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About AltMed in FL – Two Florida-based companies have come together to form AltMed MüV Florida, a new MMTC, or Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in Florida.  Alternative Medical Enterprises LLC, doing business as AltMed Enterprises headquartered in Sarasota, FL which produces MüV, and Plants of Ruskin, 4th generation agricultural farmers are combining their expertise. 

AltMed is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company bringing compassion, community engagement, and pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production and dispensing of medical cannabis. To manufacture the MuV THC and CBD products, AltMed concentrates on the purity; testing ingredients and product components to assure 100% compliance with its own benchmark quality standards set above the industry standards.

MüV Florida believes in the power of research to advance understanding and discover new opportunities to enhance well-being, with ingredients derived from the cannabis plant – one of humanities most ancient sources of natural medications.

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 AltMed Florida – The Science of Medical Cannabis

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1451 Global Court

Sarasota, FL 34240

Phone: 941-702-9955

Contact: [email protected]


AltMed Available Discounts

  • First Order – 25% Off
  • Veterans & Seniors – 10% Off

AltMed MüV Marijuana Deliveries RX in Florida – Coming Soon!

MüV products are available by delivery to your residence or business from AltMed Florida on a limited basis. They currently deliver within 20 miles of their open MüV dispensaries, all of Pinellas County and through an outlet in Orlando. Depending on distance, a delivery fee may be charged.

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AltMed - MUV Florida
Average rating:  
 37 reviews
by Paula on AltMed - MUV Florida

I would leave a 5 star rating but when the flower came out, it was a major fail. Now I see the prices for shatter went up. Oh well. I do like MUV for shatter but I hope your flower game is on now.

by Jorge on AltMed - MUV Florida

After three visits I was finally able to get a couple of pre-rolled. My opinion it was not as good as Trulieve. The joint was packed too tightly and a smooth draw was not possible. I kneaded it with my my fingers to loosen but it didn’t help much. The awful draw makes it impossible to get a taste. With Trulieve, the draw is smooth and flavorful.
The effect is about the same from both. It’s just difficult to dose with these tight MUV joints.
MUV is a buck less per joint.

by Smoker on AltMed - MUV Florida

Best in town, atm doesn’t work sometimes so bring cash

by Jon Hutchinson on AltMed - MUV Florida

I am a retired EMT/Firefighter for thirty years of service to my communities. Coincidentally I suffer from PTSD from witnessing some of the horrors of our job. When I first started shopping at your store I was given a 25% discount, which kept me coming back instead of shopping at your competition Truleeve, who happens to have a store in my town of Venice.

The last week I went to your store to shop again and I was advised that I will no longer be receiving a discount any longer.
As a direct result of this news, I have decided to terminate my business with your business, UNTIL such a time comes again when you will offer that discount in the future.

I would love to patronize your store but it is more cost effective for me to shop at one of your competitors Suttera who does give EMS personal that discount.

by Debbie on AltMed - MUV Florida

I have been regularly visiting MUV Apollo Beach. Everyone is pretty good, however, one young man I believe it is Jon, sets a higher level of knowledge, understanding, and actually gets to know the patients. He since they opened in my opinion has excelled in his job. So not only is MUV my number one choice, but they have exceptional staff.

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