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Florida – Curaleaf offers patients in Florida relief through a range of all-natural medical marijuana products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana. Through their open Curaleaf Florida dispensary locations along with delivery this MMTC strives to provide the best cannabis products to patients with a Qualifying Condition that have received a recommendation from a Certified Doctor. Some locations now include drive-thru’s which enable patients to order online and pick up without having to get out of the vehicle.

Curaleaf Florida

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About Curaleaf Medical Marijuana – Curaleaf cultivates their high quality cannabis goods with over 50 years of horticultural experience, using the industry’s most precise and advanced medical-grade technology throughout their production process. Curaleaf Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are here to bring patients green relief through a range of all-natural medical cannabis products, both THC & CBD.

These come in a variety of forms including flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, oils, and topicals. The team is comprised of board-certified physicians, licensed pharmacists, experienced horticultural experts as well as business minded visionaries who share a passion for making this life-changing treatment available and accessible for suffering patients to find true relief.


FL – Curaleaf marijuana deliveries RX in now available throughout most of Florida. Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products from Curaleaf delivered right to your door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. For Curaleaf Deliveries RX call 877-303-0741 to place your order. 

Curaleaf Specials & Discounts Programs


First Time Patient Discount – $50 Off

  • First-time patients receive $50 OFF of their first order. $150 minimum purchase required.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Compassionate Care Discount – 10% Off

  • Recipients of financial assistance get 10% OFF their purchases.
  • Patient must prove they are recipients of approved financial assistance programs.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Senior Citizens Discount – 10% Off

  • Patients 65 or older receive a 10% discount on their orders.
  • For ages 65 and up only.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Veterans Discount – 20% Off

  • We honor those who served! Veterans get 20% OFF their entire order.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Pediatric Patients Discount – 40% Off

  • Patients under 18 years of age receive a 40% discount.
  • Must be under 18 to qualify.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Curaleaf Florida
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
by Adam on Curaleaf Florida

N Ft Myers Nightmare days are finally over!!!:)

DISCLAIMER- this is all mostly subjective, perhaps you experience was complete 180. Unfortunately mine was not. In my opinion,Curaleaf seems to esp cater to people with the worst physical symptoms/ disabilities(ie war vets, senior citizens, pedatric, EBT(?)...four discounts right there). I have a chronic illness, its killing me and I just turned 30....I look like how youd imagine, stressed, tired and sad and a skinny stoner,no dreads but i get the same look but I know it would be worse else wise, tested tried and true:/...sadder yet when I am in public like this people assume

SO Im giving 5 stars because I have faith one day they will meet the standards of the other blossoming Dispos in FL. After a one too many bad experiences(Ill try to keep this short; disrespectful aggressive and pushy staff that came to recognize me and saw me as a burden for "asking too many question"..I get you wouldnt want some 'punk' finding out the delivery times to set up a robbery heist(it felt oddly pointed at me for a what if accusation...when the convo started with I dont have a car and have to plan ahead)with knowledge of this delivery , bare-bones product line in comparison(time for shatter/wax/crumble). The Dr I see for MMJ is in Naples and not affiliated(yet) with an actual dispensary(Like Cura and Tru)..they did have an extensive guide on where to get what and why, likely available products and even discounts pecific to these places. Cura leaf was one of these dispensaries his office promotes to the 'higher'(heh) brand products and delivery AND store pick up. THis was all throgout last year keep in mind. Both the naples Dr office and Curaleaf spoke down on Trulieve for having "inferior" products(even told TruClear is a 'fraud', only straight sativa and indica*....more on that in a bit. I was told that becuase flower was sold there they have armed security guards, was told I was risking my life in 'the ghetto'(I just spent the last ten year on SS Chicago.) "dont wait in your car if you have to go" etc etc it was all fear mongering and it backfired.) My first day in not only did I not wait the hours expected(and they were busy), ten min later, I got to see actual flower and shatter being sold and felt like I had missed out many months rotating the same cura vape carts to get by, which I later learned they were in fact SMALLER in sized than the ones from Tru(albeit a tad cheaper, not enough to cover size difference)and ironically, and subjectivity but have asked other MMJ recipients and we all agree: Trulieve wins in the taste/strain variety department for now whereas the difference between vape curaleaf pods all have a very DISTINCT and IDENTICAL cas lingering taste from GDP to GC.. as in soming ...Last semi negative comm..something about the sizes and vape cars in particular are...a bit 'off' from leaks to not fitting in a compatible 510 thread pen(pocket ones like mystica for example, no other carts have this round bottom curaleaf to obstruct insertion in easier to travel pocket pens.

4 stars because I went in on 4/19-4/21 and now with smokable flower bringing back my sanity, Gonna turn this metaphorical leaf here and keep walking to my curaleaf bonita pharmacy since its so close and stick w the cheaper flower ONLY if thats their cheapest, all things considered, its frankly the only offers I find at curaleaf worth spending on. 3 tiny crappy vape carts for $150..pass... The younger staff was actually engaging me about the newest strains and what symptoms i had so he could recommend the thats a caretaker!....shamefully i broke and ought 2 CBD vape ratios(BOGO) and Hawiian dutch, which tastes exactly like their sour D!! Please Curaleaf you got to adjust these prices or perhaps better loyalty programs. Im too poor but would love to give you business As Much As possibble.

Ill 5 star you on every review platform if these changes happen by or before next 4/20 😉

by Jenny on Curaleaf Florida

The store was awesome, the guy that helped me was awesome, but the product is not the same high quality as Surterra or Trulieve. I am stuck with a $70 bottle of tincture oil - THC - strawberry and it tastes disgusting and I felt absolutely no effects with it at all. The flower was Afgani and was supposed to be potent but I found that not to be true. Smoke and smoke and smoke before you feel any effects. Their prices are more expensive than other depensaries and the quality of the product is not up to my standards. I will not be going back. I Wasted a lot of money and found no relief with my cancer pain. I feel duped!

by Vanessa on Curaleaf Florida

Excellent staffs and very friendly/patient! I’m fully disabled and still struggle with my health issues/chronic severe pain. I went to Curaleaf in Gainesville that was my first time there and I’m very much appreciated that Latasha is very good patient with me because we wrote notes back and forth to communicate and I’m a deaf woman. I taught her sign language and she knows 3 new words of sign language. She’s interested in learning. In the future Latasha can communicate with deaf people. The products are good and very clean. I would recommend this to anyone who is on fixed income. Reasonable prices! 🤓🤓 Vanessa

by Lisa on Curaleaf Florida

The staff are friendly, the drivers are great,I am happy that the compassionate care discount was brought back up to 20%, I am disabled and no longer work so that really helps. I appreciate the service and the free delivery, I have been loyal customer for 2 years and will be for life! 👍

by Johnathan on Curaleaf Florida

I've been going here since day one. Never any issues. Always clean facility and friendly staff. Never pushy. Even 2 minutes before closing.

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