Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in East Orlando

775 N Semoran Blvd
Orlando, FL 32807

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday 10-7
Sunday 12-5

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

East Orlando – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 775 N Semoran Blvd in zip code 32807 to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Winter Park, Azalea Park, Goldenrod and Orange County in general. 

Curaleaf dispensary menu products in East Orlando include low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana. The list of products in stock include a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

Don’t have a medcard yet? If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified for your FL med marijuana card from a participating doctor near you.


East Orlando – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Winter Park, Azalea Park, Goldenrod and throughout Orange County.

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Curaleaf Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. Free Statewide Delivery!

Curaleaf Florida

What People Are Saying

Vizcaya Anderson
Vizcaya A.
18:12 03 Oct 21
Today I placed an order and I had the most amazing bud tender named Maria. She was packed full of knowledge and was such an amazing soul to speak to. Larry, the manager has been my go to for the longest, now he has some competition when it comes to my favorite! I love this dispensary, plain and more
Birdhouse Friend
Birdhouse F.
23:35 29 Sep 21
Cool staff, good prices, awesome drive-thru, BUT check your merchandise before leaving the parking lot, it might save you a trip. More than once I’ve purchased my medicine only to find half of it missing and/or broken when I got home. They’re good on returns but their quality control is worse than the medicine man I went to in my college more
David DuBray
David D.
18:34 08 Sep 21
The best dispensary in Orlando hands down. They have a great selection and their customer service is great! Everyone is so friendly,helpful,kind and knowledgeable about all the products they carry. Also they have some great daily and weekly deals that help you save in the long run. I’ve been coming to this location since it opened and I wouldn’t switch to another store or competitor because not 1 of the competitors even comes close to Curaleafread more
Lisa Ramos
Lisa R.
07:19 06 Sep 21
Friendly staff but long wait times. They do have excellent deals which helps my pockets but not the strongest trees. Good if your just needing to smoke and need to budget your monthly count. I enjoy their watermelon gummies!read more
18:40 31 Aug 21
Alright selection, like everywhere else expensive unless you go on days when there are deals. They do have good deals however, check their website because it varies.I recommend searching the various local businesses and only going when they have at least 30% off or else you will pay too much. Don’t buy at full price because it is absolute highway more
Colby Hartman
Colby H.
19:03 10 Aug 21
The delivery process was fast and easy. The employees were friendly and understanding. I highly recommend this dispensary especially for delivery if you can’t make it to the more
Lee Hernandez
Lee H.
17:56 23 Jul 21
Super friendly and outstanding service! The East Orlando store off of Semoran, is the only place that I go. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about every product they offer and very patient with first time customers. The entire store carries a vine of relaxed professionalism that makes you comfortable as soon as you walk more
Michael Minyon
Michael M.
14:14 09 Jul 21
I have been to nearly every dispensary in Orlando it seem like. I can proudly say Curaleaf on North Semoran Blvd is the best! Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable in assisting you with your needs. Place runs like a well oiled machine as well (never spent more than 20 minutes inside) and the prices are comparable to pretty much every other dispensary. If you are ever near the area stop by and ask for Becky. She is the best and will be more than happy to help. Thanks Curaleaf!read more
Sheneka Joseph
Sheneka J.
16:02 16 Jun 21
I learn so much every time I go there. The staff is absolutely amazing, every one of them! The rewards program is my favorite out of all the dispensaries. They have great deals all the time. The product is great quality more
J Brown
J B.
16:22 11 Jun 21
I’m sorry but I just can’t! First, the staff is great here. There is always a lot of them which is why I don’t understand the long wait. I’ve used the option of preordering to avoid this. Order placed and I come to pick it up and the drive thru is CLOSED!! Waiting in the lobby that only holds 5 people. Sometimes they will ask you to wait outside in the heat! No thank you! For the quality of the product the wait is unacceptable. Sorry to the staff that I have grown to love here but as a team, do better!! Your sad little sorry doesn’t mean anything if it’s the same every time I visit!! This isn’t just my voice or opinion here, everyone that was in the lobby with me agrees this isn’t right. One guy asked for his card back and walked out, a woman said she’s been here over an hour, two other guys agreed that having a dealer on speed dial is going to be a new option for them. YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS!!read more
April Perry
April P.
11:41 09 Jun 21
The staff is nice and friendly through the drive thru service. Their flower product is the best I’ve found. And when you call to place an order the customer service team are all so friendly and helpful!!read more
Julie Jean-Baptiste
Julie J.
23:25 02 May 21
This was my first time at this Curaleaf and I will definitely be coming back. Chase was super awesome and gave me helpful and relatable service. I hope he’s there next time I come back!read more
Robert Thompson
Robert T.
01:04 02 May 21
I love Dr. Cooper, she’s the best doctor ever! I thought I had scheduled my first appointment with her and after arriving I found out it wasn’t with her so I cancelled and rescheduled. The receptionist I guess misunderstood that I wanted to see her in person and I was scheduled a phone visit. Well I missed that call and gladly I did because I would have told her I wanted to reschedule just so I could see her. She shared her funny skydiving incident with me after I told her I recently had skydived. It was a pleasure seeing her again and hopefully no better discounts for renewing come up so that I see her again next time. I’ll be sure to be clear about I want an in office visit to see her again also lolread more
Sheneka Joseph
Sheneka J.
05:51 24 Apr 21
I learn so much every time I go there. The staff is absolutely amazing, every one of them! The rewards program is my favorite out of all the dispensaries. They have deal deals all the time. The product is great quality more
Austin Clark
Austin C.
19:15 15 Mar 21
One of my favorite dispensaries, knowledgeable staff and always polite. An associate Brittany assisted me over the phone most recently and was super helpful. Hoping to see panama red come back around. Highly recommend the afghani strain for more
Christy Arthur
Christy A.
20:55 27 Feb 21
Every visit is always great. I am always treated by the nicest/friendliest staff. There is never a long wait and your products are the best!!! I do miss the different fruity flavors you had for the oil/tinctures when you 1st opened.You guys have the best staff at this location!!!read more
Donika M. Alexova
Donika M. A.
00:59 19 Feb 21
Friendly and knowledgeable staff really go the extra mile. These guys helped me understand better the products best suited to my needs and even helped me figure out how to troubleshoot my battery device. Great place 10/10read more
Vashon Moore
Vashon M.
14:46 24 Dec 20
I visited this place about 6 months ago and wasn’t impressed with their flower selection. Now, they have a good selection and the prices are reasonable. First visit perks are the best I’ve more
Jasmine Hess-Correa
Jasmine H.
21:05 12 Dec 20
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!!! They have great cart prices and tons of options. Also always having some kind of discount going on. 100% recommend!read more
Monica Cielo
Monica C.
21:43 30 Nov 20
First time visit today and i am impressed at how nice and helpful these people are!! I was very confused and the guy who helped me took his time to review everything they had. Super knowledgeable of their more
Suzelle Miller
Suzelle M.
23:16 28 Oct 20
My third different dispensary. The best experience yet! Product were labeled correctly – a plus! Staff that helped me was knowledgeable. Great prices!read more
Kelley Roberts
Kelley R.
02:24 24 Oct 20
I freakin love the staff at the Orlando east location! They always offer me the best deals and explain my products to where I can understand exactly what I’m purchasing. With some most people here I rarely have to wait, ask about discounts or what points I have available. The service here is 100% top notch…read more
ItzMs Mel
ItzMs M.
18:01 08 Oct 20
Always excellent service ! Love the curbside pickup Thanks You B you rock girl 👏🏽
Charles Entress
Charles E.
22:20 03 Oct 20
Jason was super knowledgeable, and right on brand he made the buying experience a pleasure. Thank Jason!UPDATE 10/3/2020:Today I worked with Sabrina over the phone. She was knowledgeable, kind, SUPER informative! She may be my favorite Curaleaf employee yet. Don’t tell Jason :XJk’ing they are both awesome! Great job team!read more
Domo Fresco
Domo F.
06:59 09 Sep 20
Stays true to the Curaleaf quality standard. Sometimes this location will have a bit more choice nugs as far as their 8ths as I’m sure each store gets different batches had grape diamonds at both stores but the diamonds I got from the East location were like 22%🔥. Store is large and very accommodating has a drive-thru as well for pre-orders and customers can order through drive-thru as walk-in they just prefer that you know what you want to order before using the Drive-thru feature.another great thing about care relief is they are open a bit later than most dispensaries up to 8:30 p.m. is their closing time I believe. Shopping in the evening there is always a breeze you can get right in. 💚✌🏼💨read more
Ryan Rose
Ryan R.
22:19 08 Sep 20
Place smells so good. Need edibles asap
Ellie Roberts
Ellie R.
14:48 07 Sep 20
Well, there was a long wait time in the drive through but we got out of the line and went inside!!
Conrad Bradley
Conrad B.
00:55 06 Sep 20
Had I made this review 2 months ago it would be a 3 star tbh. Ive gotten mostly great products very few I was disappointed with but I also require a high level of thc and usually concentrates but honestly even most of their high % thc flower works great for me. Ive found seeds on 2 occasions where I was essentially told to post it on social media to receive a response from the company (which I refused). But lately I’ve had staff go to the furthest extents to ensure customer satisfaction including tonight when they stayed open in the drive thru till a minute past close just to make sure I got what I needed. Thank you!read more
Rick Strada
Rick S.
01:17 03 Sep 20
My place to go no wait you guys rock
Mindy Champion
Mindy C.
00:05 02 Sep 20
Great place I had a little bit of a problem and they worked it right out thanks PJ
John Montanez
John M.
16:10 01 Sep 20
Very good place great costumer service the are awesome thank you for your pain service.
Idahonoyoudaho westcoast
Idahonoyoudaho W.
13:30 29 Aug 20
Just received my delivery from curaleaf east. The drive team was excellent! Very professional and friendly!!! Super efficient as well!! I love the text notifications on top of the calls you always know the status of your delivery. Will definitely order again and I’m a loyal customer to another dispensary…. Thank you Curaleaf!!!read more
becca barbosa
becca B.
23:43 27 Aug 20
I actually loved when I came here the first time because the employees are knowledgeable and friendly, the dispensary is clean and the products were great! But I came here for a second time and placed an order in the morning thinking it would be easier than walking in, and I was completely wrong. the wait times in the drive-thru are ridiculous and the website doesn’t allow you to pay in advance, so each car takes 10-20 minutes minimum. On top of that the parking lot is not made with this in mind so some customers that park and go inside are blocked in by us in line. The order ahead system needs to be more efficient so that the drive thru and pick up options actually make sense. walking in was a 30+ minute wait and I was told to go through the drive thru anyway, but I’ve been in line for at least 45 minutes. I love y’all, but there has to be a better more
21:49 23 Aug 20
Wow 😁 such an amazing company. I googled them to see what type of products they had which a lot I recognized online. So I said what the heck. So glad I did. When I got there I didnt have to wait very long to get with someone. Extremely clean and well organized. Steven was amazing!! Told me about promotional items and carts that are extremely helpful. They had plenty in stock. Grab some great Indica and amazingly how product lived up to names. Their customer was amazing. ❤it so much that I will be going back tomorrow. Best thing they have a drive thru!!! How cool is that?! Thank you for being their for us!!read more
Joell G
Joell G
02:57 16 Aug 20
Darren & Alecia were very helpful! I will definitely come come back mostly because of their customer service and knowledge!read more
Jon Izquierdo
Jon I.
22:30 27 Jul 20
This is my second choice since I live near the Sanford location. Pretty well stocked; drive-thru is convenient as well.The folks working we’re pleasant which is the normal for more
21:03 04 Jul 20
Best prices in the state, great customer service. Love the drive thru. Thanks yall!
Brandi Bonnecaze
Brandi B.
19:09 04 Jul 20
Writing this from the parking lot. I came in in a bad mood and they completely turned it around. Beyond friendly staff, quick service, fantastic product!read more
Ana De Jesús
Ana De J.
18:42 27 Jun 20
Super Helpful and answered all my questions! Clean and organized as well! The drive thru is the best
Giehl Fit
Giehl F.
16:18 08 Jun 20
Good starting promo. Not many selections for preroll. The carts had a variety and I like that the place doesn’t accept tips. That makes for consistent good customer service and no judgements. Newbie kid was very nice just not knowledgeable. Truelieve is still my more
Sydnee Mitchell
Sydnee M.
23:45 02 Jun 20
Rachel gave me a very personalized experience! She literally explained every product to me and what everything meant as it was my first time in a dispensary. She was funny and kept it real. The other associate was friendly when I came in as well. Highly recommend this spot for its passionate employees, clean environment and fair more
Morning Owl
Morning O.
20:42 23 May 20
Never going to buy from them again,I purchased a bottle of CBD oil for $90 and it was half empty, the box said 600 mg of CBD and about 25 mg of THC, but why in such a large bottle left half empty ? I’ve been using the CBD and its doesn’t feel like its 600 mg, I’ve purchased 500 mg from Trulieve and felt way better. Im never going back there again… 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎read more
Joel Villafane
Joel V.
16:31 16 Apr 20
Amongst this tragedy America is facing I have no vehicle for dispensary lines an I am a patient. Well I knocked on the front door an told TJ about my situation he said no problem an took care of me in the rain outside and got me on my way. HANDS DOWN A TRUE EMPLOYEE AN A GREAT COMPANY. THEY COULD HAVE TOLD ME CANT HELP YOU AN NEED A VECHILE. Thank you for great service an not shutting out those without vehiclesread more
Sierra Vickers
Sierra V.
11:10 10 Apr 20
I had a bad experience with an employee in the drive through the other day. I was very upset and wanted to speak to the manager but he was off that day. The manager Anthony ended up calling me, ON HIS DAY OFF, just to apologize and let me know that specific employee was from a different store and was a floater and ask me what he can do to make it right. He was so kind and took responsibility for the situation. He asked me to come back the following day and when I did he absolutely rectified the situation. Curaleaf has definitely earned my business back!read more
Jose M
Jose M
18:19 29 Mar 20
I came to pick up and was helped by Z. Excellent service and thank you for everything you do to help patients.
J Kilby
J K.
01:11 12 Mar 20
Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. I always have some many questions and the are always happy to help me.
Jello Trip
Jello T.
17:10 08 Mar 20
Shoutout to Curaleaf East Orlando delivery team. These guys are legit, I would let them babysit my kids. Sometimes they call just to see how I’m doing, or to say Happy Birthday. I feel like if I needed a kidney, these guys would deliver. On time. With a smile. I really appreciate more
Rhonda Bays
Rhonda B.
13:13 17 Feb 20
What a great experience I had. Rachel helped me and gave me more information than I had ever had before. Such an informative visit. She really knew the products. I appreciated her being my consultant. Everyone that I met their was so nice. I’ll definitely be back!read more
AnDy East
AnDy E.
19:42 05 Feb 20
Hands down the best delivery team. They call the night before, leave a voicemail and a text message with your E.T.A. All you have to do is answer your phone and be in place!! Love these guys!!read more
Terra Medeiros
Terra M.
13:41 20 Dec 19
Best place!!! Staff is friendly awesome helpful.i wish I could give more stars because 5 just don’t do justice.. Shout out to beanie!! Our fav employee!!!read more
847 Concepts
847 C.
08:15 30 Nov 19
Great service! Great girl behind the counter!
Peter Bernstein
Peter B.
18:54 08 Nov 19
By far my favorite dispensary in Orlando.Well organized and stocked, great loyalty program and first time discount.Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff.Most importantly, the regularly carry amazing flower and you don’t have to wait for hours or hope it’s there when you arrive like True LEAVEread more
Mike Palermo
Mike P.
02:01 28 Dec 18
Tom and Tj awesome over the top customer service. Stock coming in that day was running a little late. They made sure it was not an inconvenience for me. Sorting my order quickly, applying the current discount. I will return forget the 50 minute drive, it’s worth itread more
Mike Palermo
Mike P.
18:30 27 Dec 18
Tom and Tj awesome over the top customer service. Stock coming in that day was running a little late. They made sure it was not an inconvenience for me. Sorting my order quickly, applying the current discount. I will return forget the 50 minute drive, it’s worth itread more
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