Florida Qualifying Conditions List

Qualifying Debilitating Conditions List Florida Marijuana | Updated 2019

What conditions qualify for medical marijuana in FL under Amendment 2 in 2019?

You must have one of the following listed Debilitating Medical Conditions. Doctors are also certifying patients for medical marijuana in Florida for other debilitating conditions which they believe the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.

To further study up on the qualifying medical conditions that cannabis helps treat, weather outright or as an ancillary treatment, click the specific condition below. This will take you to the articles for patient education on MedCard. Were constantly adding articles and resources for you to read up on.

Learn about medical cannabis. It’s not about the high, it’s about your health.

Official Debilitating Conditions List in Florida:

Additional Debilitating Conditions in Florida:

These additional debilitating conditions have qualified patients for MMJ in Florida. These additional conditions are not on the official Florida list of debilitating conditions. Patients have been certified by a recommending doctor and received their Florida Med Marijuana Card.

How To Get Medical Marijuana In Florida

Are you a Florida resident suffering from any of these conditions and would like to discuss the issue with a Florida certified doctor. Simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form below, hit submit, and a physician or clinic representative will contact you to get started. A recommendation from your primary care provider is not required to make an appointment.


***The fee to be certified from a recommending doctor is roughly $200 and is usually a cash only option that not covered by your health care plan.****

Florida Marijuana Patients:

Florida MMJ Patients will need to get a physician certification from a recommending doctor.

“Physician certification” means a written document signed by a physician, stating that in the physician’s professional opinion, the patient suffers from a debilitating medical condition, that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for the patient, and for how long the physician recommends the medical use of marijuana for the patient.

A physician certification may only be provided after the physician has conducted a physical examination and a full assessment of the medical history of the patient. In order for a physician certification to be issued to a minor, a parent or legal guardian of the minor must consent in writing.

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