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About AltMed in FL – Two Florida-based companies have come together to form AltMed MüV Florida, a new MMTC, or Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in Florida.  Alternative Medical Enterprises LLC, doing business as AltMed Enterprises headquartered in Sarasota, FL which produces MüV, and Plants of Ruskin, 4th generation agricultural farmers are combining their expertise. AltMed is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company bringing compassion, community engagement, and pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production and dispensing of medical cannabis.

Shortly after Plants of Ruskin was awarded the state MMTC license, the partnership between AltMed Enterprises & Plants of Ruskin was announced, bringing two local Florida companies together, becoming the new AltMed FL. AltMed has been developing and selling its award winning product line, MüV, throughout the medical cannabis market in Arizona over the last 2 years.

AltMed Florida believes in the power of research to advance understanding and discover new opportunities to enhance well-being, with ingredients derived from the cannabis plant – one of humanities most ancient sources of natural medications. To manufacture the MuV THC & CBD products, AltMed concentrates on the purity; testing ingredients and product components to assure 100% compliance with its own benchmark quality standards set above the industry standards.

MüV Dispensaries in Florida

 AltMed Florida – The Science of Medical Cannabis

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1451 Global Court

Sarasota, FL 34240

Phone: 941-702-9955

Contact: [email protected]


AltMed Available Discounts

  • First Order – 25% Off
  • Veterans & Seniors – 10% Off

AltMed MüV Marijuana Deliveries RX in Florida – Coming Soon!

MüV products are available by delivery to your residence or business from AltMed Florida on a limited basis. They currently deliver within 20 miles of their open MüV dispensaries, all of Pinellas County and through an outlet in Orlando. Depending on distance, a delivery fee may be charged.

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AltMed - MUV Florida
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Paula on AltMed - MUV Florida

I absolutely love this store and their products. Always available, never out of stock of what I need. Amazed by the shatter they have and how long it lasts. It works great for Crohn's pain and anxiety. They are worth my trip over the bridge. Great customer service and generally no wait time at all.

by Jimmy on AltMed - MUV Florida

MuV Sarasota - Excellent customer service. Staff is always willing to help and go above and beyond. I have ordered on line and been into the store several times. Relaxed atmosphere, happy people. Always willing to answer any questions.
Thanks Nicole for your help!

by Gary on AltMed - MUV Florida

Excellent products, immediate deal notifications and VERY friendly customer service. Very knowledgeable. Thank you Tyler, Rachel and whole crew..

by Aloysius on AltMed - MUV Florida

I had a great first visit to the Muv store in Tampa and made a significant purchase with a variety of products to try. This is where the positivity ends and disappointment begins... The Gio pen that I purchased was compact and comfortable, but the first draw smelled and tasted like burned plastic. I gagged that out and took a few draws without inhaling until I could taste product. This issue intermittently occurred throughout the week that I used it. I typically use 500-600 mgs a week vaping, but I easily burned through the two 500mg cartridges that I purchased at Muv within a few days. I should have taken the product back sooner, but I had a busy week and it’s a long drive. I also tried the transdermal patch, but I felt absolutely no effect and the patch began peeling off on its own. I attempted to reinforce the patch with medical tape, but I gave up since it the patch seemed inneffective anyways. I decided to make the hour and a half round trip drive to Muv this evening to take advantage of a sale they texted me about. I was also in need to have them look into the issues I had with their products since they they pumped up their quality guarantees on my first visit. I informed Muv’s manager about both of my issues, but rather than do any investigating, he suggested trying a different strain or product. I didn’t expect a refund or an exchange, but I did expect that the manager would care. He didn’t. At that point, I decided to purchase the product that Muv texted me about that I was there to buy. It turned out to be 100mgs less than they show online. I pointed out the discrepancy to the manager, and his response was, “Does it really make a difference?” I left without making a single purchase and will be back with Trulieve.

by Ray on AltMed - MUV Florida

Absolutely amazing store in Sarasota. Amazing staff....mostly. And INCREDIBLE MUV GOLD product. I cannot say enough good things about Muv Gold. Thank you!

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