MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tampa, FL

7229 N Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL 33614

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10AM – 7PM
Sun: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Tampa MüV dispensary located at 7229 N Dale Mabry is open with a drive thru to service Town N Country, Carrollwood, University, and Hillsborough County in general. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for patients near Tampa with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care. 

AltMed MüV Products


Tampa – MüV cannabis products are available by home delivery within 20 miles of the Tampa store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Doron Sulimani
Doron S.
01:00 27 Jan 22
My wife is a new patient and we went there together for the first time in a medical dispensaryEverybody was super nice except of the sales lady who told us to follow her to the main roomFrom the first second instead of being great with a smile and positive energy we felt like she doing as a favorI was asking questions because I wanted to know what will my wife get and what kind of effect it hasThe sales lady didn’t like thatShe said she’s only going to talk to my wife because she’s the one with the prescriptionWell when you go to a doctor and he subscribe drug medicine you allowed to ask questions as a close family member to know the effect and the consequences of the treatmentThat lady had a huge Ego and it just blind her instead of giving us a serviceshe wasn’t in a mode to give us any empathyMy wife just felt so uncomfortable so she said we should leaveThis place should be about peace of mind and health.Not a b**** face sales lady who doesn’t like when you’re not listening to everything she saysAnything can be said through a professional environment as long as it’s been said in a kind and careful wayThat wasn’t the case today at this locationWe’ll get our medicine in the place we will be great with a smile not egoread more
Alley Menendez
Alley M.
14:48 06 Jan 22
Really great customer service. Smiling, kind employees, clean facilities, and great consistent and diverse products. My favorite dispensary!read more
Kevin Davis
Kevin D.
19:48 03 Dec 21
I love everything about this place. In fact I hope they open up a location closer to my house and they bring the same customer service with them. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help. They have an electronic board that displays what they have in stock. I’ve actually picked something different than what I intended to pick up just because it was on the board and not on the website. Oh, and their products are amazing. The parking lot is a bit small, but that’s only problematic when it’s full.read more
Steven Santos
Steven S.
11:44 09 Nov 21
The young guy at reception is not the right fit for reception. No greeting, no information. The first thing he said to me, while not even looking at me, was “card”. He asked me if this was my first visit to the dispensary and after that he didn’t talk, didn’t explain the process, just sat there and stared at his screen, and then occasionally spoke with another person in the waiting area I had to ask if he was done checking me in me so I could sit…The lady who served me was pleasant but the interaction was so brief and mostly quiet it didn’t change my experience much.while they have really great quality flower, unless they’re having some sort of awesome sale, I’d rather go to Trulieve.read more
Bryant Johnson
Bryant J.
19:52 06 Nov 21
For my first experience! So far so good! Julie Skully Was super helpful and very attentive and I’m hopeful that mgt. will help us both on our quest to learn more! So this will be a 2/3 part review and I’ll keep you updated!read more
Wade Billups
Wade B.
23:04 21 Oct 21
Great service. Very friendly. Always have anything you need and the prices are awesome
Xavier Rodrigues
Xavier R.
03:24 11 Oct 21
Amazing staff, amazing products, minimal wait times. Very broad range of products. Folks have always enjoyed the purchases from what I hear, and I have as well. plus I’ve never heard of someone being shorted on an order, and it’s never happened to me! My girlfriend also goes here, and she absolutely loves this dispensary as well!read more
Xavier Rodrigues
Xavier R.
16:53 10 Oct 21
Amazing staff, amazing products, minimal wait times. Very broad range of products. Have always enjoyed the purchases! Never been shorted on an order!read more
Amanda Q
Amanda Q
01:40 06 Oct 21
Went for the first time and Matt was amazing ! Very informative and full of patience. Everyone in the office was really friendly .read more
XnneMxrie Shaughnessy
XnneMxrie S.
11:57 03 Oct 21
All the staff are friendly but I had a great experience with Cristian who gave me his personal advice on products and was also able to hook me up with sale items 😀 They know how to make things quick and efficient too!read more
Steven Budd
Steven B.
23:44 21 Sep 21
Very nice place. Fast and reliable service at the express counter. Quick and easy in and out. The 800 number for MUV who I reached the gentleman named Will, was awesome and so very informative that I felt great about my selection. I had some very detailed questions about concentrates that Will helped explain and break down in an easy to understand manner that helped me make a proper first choice and I can’t thank him enough.read more
Sherri Ogden
Sherri O.
15:15 16 Sep 21
Meko on the phone was so great! She helped me out tremendously! I did not know that they opened at 10:00 a.m. and I was sitting in the parking lot at 9:20. She took my order over the phone and got it all set up for me I love this place! Y’all are the bomb diggity!read more
Everett MacNutt
Everett M.
23:05 31 Aug 21
Helpful and informative, the folks there are happy and always greet with a smile. Keep up the good work.
Jessica Burnham
Jessica B.
14:59 21 Aug 21
good quality products and they help to find the right product for your needs. prices are decent & they sometimes have good deals and promos.read more
Pe “LATFINE” Pokercr3w
19:27 20 Aug 21
Great as always wish points program was around and more specials… what I use is never on sale so that sux
David Beamer
David B.
17:25 21 Jul 21
Been a while since I’ve been to a different dispensary. The employees at the store are very cheerful and helpful. They also are quick to reach out when there is an issue with the customer experience. They had forgotten to apply a discount but were quick to reach out and contact me to correct the issues with my order total. With thier great customer service I would recommend to anyone. Thank you!read more
Hailee Hall
Hailee H.
20:26 14 Jul 21
Always have an amazing experience. This is my to go to location! Express pick up is easy and fast! Lobby is always clean, staff is friendly, and always have the products I am looking for.read more
Kristy Gray
Kristy G.
21:30 01 Jul 21
This is one of my favorite dispensaries in the area. The staff is ALWAYS friendly, and service is always informative and QUICK. Order ahead is really convenient, but even stopping in and just ordering from the menu (if you know what you want because you looked at inventory online) takes no time at all! I’d recommend this location to anyone, regardless of where you are in your MMJ journey (newbie to pro.) Also, pro tip: make sure you bring cash, or be prepared to use their ATM. They accept absolutely no cards.read more
Cristian Munoz
Cristian M.
15:27 04 Jun 21
Like the apple store of dispensaries…One of the best right now!Great service, clean environment, LGBTQ+ friendly, affordable prices $, wide range of products, consistent range of flower, VEGAN friendly for their soft chews, & most importantly their super friendly and educational environment. Not to mention, their extremely hospitable and well-versed staff made me feel right at home. They really cater to create a quality cannabis-related customer service experience, which in my personal experience is hard to find.Also, the flower is really immaculate. From their affordable tier 3 to rewarding tier 1. Definitely of of my top dispensaries. 10/10 recommend!read more
A. H.
A. H.
17:26 02 Jun 21
Great products and prices. Very friendly and a lot faster than most dispensaries. Highly recommended.
Æthelthryth Quezada
Æthelthryth Q.
19:35 29 May 21
I have only went 2x and let me tell you it was not what I expected. The business window is frosted white so no one can look in. There is a cool lobby to wait to be called in. And I have never waited longer than 10 mins (if that). Medtenders are very kind.read more
Wendy Graham
Wendy G.
02:06 20 May 21
It was great because the peason that needed to go in, called ahead and the order was ready when she went in. Sorry not call but ordered online.read more
Charles Lanier
Charles L.
15:54 18 May 21
The atmosphere here is a little more modern than what I’m used to. The people who work here are nice, personable and the manager’s care about people. Social distancing is in good practice here, If you bring a visitor, they may need to wait in the lobby, due to covid-19. Currently you have to use an ATM if you have debit, which may charge you an extra fee, but they are working on a way to receive debit card transactions. I loved the Dark Chocolates! The location is a little more difficult for me to get to than some other dispensaries. However, knowing how much the manager’s here care about people, make’s it worth the extra effort.read more
Dorian Callen
Dorian C.
17:17 13 May 21
The employees act like they are doing you a favor. I didn’t care for their attitude. Also, the screen scrolls so fast it is hard to look at the various products/prices. They didn’t have a handheld sheet. I recommend going to Curaleaf, Trulieve, Columbia Care or Fluent.read more
23:55 07 May 21
Pros: friendly, clean, straightforward, you can order online and pickup, some good strains for the cartridges, never crowded.Cons: The one time – and last – I purchased flower it was pretty weak. Also, they are often out of stock on my favorite strains.read more
Oh Wali
Oh W.
22:56 07 May 21
Brianna In the call Center is A AMAZING Rep, She introduced me to a product that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE with The RSO oils!! fully recommend amazing and friendly staff and a AMAZING FAST ANSWERING CALL CENTER!read more
Ramón Santos
Ramón S.
13:14 26 Apr 21
I don’t have any complaints except that the product it’s always short Iusually get cartridges and they are half way used when I get them can you please do more to protect the product thank youread more
Tyler Lindner
Tyler L.
18:30 20 Apr 21
This one is the nicest MUV I’ve been too or driven by. The staff was quick and easy. And it was 4/20 and I was in and out. So bonus on that.read more
Meghan Reese
Meghan R.
19:25 19 Apr 21
Great experience. I really like that they were cool with whatever pace I needed as far as asking questions and really understanding what product was best for me. I didn’t feel rushed or judged.read more
shannon thompson
shannon T.
17:00 08 Apr 21
First visit and they made it simple. They explained all their products and made it nice.
Jardin La Fleur
Jardin La F.
17:39 06 Apr 21
This is the BE ST PLACE IN FLORIDA. Have had a Card since 2009 from Michigan; where is is so great as you can grow your own not to mention the disabled and the sick get REAL DISCOUNTS $50.00 for a two-year card. Only one doctor appointment and basically FREE FOR THE SICK and Totally Free for HOSPICE PATIENTS. That being said. This place has the best product in Florida been here three years and time after time so dissapointed. The Prices are rediculous simply WAY TOO HIGH but if you are going to pay these high prices you want the best and VERY HAPPY PATIENT. Totally made me feel better in an hour, was so sick after the Vaccination the CBD shut that down and after a week no Chronic Pain and more Energy. And ALEX the Manager – super nice and very knowledgable. Knew exacly what I needed and got me out of there fast. The front Desk Customer Service SO NICE. They could see I was distressed and really helped me. Cannot say enough about this Dispensary. So if you need help go here.read more
Kirsten Hughes
Kirsten H.
12:42 01 Apr 21
Great customer service. Fast service. Fantastic products.
William Davis
William D.
18:49 31 Mar 21
I visit three cannabis dispensaries within the area [not all the same] since each has different product selections or a location may not have enough quantities when running a special.MUV is one of my favorite places; especially this Tampa location. It is the most welcoming location I’ve visited. The layout is open, staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the merchandise meets my personal satisfaction. Of course, it may take a few iterations of products to find what works for you individually.Nevertheless, I really enjoy visiting. My only complaint is parking but that is not in their control and it isn’t that bad [LOL look at me complaining, what the heck am I doing]. Each time I visited there was not an issue with getting a parking spot – it just fills up quickly. Fingers crossed, I always lucked out. I will be picking up my order today [this afternoon], so hopefully I didn’t jinx myself :-)Highly recommended MUV Tampa location. The pickup orders are even easier as well. Some locations [not MUV] are more stressful picking up the online order than actually just visiting – due to the unorganized traffic flow.USMC Veteran.read more
Zachary Evans
Zachary E.
15:13 31 Mar 21
Everytime I come into this store I always am so happy 🙂 the staff here is fantastic!!
Timothy Fay
Timothy F.
01:34 29 Mar 21
This is a really nice location. The store is clean and always smells fresh. You wait until they call you in, then you can go back where you have a personal shopper who you tell what you want and he will go get it for you. The product here is top notch so you will enjoy it.read more
Danielle Jackson
Danielle J.
12:50 25 Mar 21
Wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend them.
Christian B
Christian B
19:03 17 Mar 21
Anecdotal story from a while ago that I wanted to share: I had placed an online/pick-up on Veteran’s Day 2019 at your Tampa/Dale Mabry location. I was unable to pick the order up that day and came back the following evening. Upon receipt of my order from the pick-up window, I found a MUV Camo-Veteran’s Day hat inserted in my pick up bag with my medicine. I had never spoken of my prior service to the staff, but nonetheless, they took the time to go through my profile and make sure they took care of me as well as their overall veteran patient clientele. Words cannot explain my gratitude-thank you!read more
KT -
KT –
16:01 13 Mar 21
Anthony did a great job 💯🔥.Edit: this place is amazing
William Belk
William B.
18:01 22 Dec 20
Great place, Very friendly and Always has good products in stock. Jonathan was very helpful with everything I had questions about and I look forward to going back there again.read more
Peter Leon
Peter L.
15:16 12 Dec 20
Devin is always great! He is more of a sales consultant-concierge. His thorough explanations and product knowledge makes it easy to stock up on medications. As one of the frontline faces of MÜV, he represents well above and beyond.read more
Peter Klicker
Peter K.
23:36 03 Dec 20
It’s been more years than I care to think about since I’ve been around marijuana on a regular basis. The staff at MUV are fantastic! They helped me navigate the process of finding what I wanted first online, then at the dispensary. Whoa! What a change from the days of buying a dime bag and guessing what was inside! I’ve been to this location and the Lutz location and these guys are great. They explained everything and made me comfortable despite my inexperience in the world of medical marijuana.read more
William ontthebeach
William O.
05:33 25 Oct 20
the manager here in Tampa is cool takes care of you. had a issue with the manager in clearwater not giving the first time patient deal and the customer service center sent me here and he was great. i have been here previously too and the team always seems happy to help unlike 1plant. i would shop here exclusively if the live rosin was more availableread more
Sucker punch36
Sucker P.
23:05 07 Oct 20
Great dispensary, the only reason I deducted 1 star is because of the parking. Parking is a headache but other than that. Friendly, well informed staff and great products!read more
Latavie Ladson
Latavie L.
03:28 01 Oct 20
From someone who struggles with anxiety high THC is no good for me they did not have much options for me. The products I did get burns my mouth and upset my acid reflux 😞 first time here and I now have such a bad view of this company products. Customer service was great thoughUpdate: spoke with a rep and we where about to come to a resolution that I am happy with. They do care for their customers which is plus it’s just sucks to not have many CBD options.read more
Latavie Ladson
Latavie L.
22:29 28 Sep 20
From someone who struggles with anxiety high THC is no good for me they did not have much options for me. The products I did get burns my mouth and upset my acid reflux 😞 first time here and I now have such a bad view of this company products. Customer service was great thoughread more
Sonja Stroble
Sonja S.
14:05 28 Sep 20
They are always polite and happy to answer questions. Also fast and easy service. They don’t make you wait an hour like Trulieve even when you order ahead.read more
23:01 24 Sep 20
Love the store. Very nice staff. I accidentally gave MUV 3 stars and they actually called to see what they could improve and do better. Wow.. way to go MUV. Had to edit my stars to give them the right score they deserve every trip.read more
Erin Blumberg
Erin B.
12:41 22 Sep 20
I love this place! All of the employees are incredibly nice, patient, and knowledgeable. The first time I came in I was a bit nervous, I didn’t know what to expect but the staff made me feel so comfortable and took the time to answer all of my questions. At this point I love Muv so much I would hang out there if it was allowed. lolread more
John Wolff
John W.
21:59 19 Sep 20
I wanted to use my points earned but was having trouble finding app and one of the managers was able to apply them to my purchase without me having my phone in me. I also enjoy that Tampa location has an express window and they do their best to get you served quickly.read more
Brian Harrison
Brian H.
23:33 17 Sep 20
Müv has a corporate policy of only requiring masks in stores where local laws require them. I’m glad this store is in an area that requires masks.Distillate is mediocre; terrible dispenser.Shatter is excellent, best in the state.Crumble is not my favorite consistency but is well madeFlower is too dry but otherwise fine.Store looks like they’re trying to hard to be another “apple of medical marijuana “. Stale.read more
Mike Wilkins
Mike W.
22:32 11 Sep 20
I was having trouble working with my U points so I called to see if I could get help with it. The staff is all super friendly and provide outstanding customer service. Jorge was amazing, he helped me over the phone and was able to solve the problem quickly and helped educate me on how to use my MÜV Ü points. I greatly appreciate the help and will definitely be shopping there again!read more
Cathy Whitaker
Cathy W.
13:36 11 Sep 20
Friendly employees and fast service. Best product available in Florida.
Harvey Cooper
Harvey C.
11:17 10 Sep 20
Very nice showroom clean and safe
Jean Smith
Jean S.
17:41 05 Sep 20
I won’t be buying anything from Muv anymore. When I visited this location the other day I was greeted by an employee not wearing a mask. When the employee decided to put on a mask he made sure to leave his nose out. I also noticed other employees wearing their masks beneath their noses or not wearing masks on the floor. Customers who were not properly masked were also permitted entrance. . No other dispensary in the county is operating in such an unsafe fashion. I previously observed this type of leniency at the Muv in Lutz as well. I support businesses that care about the well being of the community. The total disregard to public health demonstrated by some of the employees at Muv is not reflective of a company that cares about the Tampa community.read more
Ashla Browning
Ashla B.
16:23 10 Aug 20
Very nice staff. Good products. Great prices. Just wish they had more than one location in tampa. Also, make an app!
andrea white
andrea W.
07:35 08 Aug 20
Everyone there is so nice and personable. Very helpful, quick, and they answer all my questions.
Nelson Tamayo
Nelson T.
16:45 04 Aug 20
Staff was very helpful. The place is clean and organized and everyone was taking proper precautions against the coronavirus.This was my first time at a dispensary and it was a great experience!read more
antonio serrano
antonio S.
22:44 29 Jul 20
The customer service is great and very nice! But the prices are still to much for me tho but willing to give them another tryread more
Anthony Velazquez
Anthony V.
18:18 21 Jul 20
Love you guys, wayyyyy better than your competitor down the street. From the products, to the website to even your chat people. Love Müv!read more
Keegan Sosh
Keegan S.
15:29 04 Jul 20
Don’t buy any pure brand carts from them. The glass melted and warped from just hearing it up with a lighter for 3 seconds. NEVER had this problem or even thought that could happen unless I held it in a single spot with a blow torch but this is a lighter AND I was rotating the tank heating evenly.read more
Jennifer Fiore-Macchiello
Jennifer F.
18:39 09 Jun 20
I am leaving this review because this company has the best of the best employees! Thank you Sylvianne for the help with my order. You went above and beyond to be helpful. I am not the only patient that feels this way either. I have been to some of the “others” and will only shop at MUV now! Thank You again !read more
Dennis Bonilla
Dennis B.
23:10 05 Jun 20
Usually very good but they need to learn to close at their posted time. I drove up at 6:59 and they were already closed. Due to their Apollo beach location I had to drive all the way from Tampa (started my drive at 5:30 pm) sat in traffic just to arrive at 6:59 or even 7pm and it’s pitch black inside. So an hour and a half just to have to drive back tomorrow!read more
Renee DeMasso
Renee D.
17:27 20 May 20
Knowledge, Helpful, Exemplary and Caring is what comes to mind when I considered leaving this review. As a patient that requires specific needs I am so grateful for people like Sam and Taylor and the other staff members at this location. I suffer from horrible anxiety and chronic pain and its because of you all knowing your products and having patience in explaining them to me that I find relief. Thank you and God Bless!read more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
20:43 18 May 20
I’ve made several purchases and everything is high quality and actually have allot of strains most dispensaries dont have. I love the og strains they have and also the capsules and their ice water live rosin is best in fl hands down. Staff are great too and always in and out service.read more
Mihkb Fgy
Mihkb F.
20:41 18 May 20
Great service and good customer service. Are surprisingly energetic and friendly and very knowledge and will improve if you give them any fedback you have. Highly reccomend.read more
Joe Fernandez
Joe F.
13:12 09 May 20
Faye Barekat
Faye B.
13:23 08 Apr 20
This is the first place I went almost a year ago and I have yet to go to any other dispensary. MÜV has great products but the staff is what gets this place a 5 star. Everyone is so kind and they help me figure out what I need, I’m still a newbie! Alex the manger has been beyond helpful as well, when a manger steps in anytime, anywhere, that’s service!! Go to MÜV Tampa 🙂read more
LAVA Sound
19:15 15 Mar 20
Had questions and Brook was able to help me out! Great service. Thanks Muv
Lauren B.
Lauren B.
23:50 28 Jan 20
By far my favorite MÜV location! Always neat, tidy and friendly. Also keeps a great selection of product. Mark was welcoming and easy to spark a conversation with although all I had was an express pickup. Will always be my #1. Thank you!read more
M Hall
M H.
17:35 16 Jan 20
Big shout-out to Joseph Resendez, who assisted me with making purchases last week. I was so impressed with his willingness to help me with new products and gear. He was so patient; felt like I was the only person in the room.As I asked questions, he gave me great information, and wasn’t hesitant to ask someone else if he wasn’t sure of the answer. That is golden, as I’m relatively new to this medicine. Very personable.MUV, you have a wonderful employee…..best visit ever!!read more
Geoff Rutland
Geoff R.
18:06 06 Jan 20
Hard to figure out where to begin customer service is absolutely amazing products are to-die-for out of this world the love that they put into this company is absolutely amazing Alex the manager at the Dale Mabry location is the best manager that move has throughout the whole company and Mike the owner is absolutely amazing this is the company where you need to purchase all of your medical products from nobody compares to the Quality that you will get from the Muv.read more
Brittany Dirre
Brittany D.
22:02 05 Dec 19
MUV on N Dale Mabry is Amazing!!! Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. Meagan the receptionist is always very friendly and helpful. I checked out with Sam today and as always it was a pleasure. It’s a great feeling going into a company that does not make you feel like a criminal, for simply trying to pick up your medication. Love this place!!!!!read more
Jonathan Vaello
Jonathan V.
21:37 23 Nov 19
My visit to MUV on Dale Mabry was so amazing. Beautiful dispensary very helpful staff and I didn’t wait a long time. Courtney was so knowledgeable, professional, she explained everything thoroughly so I could understand. I will definitely go back just because of Courtney’s exceptional customer service.read more
Ron Jones
Ron J.
01:00 24 Mar 19
The best in the state no far they need to open more then ONE store
Ron Jones
Ron J.
22:32 23 Mar 19
The best in the state no far they need to open more then ONE store
Lucas Gerler
Lucas G.
02:01 14 Dec 18
You notice the difference as soon as you walk in the door. MüV by AltMed Florida focuses on the medical side of cannabis and has options from microdosing to macrodosing (metered dose inhalers, transdermals patches, shatter, crumble, sauce). They got their products started in Arizona 4 years ago and the difference in consistency and quality shows through in their products. Friendly staff is pleasant and answers all your questions without making you feel bad for asking or taking up their time. 5/5 starsread more
Lucas Gerler
Lucas G.
17:50 28 Nov 18
You notice the difference as soon as you walk in the door. MüV by AltMed Florida focuses on the medical side of cannabis and has options from microdosing to macrodosing (metered dose inhalers, transdermals patches, shatter, crumble, sauce). They got their products started in Arizona 4 years ago and the difference in consistency and quality shows through in their products. Friendly staff is pleasant and answers all your questions without making you feel bad for asking or taking up their time. 5/5 starsread more
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