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About the Jungle Boys in Florida

Rolling into Florida, Jungle Boys dispensaries are smart about how they’re spreading their Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, or MMTC as the state calls them.

While relatively new in Florida’s cannabis scene, Jungle Boys is all about ramping up folks’ well-being with the realest and strongest cannabis products around.

Got questions? The Jungle Boys dispensary crew in Florida is your go-to for all things cannabis—ready to drop knowledge on what works best.

Now, onto the good stuff – check out Jungle Boys’ stash: flowers, edibles, concentrate syringes, dabs, tinctures, patches, lotions, and more. And if you’re after the chill vibes without the high, they’ve got low-THC High CBD goodies too.


Jungle Boys medical marijuana products are not yet available by delivery in Florida.

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  • Veterans Discount: 20% Off
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