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Navigating the OMMU

How To View Your Orders And Remaining Amounts From The OMMU

  • How To Find the OMMU

  • Logging into the OMMU

  • How To View Your Orders

  • How to Find Remaining Amounts

Florida’s medical marijuana program is run through the OMMU. After receiving approval from a state certified medical marijuana doctor, To actively participant and access your registry information, you will have to use the OMMU. It can take some getting used to and is important to know how much THC and CBD milligrams as well as how to find out how much smokable flower is remaining on your recommendation. It starts with finding it…

Navigating the OMMU website:

1) If you have not bookmarked the website, search online for "OMMU Login".

Search OMMU Login

2) Click on the result that says "Log In - Medical Marijuana Use Registry" and log-in. You should have received a username and password once your Doctor placed the order.

Log-in To The OMMU

3) Once you are logged in, click on "Your Profile".

Click On Your Profile

4) Scroll down and click on "End Date" twice - this will sort from newest to oldest.

Scroll Down & Click On End Date Twice

5) Click "Expand" on the Open order you want to view. In this example, we are looking at "Smoking Marijuana".

Click Expand On The Desired Order

6) View the amount dispensed and remaining.

View Amount Dispensed & Remaining

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