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Florida – Grow Healthy is a licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) that is providing THC & CBD products to patients on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Currently they are delivery only and have yet to open a storefront. To purchase GrowHealthy’s marijuana products you will need to have an MMJ order entered into the Registry from a local certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida

GrowHealthy will serve Florida patients through company-owned dispensaries. Currently, a secure home-delivery system is now in effect for all Florida counties. GrowHealthy provides pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis that is stringently tested to assure a very high level of quality for patients. In addition, they also maintain strict controls over product consistency and potency so that patients can be assured they are receiving the same dosage with each product use.

In Florida, GrowHealthy is partnered with four leading Central Florida nurseries: McCrory’s Sunny Hill Nursery, Agri-Starts, Peckett’s and Eve’s. These partners bring a wealth of experience and expertise in Florida agriculture. All farming locations are state-of-the-art, highly secure, fully-equipped, large-scale medical marijuana cultivation facilities.

GrowHealthy Dispensaries and MMJ Delivery

GrowHealthy Holdings, LLC

GrowHealthy Dispensary Products Menu

GrowHealthy Dispensary Products Menu

Address: PO Box 708
Lake Wales, FL 33859

Phone: 800-619-5288


Contact: [email protected]


GrowHealthy’s Cultivation Facility 

GrowHealthy’s 200,000 square foot highly-secure, state-of-the-art hydroponic indoor nursery is located on a 33-acre property located in Lake Wales, near the center of Florida. With a palletized benching system produced by the world’s premier manufacturer, this automated high-tech facility will set a new standard for medical marijuana production. The majority of the facility will provide two levels of growing space, nearly doubling its production output. It will produce consistent, highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana year-round, with highly-controlled lighting, nutrient systems, temperature and humidity in a “clean room” environment not possible in fields and greenhouses.

CoreLogic, the leading property risk analysis resource, ranks Florida as the U.S. state with the highest level of risk exposure to multiple natural hazards. GrowHealthy’s indoor facility provides maximum protection against hurricanes, tornados, hail, freezes, mold, fungus and other microbial pathogens, and insect pests.

Core Expertise

Anyone can grow plants. But to produce the finest, medical-grade marijuana requires expert growers. GrowHealthy has assembled a highly-experienced, professional team led by Cultivation Manager Darrin Potter, a top award-winning expert with 10 years’ experience in marijuana cultivation for leading Colorado producers.

His hand-picked management and production specialists are each well-experienced in cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing, and are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and accountability. GrowHealthy’s Medical Director and their experienced staff understand the needs of patients with varied conditions, and they stand ready to support Florida medical marijuana patients with skill, patience and compassion.

GrowHealthy Discounts & Specials

First-Time Patients – $75

  • $75 Off of $150 or more purchase for first time patients.

Veterans and Active Duty Military – 20% Off

  • Military ID Required

Patients With Financial Hardships – 20% Off

  • Proof of hardship by state required

Refer A Friend – Up to $300

  • Existing GrowHealthy patients can tell friends and earn up to $300 in credit.

Employment Opportunities

If you’d like to join the GrowHealthy family, positions will be show at the bottom on the companies website employment page. If you qualify for any, you may fill out the Application Form that follows. Qualified applications will be kept and reviewed for future openings.


Grow Healthy CBD and THC products are available by free delivery to your front door throughout all of Florida. The convenience of ordering over the phone and possibly online soon without ever having to leave the comfort of your home is now available.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery.

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GrowHealthy - Florida
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Wayne on GrowHealthy - Florida

I am very happy with Grow Healthy. I have made several purchases already from their location on Okeechobee Boulevard and I’m very satisfied. They are very knowledgeable and can guide you in the right direction. Carlos has helped me twice already And made my experience very pleasant there. I highly recommend shopping at grow healthy for your next dispensary purchase.

by brandon on GrowHealthy - Florida

I have placed orders for delivery and gone to the dispensary in West Palm Beach after it opened December 19th. On the delivery order the process was smooth and easy. The delivery folks contacted me the day of delivery and kept me updated as to when they would arrive. The delivery arrived as expected and was a very pleasant experience especially compared to other MMTC's Ive used. The dispensary is amazing and set up the way one should be. Its like going into a cool techy coffee shop with menu monitors/TV's that have the products listed with all their pertinent information such as thc and cbd content in milligrams and percentages for each product. When in this dispensary you feel like you want to hang out as opposed to get in and out as fast as possible with the other MMTC's Ive used. They have a couple of huge interactive iPad type tables set up that you can go through and get a lot of really good cannabis information. Basically this is a one stop shop to get quality cannabis products and cannabis knowledge. The products are amazing and pure cannabis, no cutting agents such as mct oil added in the vape cartridges like other companies are doing. For my conditions I use their cbd, balance, and body line of products. The cbd's are high cbd low thc, the balance products are 1:1 thc/cbd and the body line products are indica and indica leaning hybrids. As far as specific strains Im loving the cbd Afghan Rubi, Grape Stomper 1:1, Lemon Alien, and Wookie Girl.

by Kim on GrowHealthy - Florida

Bought two vape cartridges. I allowed both to sit upright for 12 hours to settle before using as they didn't look very full when I took them out. One cartridge was just barely half full upon settling, the other was closer to 2/3. I contacted the company via their website to notify them of what I though was a manufacturing defect, and heard nothing back. So I called only to be told a story about how the terpenes in the oil are different causing the bubba kush strain to "hide" oil inside the cartridge where it can't be seen. It LOOKS like a vape cartridge that has a weeks use, but it just arrived and next to the other I bought it is half full. The sales rep got aggravated with my confusion over the product arriving half full and made no attempt to remedy the situation otherwise by offering a product whose oils don't cause it to hide inside the metal tubing where I cannot see it. I find it difficult to believe that the strain causes the difference in visible content of fluid in the vial. Their price, even with "free" delivery is higher than others locally and their product is by no way superior. Customer service does not exist. I will not buy here again.

by Cathy on GrowHealthy - Florida

Have had great experience with grow healthy dispensary. Lake Wales. Would like to know. If there is a mmj. Dr. Here in lake wales? Have mmj card.

Lakeland. Fill out the registration form on the site & we can have one contact you or call the nearest on the map.

by Danny D on GrowHealthy - Florida

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