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Florida – Grow Healthy is a licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) that is providing cannabis THC and CBD products to patients on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. To purchase GrowHealthy’s marijuana products you will need to have an MMJ order entered into the Registry from a local certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida.

GrowHealthy is dedicated to helping customers live healthier, happier lives. They produce premium-quality cannabis menu products designed to provide relief from a host of conditions and to promote general wellness.

GrowHealthy provides pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis that is stringently tested to assure a very high level of quality for patients. In addition, they also maintain strict controls over product consistency and potency so that patients can be assured they are receiving the same dosage with each product use.

iAnthus Capital recently bought into the Florida marijuana market with the purchase of GrowHealthy. They are publically traded under the stock ticker symbol of ITHUF.

There will be some changes coming, although the top notch dispensary menu products GrowHealthy sells should not be one of them.

Phone: 800.619.5288

Growhealthy Products

Discounts & Deals

1st Time Patients

25% OFF

  • New patients get 25% off 1st order

2nd Visit

$75 Off

  • $75 off $150 on your second purchase at GrowHealthy

Veterans Discount

30% OFF

  • Veterans get 30% off any products in stock.
  • Must Have Valid Military ID
  • Code “VET30”

SNAP Discount

20% OFF

  • Flat 20% discount to those with verifiable financial hardship.
  • Code “GHFH20”


Florida – The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door throughout the sunshine state.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


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GrowHealthy – Florida
Average rating:  
 84 reviews
by SNAPPER/DAVIE on GrowHealthy – Florida

I ordered 1/2 Oz of STRAWBERRY HAZE for home delivery. The free delivery and awesome delivery team started the day off right with good vibes. Every unit of flower weighed out perfectly with a sticky touch and strong terpene profile. These buds were absolutely beautiful! The overall quality ranks up there with some of the best strains I’ve tried in the Florida medical program. The bud structure of GROW HEALTHYS STRAWBERRY HAZE was dense leaning towards an indica with the Sativa effects that we have come to love. After medicating a half of joint I feel a rush of euphoric mental energy sweep over my mind that made me feel social and talkative. I found this strain can be helpful treating PTSD in low doses, but watch out in higher doses that can wallop you. Great strain! Great Dispensary! And good customer service is what GROW HEALTHY is all about. Thank you GROW HEALTHY STUART! STAY MEDICATED!

by Mike on GrowHealthy – Florida

West Palm Beach store, They never have Afghan Rubi carts for months nor capsules always says out of stock and also Relief Salve, I am not a High THC customer, but these products that are high in CBD are always hard to come by that help with inflammation and pain

by Andres on GrowHealthy – Florida

Orlando Dispensary. I agree with Ana and all of the other 1 star ratings. GrowHealthy has no customer service. They do not even try to honor their mistake with a discount. There as been at least 4 times I have placed an order online and get a confirming receipt, to only waste my time showing up!!!! First of all! Then waiting way to long!!!!!!! Then to be told they do t have my order. They might just have poor management at this location, but they also seem to be way unorganized, one time they grabbed my id and never came back the whole lobby Cleared out and I was like WTH. So I end up leaving there with even more anxiety.

Definitely not looking out for the patient at this dispensary. One day recently last week there was an employee behind the counter telling himself I love my job I love my job then he started replying I need my job I need my job. Not toward me but just out loud. Very unprofessional and sad someone can not keep there composure at a job so simply, this is our future.

by SNAPPER/DAVIE on GrowHealthy – Florida

I placed an order for DURBAN DAWG for delivery at 27.7 THC from GROW HEALTHY. The delivery team was on time and courteous. These guys are always friendly and let you know when they will be arriving. All 5 units of DURBAN DAWG weighed out perfectly but was a little on the dry side. To combat the dryness I placed the flower in a curing jar with a Integra pack for one week. The cure made the buds turn soft and stinky! The scent from this strain is like walking thru a lemon field with some floral spice in the background. Because this hybrid leans heavy to the sativa side, it’s like having a lemon espresso but watch out in higher doses which will comatose you. The lemon zest smell translates into the taste nicely making for one tasty joint.

GROW HEALTHY’S DURBAN DAWG is high quality medicine that deserves some praise for being unique in regards to the smell and effects. This strain became better with age and the curing brought out DURBAN DAWGS true potential. Thank you GROW HEALTHY delivery team! Peace!

by Ana gropper on GrowHealthy – Florida

Placed an online order.. have a screen shot that there were 35 in stock. I did read reviews on other forums that they tend to save for certain customers and not go in order of who placed the order… so I wasn’t shocked I got the call that they were out of stock. Anyone know where we can report this? It seems to be an issue with grow healthy… because they didn’t close my order or cancel… kept saying we have a lot of good stuff in stock. Bait and switch!!! Not cool!! Everything they go through to be able to service FL it’s a shame… I’m sure the owners are unaware of all the Florida ways (business is a joke and it’s all about stuff on the DL) there reputation is bad. I tried for the first time… naaaaaa… I don’t care how good the bud. Many other dispensaries with good bud and amazing truthful workers!!!

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