to boot. He is Chris Fox. I encourage you to view the video for that time frame and do the right thing.

by Teri on FLUENT Cannabis Care

I love this place. I had stopped going to Fluent because of the drive. I went back & am so glad I did. They remembered me & it had been awhile since I’d been there. Employees are fabulous, super nice & they know all their products. You guys are great thank you so much for your care & high quality product.

by Marsha on FLUENT Cannabis Care

Staff is unfailingly friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Only reason I gave a 4 and not a 5 is supply chain issues. Edibles and more flower would earn that 5th star.

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