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Florida – Grow Healthy is a licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) that is providing THC & CBD products to patients on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Currently they are delivery only and have yet to open a storefront. To purchase GrowHealthy’s marijuana products you will need to have an MMJ order entered into the Registry from a local certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida

GrowHealthy will serve Florida patients through company-owned dispensaries. Currently, a secure home-delivery system is now in effect for all Florida counties. GrowHealthy provides pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis that is stringently tested to assure a very high level of quality for patients. In addition, they also maintain strict controls over product consistency and potency so that patients can be assured they are receiving the same dosage with each product use.

In Florida, GrowHealthy is partnered with four leading Central Florida nurseries: McCrory’s Sunny Hill Nursery, Agri-Starts, Peckett’s and Eve’s. These partners bring a wealth of experience and expertise in Florida agriculture. All farming locations are state-of-the-art, highly secure, fully-equipped, large-scale medical marijuana cultivation facilities.

GrowHealthy Dispensaries and MMJ Delivery

GrowHealthy Holdings, LLC

GrowHealthy Dispensary Products Menu

GrowHealthy Dispensary Products Menu

Address: PO Box 708
Lake Wales, FL 33859

Phone: 800-619-5288


Contact: [email protected]


GrowHealthy’s Cultivation Facility 

GrowHealthy’s 200,000 square foot highly-secure, state-of-the-art hydroponic indoor nursery is located on a 33-acre property located in Lake Wales, near the center of Florida. With a palletized benching system produced by the world’s premier manufacturer, this automated high-tech facility will set a new standard for medical marijuana production. The majority of the facility will provide two levels of growing space, nearly doubling its production output. It will produce consistent, highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana year-round, with highly-controlled lighting, nutrient systems, temperature and humidity in a “clean room” environment not possible in fields and greenhouses.

CoreLogic, the leading property risk analysis resource, ranks Florida as the U.S. state with the highest level of risk exposure to multiple natural hazards. GrowHealthy’s indoor facility provides maximum protection against hurricanes, tornados, hail, freezes, mold, fungus and other microbial pathogens, and insect pests.

Core Expertise

Anyone can grow plants. But to produce the finest, medical-grade marijuana requires expert growers. GrowHealthy has assembled a highly-experienced, professional team led by Cultivation Manager Darrin Potter, a top award-winning expert with 10 years’ experience in marijuana cultivation for leading Colorado producers.

His hand-picked management and production specialists are each well-experienced in cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing, and are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and accountability. GrowHealthy’s Medical Director and their experienced staff understand the needs of patients with varied conditions, and they stand ready to support Florida medical marijuana patients with skill, patience and compassion.

GrowHealthy Discounts & Specials

First-Time Patients – 20% Off

Veterans and Active Duty Military – 30% Off

  • Code VET30. Must provide proper identification upon purchase or delivery to receive discount.

Patients With Financial Hardships – 20% Off

  • Must provide supplemental security income benefit verification letter or supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) statement from current year.

*Discounts are not stackable unless otherwise stated. GrowHealthy has the right to discontinue any discount at anytime.

Employment Opportunities

If you’d like to join the GrowHealthy family, positions will be show at the bottom on the companies website employment page. If you qualify for any, you may fill out the Application Form that follows. Qualified applications will be kept and reviewed for future openings.


Grow Healthy CBD and THC products are available by free delivery to your front door throughout all of Florida. The convenience of ordering over the phone and possibly online soon without ever having to leave the comfort of your home is now available.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery.

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GrowHealthy - Florida
Average rating:  
 22 reviews
by Ed on GrowHealthy - Florida

First experience, EVERYONE who works there was fantastic . Answered all our questions and asked if we had any! Everyone had a smile.

by Crdig on GrowHealthy - Florida

I have been reading alot about Grow Healthy dispensary in Lake Worth Florida. What got me was reading up on not only the products, but was mesmerised by the different Deals they have everyday as well I have visited many dispensaries in the area. I have never come across a dispensary that gives back to the public and their patients. They give large discounts to our veterans, they give nice discounts to the unfortunate that have special needs, they give a substantial discount for just being a new patient and that is on top of whatever daily special is going for that day. I decided to Drive 2 Grow Healthy in Lake Worth and found it to be a very discreet location, easy to find, stand-alone location that is easy for anybody in the Palm Beach area to locate.

I was first greeted by a very sweet nice intelligent young lady by the name of Tati, as well as her being a greeter and receptionist that night she as well works in the back as a budtender. She asked me for normal thing as a new patient, my MMJ card, my driver's license and to my surprise I was not aware that I was capable of receiving a pretty large decent discount once I showed tati the proof that I was not even aware that they gave discounts for that. So Tati said that it may take about 10 minutes since I'm a new patient for the documentation to be verified of course and put into the system, but it felt more like 2 minutes when they called me in the back to speak to Michael who was my representative today, who was very knowledgeable not looking to do anything other than find out what will be in my best interest, then a man by the name of Richard walked over and introduced himself to me and shook my hand, and then after that it made me feel that this is more than just a dispensary this is a customer service orientated Medical program. I stated before I have visited and have been a patient for many years and never have I experienced what I experienced today at growhealthy in Lake Worth Florida.

The location was so impeccably clean, so well organized, and I believe due to my research that they have their own way of maintaining their products for the best of their patients. I would recommend this company Grow Healthy in any location because I feel that they are going to change the way that people are treated with dignity and respect. I am actually blown away by the way I was treated this evening as a new patient of Grow Healthy. I suggest that whoever reads this, goes to the location or any location that's close to you and you will see what I am talking about. Once again recognition internally should be definitely given to Tati Michael and Richard, and hope that they get recognized in the manner they deserve. Thanks and regards

by Tammy on GrowHealthy - Florida

Went to the Brandon location. Everyone was very kind to me, explained all questions asked and even gave me a T-shirt! Very pleased with Tyler at check-out as well! Thank you! Miss Tammy

by Lauren on GrowHealthy - Florida

I went to the Lake Worth location. Grow healthy was the greatest place to go. The people were knowledgeable, willing to help, caring, took time to talk with me. Just what I would want a dispensary to be. Everyone in there went out of their way to help me out.

by Melissa on GrowHealthy - Florida

I love this dispensary! They have great products that work. I suffer from horrible insomnia (going days with no sleep) and pain from a traumatic brain injury and I finally have relief from my pain and can sleep! I actually overslept a few times, I was in such a deep sleep! The staff are knowledgeable and so kind and compassionate. Michael helped me and is absolutely the best, and Connie the manager went out of her way to assist in whatever way she could. I highly recommend checking this dispensary out.

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