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About Curaleaf in Florida

In Florida, Curaleaf operates dozens of dispensaries throughout the state, making it easy for patients to access the medical marijuana products they need. The company’s dispensaries are staffed by knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who are dedicated to helping patients find the right products.

As one of the largest multi-state operating dispensaries in the country, Curaleaf has made a name for itself by offering high-quality medical marijuana products and exceptional customer service to patients in need.

Curaleaf’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its status as a publicly traded company under the ticker CURLF. This means that the company is held to a high standard of transparency and accountability.

Florida marijuana card patients in need of medical marijuana products and services, Curaleaf is a top choice in Florida and beyond.


Florida  – Enjoy the convenience of home delivery from Curaleaf. Their medical cannabis products can now be delivered right to your front door anywhere in the Great State of Florida. Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. 

Regional Delivery – FREE Delivery for orders $75+. A $20 delivery charge will apply to orders of $50-$74. Minimum order for delivery is $50.

Curaleaf Deals and Discounts

Curaleaf Discounts 03/19/24

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Curaleaf Discounts 03/18/24

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Curaleaf Discounts 03/17/24


Curaleaf Discounts 03/16/24


Curaleaf Discounts 03/15/24

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Curaleaf Discounts 03/14/24


Everyday Discounts

1st Purchase

60% Off + $5 Loyalty


2nd Purchase

50% Off + $5 Loyalty


Veteran & Spouses

10% Off


10% OFF

"Compassionate Care" SSDI/SNAP/SSI

10% Off

Senior Citizens

10% OFF


10% Off Tues & Thurs

Student ID Required

Pediatric Patients Under 18

10% off

Card Renewal

60% off


$10 in Loyalty Points

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