Curaleaf Florida Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery

Florida – Curaleaf offers patients in Florida relief through a range of all-natural medical marijuana products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

Curaleaf cultivates their high quality cannabis goods with over 50 years of horticultural experience, using the industry’s most precise and advanced medical-grade technology throughout their production process.

Curaleaf cannabis menu products come in a variety of forms including flowerpre rollsvapes, capsules, concentratesoils, and topicals.

Through their open dispensary locations throughout Florida along with marijuana deliveries RX they strive to provide the best cannabis products to patients with a Qualifying Condition that have received a recommendation from a Certified Doctor. Some locations now include drive-thru which enable patients to order online and pick up without having to get out of the vehicle.

Curaleaf is also a publicly traded company.

Phone: 877.303.0741
Stock Page: CURLF

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Curaleaf Products

Discounts & Deals


50% OFF

*First-Time Patient Discount: Offer cannot be combined with other promotions, patient discounts or Refer and Earn Cards. Discount is valid for patients who have not made a purchase at any Curaleaf location. Limit of 2 items per individual product line. Excludes devices.

Pediatric Discount

40% OFF

  • Patients under 18 years of age receive a 40% Discount.

Veterans Discount

20% OFF

  • We honor those who serve!
  • Veterans will receive 20% off their entire order.

Compassionate Care

20% OFF

  • 20% off to recipients of financial assistance including SNAP.

Birthday Discount

$15 OFF

  • Registered patients obtain $10 OFF purchase of $50 or more in your birthday month.

Senior Discount

10% OFF

  • Patients 65 or older receive a 10% discount on their orders.

Industry Discount

15% OFF

  • Industry Discount for all of those who work in the medical cannabis industry.
  • Must show proof of employment such as a business card or ID.

Free Delivery Statewide


  • Receive free delivery on all orders statewide.


Free Statewide Delivery!

FL – Curaleaf marijuana deliveries RX in now available throughout most of Florida. Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products from Curaleaf delivered right to your door.

Order Curaleaf products online or over the phone. For Curaleaf Deliveries RX call 877.303.0741 to place your order. 

Curaleaf Holdings

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Curaleaf Florida
Average rating:  
 158 reviews
by Marcus on Curaleaf Florida

Went to the Curleaf on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater, Fl., 2 days back to pickup product for my Sister (a legal medical marijuana licensed) to make brownies for me. I called her to make sure what we were looking for.

They did not have what she wanted (something with CBN but they unknowingly sold me CBD). Anyway showed it to my Sister and she said no, wrong product so 2 days later I go to return it because at Trulieve you can return ANYTHING opened or unopened, so get to the dispensary and the lady (think she might gave been management because people were going to her for answers) but she tells me they take absolutely no returns opened or unopened. I said really? Trulieve takes it all back. “Well sir it is company policy to not do any returns. I said well that will keep me away from here then so I asked will you exchange for something else (remember these are unopened) and finally she says okay I will exchange for a different product. I get my phone and say let me call her to see if any other products will work. “Oh sir, you cannot do that as we don’t know you might be buying for someone else”. I said are you kidding me? I can’t make a call to my Sister who is making the brownies for me to see what product may work in the place of these 2??

“No Sir, that is against the law”. I said really, it doesn’t seem to be against the law at Trulieve”? So I say okay since I don’t know what product to get is there a possibility to get a store credit? “Yes sir I can do that”. So she gives me a store credit and I say well since I can’t use these and you gave me a credit, just throw these away or give them to someone. “Oh No Sir, that is against the law”. I’ve been to the Curleaf in Palm Harbor and saw NOTHING like what I went through at Gulf to Bay at all.

I am confused as I got a totally different treatment in the 2 different locations and frankly the way Trulieve works so great with everyone I will have a hard time finding a reason to EVER return to Curleaf for anything including my store credit. No wonder Trulieve reported a profit if $213 million for the last quarter, they work with people!!!!!!

by Frank on Curaleaf Florida

Thanks for everything. It’s not the weed, it’s the people. Took me much time to choose 9-4-21 due to finances. Since it’s my birthmonth, that helped do much.
Kiosks will work out ok once we get used to it.

by Max on Curaleaf Florida

I used to come here quite often and the place wasn’t too bad I actually enjoyed it. ButI went in to purchase 3 containers of purple sunset and lilac diesel, they had a 40% off sale, so I thought sure I guess I go to curaleaf. I go in and immediately I’m told it’s going to be 20 minutes.. fine whatever I can wait. After 45 minutes I’m called back there only to find out they don’t have my order ready…. very disorganized and it almost seems like the management is incompetent And that is why the store has so many issues. After they found my order and bagged me up I’ve been there for an entire hour. I get home and NOTHING IS CORRECT AT ALL…. I ordered all over 19% and I get home and it’s 13% …. SO AFTER A WHOLE HOUR I GET HOME WND GET TO SMOKE REGGIE……….

by Mark on Curaleaf Florida

Julie helped me out. Had a good time and learned a few new things to me. Thank you

by Cass on Curaleaf Florida

Not a great experience or product from the Bradenton location. It took 20 minutes for 5 employees to put together my “ready for pickup” online order. No other customers in store. They were just too busy chatting with one another. The short hair, blonde woman in particular could use a lot of training in customer service (just a tip- probably shouldn’t just stand there and talk with your co-worker about farting when you have a customer standing in front of you waiting for you to put labels on so they can leave).

Not sure if it’s a packaging flaw or old weed but the pre-ground stuck to the lid and went everywhere when the seal was pulled off. And the bubbles in the carts I picked up are ridiculous. Definitely more than what the coil absorbed. There are quite a few options in the area so definitely won’t be back and wouldn’t recommend.

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