GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Cape Coral

2323 S Del Prado Blvd
Suite 9
Cape Coral, FL 33990

Hours of Operation:

12pm – 6pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Cape Coral Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 2323 S Del Prado Blvd in Cape Coral, FL 33990 is now open. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Cape Coral is coming to service Fort Myers, Sanibel, Gateway and throughout Lee County.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products in Cape Coral include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Gateway and Lee County in general.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Joshua DaGreat
Joshua D.
15:11 04 Oct 21
Good products, great service. Wish they had a rewards program, but they often have great sales that make up for it.
Ralphalels Demeanor
Ralphalels D.
03:21 08 Sep 21
Best spot in Cape Coral. They always take care of you. The managers and staff are always so knowledgeable about each product and strand. Which is super helpful for someone who is trying to choose a medication to combat certain symptoms. You guys are more
Kate Kennedy
Kate K.
05:33 04 Sep 21
I tried to be patient and nice about this issue - (when I’ve been in your store hundreds of times,) Every time I buy cartridges its a gamble. My order with you will be my last. After pleading with you to exchange take the carts I opened in your store …I was told no. Not right. Any normal dispensary would exchange it if opened in the store. And the pictures I posted ? I still have them. Half full carts smh. You guys know better. And I came into your store atleast 3 times a more
Dean Torres
Dean T.
14:12 24 Aug 21
The manager and the staff they're awesome people they are friendly they are knowledgeable of their products and they are real down-to-earth people I always tell people to go to growhealthy they are real decent down-to-earth people God Bless them a8read more
Always my favorite place everyone is very friendly always the best products but don’t tell anyone else I don’t want them to run out 🤪read more
Anthony Remo
Anthony R.
17:27 30 Jul 21
Melissa B she is an amazing employee she helped me figure everything out with another Dispensary fault when they couldn't figure out how to dispense me. Growhealthy you have a awesome employee 👏 5 out 5 customer serviceread more
Kate Kennedy
Kate K.
00:44 26 Jul 21
I tried to be patient and nice but after your lack of customer service - when I’ve been in your store hundreds of times, selling cartridges is a gamble…., every single time. my order with you will be my last. After pleading with you to exchange take the carts I opened in your store …no. Not right,read more
Kate Kennedy
Kate K.
19:14 22 Jul 21
This was my order today. After I’ve spent hundreds of dollars weekly totaling thousands - I’ve never complained. But now you’ve lost a customer Bc your LACK OF CUSTOMER service today was unacceptable. I opened the cartridge up right in front of them. Didn’t leave the store. I know exactly how those cartridges work. Yes they will get bubbles. But not that big of a bubble. And to be completely honest every single time I’ve gotten a cartridge it’s been a gamble. But- there was “nothing they could do“. Okay 👌🏼 I’ll remember more
Liz Laposta
Liz L.
14:53 29 Jun 21
One of the best dispensaries around. Friendly staff, wonderful products, and outstanding prices! Love that when you put in an order it is fulfilled quickly too!read more
00:24 08 Jun 21
Cassandra is an absolute angel. I will be coming back only because of her! My first visit, the hostess up front was very uninviting. But Cassandra was warm and kind, she took time to show me all the product. I will be coming back to see ya babe!!read more
Sai Chaleunsouk
Sai C.
00:48 23 May 21
They forget that this is medicine for people and will turn you away 30 min before close, gotta do better and understand your hours are posted for a more
Ryan Wolfson
Ryan W.
12:50 26 Apr 21
Such great staff and Flowers selection is top quality. Im very impressed and highly recommend.
Jessica Dixon
Jessica D.
12:37 26 Mar 21
Amazing product and staff. They take the time to go over products with you. I have been happy with everything I've received there besides one cart. Queso perro- def not for me. No return policy and it seems you don't get any free swag like other places even, when you spend over 250.00. You should definitely go and try them at least once. I will definitely be making them my number one place for my medical needs.😁read more
Cameron Sexton
Cameron S.
22:22 15 Mar 21
I wanted to start out with I have been a patient for a year and a half, visited every dispensary location in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Cape Coral, but today was the absolute worst experience at any of them. First I was told “the percentages online reflected no product in store. All that is taken care of by other people not in the store.” So my question is why don’t you contact those people who do the online display to correct it? Then when I asked if you could ingest MPX Live Rosin straight from the jar, because Steven told me to do that last time. Steven checked me out today as well, so I asked the other associate I described below the same question. As an avid Cannabis user, I know better than that, but I wanted to see what was said. I was then told “it’s not recommended but it’s like a tide pod. It’s not recommended to eat those and people did” by a female associate wearing a denim jacket and white and green mask. EXCUSE ME!? it’s like a tide pod!? And then when I rebutted, I was greeted with “would you like to purchase medication today or not?” by the same employee.I wish I could call these employees patient liaisons, but they have a very clear disconnect from where they work and who they are serving.Corporate - please feel free to contact me due to this UNACCEPTABLE patient careread more
Veronica Lokitis
Veronica L.
13:44 15 Mar 21
This is now my preferred dispensary. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Their menus have all the info, the lighting is perfect (some places have it way too dark or WAY too bright). It's a comfortable atmosphere that reminds me of some mountain town shops, and the best medicine.I recently visited, and that night my pain was low and I slept better than I have in nearly a year. Thank you for the relief!read more
Chris K
Chris K
19:14 09 Mar 21
Hands down, the best dispensary in town. Super helpful and friendly. They have killer sales, like 35% off vapes and 1/4 oz ground Indica flower for $25. I've walked out of their big name competitor that starts with a T twice after they wasted my more
J Buckley
J B.
19:01 01 Mar 21
Alexis Brown
Alexis B.
22:49 25 Feb 21
Always given a good experience when I come here. The one time I had a problem, it was handled extremely professionally and in a timely manner. All companies are going to have problems of sorts, but I truly appreciate the personal level of attention Libby has provided on behalf of Growhealthy. This is exactly the person you want to reflect your company's more
Margot Mc
Margot M.
04:31 10 Feb 21
Love this dispensary!Location is super convenient and the staff is always awesome! Plus, the quality of their product is one of the best in the more
Joshua DaGreat
Joshua D.
16:23 04 Jan 21
Nice folks, excellent long. Really like their setup. Product is a bit more expensive than most places, but it's all top more
Christopher Carlton
Christopher C.
18:31 13 Nov 20
Definitely glad I gave this place a Chance. By far the this was the best dispensary experience I've had. Libby was my budtender and she was absolutely amazing. She provided by far the best customer service experience from any dispensary I've gone too. She was full of product knowledge and more than willing to share it, there wasn't a single question I threw out that she couldn't answer. She is the main reason I will keep coming back. Product was amazing as well, glad to finally see them up their concentrate more
MJ Productions
18:35 20 Oct 20
First time visiting a grow healthy dispensary. Location was clean and quiet. Checked the online menu prior to visiting and the website menu was accurate/up to date. Staff was friendly and helpful. Libby assisted me from start to finish. No fluff or BS from her at all when answering questions about the product. Very professional and very informative. She was great. Will definitely shop againread more
Mel F
Mel F
12:22 13 Oct 20
I was extremely pleased with my experience! All of the associates were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful! The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable. My associate Libby was extremely knowledgeable about all of the products and really helped guide me to the products that fit my needs. The manager was very nice and very welcoming! They really care about their patients and their well being. I will absolutely be going back to this location!!!!read more
Justin Greenblatt
Justin G.
07:00 12 Oct 20
Talk about service! Big shout out to Andy at the Cape Coral Grow Healthy location. He was there the day they released MPX Live Rosin when I was waiting in line before they opened, lol. And he was there today when I went to grab some more, right when I walked in he greeted me and asked what I thought of the last batch I bought which was roughly three weeks ago I didn't remember him that much but he remembered me in a world of face mask he was able to remember that I was the customer he served once. That means something to me. Beyond remembering who I am which might not be that impressive to all he also helped me out in a time of need I was short 20 cents, he reached in his pocket and covered it. Andy was very knowledgeable as well about the products he was able to explain to me the Entourage effect; how CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG all have a vital role in how the medicine interacts with each person's unique more
Tasia Pantalias
Tasia P.
16:34 05 Oct 20
I love this store..I was a dollar short but Mani hooked it up...seriously they do great business!!Thanks doll😢🤗read more
Dawn Perez
Dawn P.
13:14 27 Sep 20
Clean environment knowledgeable staff and very quiet that night. Never had been there, and I will say that I'm quite disappointed in a lot of the dispensaries because they do not have any edibles. Basically they all have the more
Samantha Nelson
Samantha N.
18:18 20 Sep 20
Awesome dispensary. Professional and knowledgeable people. Love this location.
Stephanie Coleman
Stephanie C.
12:11 15 Sep 20
Love their flower but concentrate is not goodLittle expensive but worth it and nice 25% for referrals
Tasia Pantalias
Tasia P.
14:13 12 Sep 20
Ok I never Ever Ever write reviews I am phone illiterate but I Love Grow healthy!!So awesome every single person in there!!!I am completely satisfied every time!!!Awesome products and super 😍🥰awesome staff!!!read more
eric sundstad
eric S.
01:25 11 Sep 20
My new best dispencery
Katarina Salvetti
Katarina S.
16:24 07 Sep 20
The Cape Coral location is the ONLY GrowHealthy I will shop from and it’s because of the PHENOMENAL level of care and service! Kacey and Mani are both very educated and informative when it comes to product and the benefits they carry but what really sold me was how easy and enjoyable it was to conversate with everyone, as if the stress/anxiety instantly lifted the moment I walked into the Cape Coral location!!! Plus, let’s talk about their flower... THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!read more
Donna Vilardi
Donna V.
19:53 06 Sep 20
Great product... Informative staff.
Kaitlyn Karma
Kaitlyn K.
16:17 31 Aug 20
I can’t believe I almost avoided this place completely, because of a few bad reviews. So far.....This place is awesome. They have great quality, a variety of products. And this location has only been opened since May! I am a very happy Growhealthy customer, and look forward to keep giving you my patronage! Thanks grow healthy !read more
Bakin Cakes
Bakin C.
15:57 26 Aug 20
Best flower I have had in a long time. I have been a patient for over 10 years in 3 states and just left Colorado. I can say for a fact the flower I get from Growhealthy is far better than anything I ever got in Colorado and for many reasons as well as so far out of all dispensarys I have tried here in Florida Growhealthy is having the best flower. Great med tenders and the only reason I did not give them 5 stars is because they don't have concentrate yet. Thanks growhealthy Even though I have to drive over an hour I will!read more
Mark Thompsen
Mark T.
01:05 24 Aug 20
Super professional and relaxed atmosphere, with very knowledgeable and kind staff. Also has a Best flowers 💐 around... I always leave there with a smile on my face and it's not just because I got served great people TYVM FOLKS...🤗✌read more
Randall Armstrong
Randall A.
22:33 23 Aug 20
Hands down the best dispensary around. The products are top notch, the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and they’re open till 9pm so people who work late can get in. Love it there. 10/10 it’s the only place I go more
Emanuel Perez
Emanuel P.
21:19 14 Aug 20
Hands down most amazing place and staff, help you out and are super nice. Their online is correct like always, not like other dispensaries who you submit an online order and they “lose” the order. Andy was super helpful and kind and answered all my questions. They have the best flower hands down!read more
Matt Barlo
Matt B.
19:34 09 Aug 20
Great customer service and very knowledgeable about the products. Amy and all the staff were very helpful.
Kasey Woolsey
Kasey W.
00:11 12 Jul 20
This is a new dispensary that is right down the street from my house and they have everything I needed to get this is my new favorite more
Kelly winkel
Kelly W.
00:42 11 Jul 20
I just left the grow healthy in Cape coral.Which was great by the way,the flower was almost half off just saying . Very efficient wait time was 10 - 15 minutes total .I'm used to waiting 2 hours at some places so I appreciate this dispensary !!read more
Michaela Mua
Michaela M.
18:49 06 Jul 20
I was SO happy when I heard Grow Healthy was FINALLY coming to Cape! I visited the first couple of days there were open! They always have a great variety of strains in flower and vape cartridges and the staff is ALWAYS great! Personally this is my favorite go-to dispensary!read more
Marisa Hennessey
Marisa H.
18:27 21 Jun 20
Great place! Everyone is friendly. Libby is awesome and knowledgeable about the products they offer!
Danette R
Danette R
22:19 10 Jun 20
I love this place! So glad you opened a location in Cape Coral. Staff is really knowledgeable and they have some great products. Flower has been really top notch and GrowHealthy extends the military discount to the spouces! Thank you! Has quickly moved to my favorite dispensary. Libby is fantastic with customer service and overall is a delight a work more
Josh Baker
Josh B.
18:20 10 Jun 20
I recently started going to this dispensary. After several visits, I think it’s time for my personal review...1:Happy how CLEAN this place is.2:Happy their Staff is kind, professional, and make My life easier.(I’ve met Alex & Libby, and both are Excellent reps)3:Happy that this place is literally right around the corner from home.4:Happy that GrowHealthy products are Legit Premium products. The real deal. 5: Happy I’m not there for more than wanted time, they get you in, they get you out. No crazyness. I hope it will continue to be that way.I’m Thankful for this dispensary. Bottom more
Nicole Cox
Nicole C.
13:58 09 Jun 20
Love all the flower varieties Grow Healthy has to offer. Birds of Paradise is a must for Sativa preference! Just love this place!read more
Bruce N Vanessa
Bruce N V.
21:47 31 May 20
I've never had any problems here and I always find top shelf product
Amber Hearn
Amber H.
23:06 26 May 20
I placed my order on Leafly and received text messages for the status of my order. I received a text when the order was being prepared and another when it was finished. There is a 25% discount for first time customers. Curbside pickup only right now just the same as all Growhealthy stores and likely other dispensaries because of COVID-19. I called the store when I arrived and gave them my name as well as the kind of car I drive. My order was brought to me within a few minutes, my license was verified, and the employee was friendly. I love Growhealthy products and will continue to visit this more
19:24 23 May 20
Needs to make it way more clear that this is curbside pickup only. I really do not appreciate having multiple people literally scream at me like a child to close the door. Sign for curbside is small with small print. My product was not the volume it should have been. A 10 click syringe of rso was at an 8 fresh out of the tube. A half gram of distille was really on 3.5 out of 5. Quality control and customer service are extremely lacking. Too many options to deal with a shop like this. I am disabled and had I not needed help getting there in the first place I would be returning this more
18:58 22 May 20
My first review was horrible. 1 star. After getting some product and trying it and the profuse apologies for the lack of communication with customers regarding the grand opening vs their soft opening by management.... let's just say It's good to have options. Product is decent and I will probably go back for other things in the future. However the curbside delivery is weird but I am also not a fan of the new communistic ways in which we have to live right now. Hopefully the dispensary will have be fully opened for walking in, in the near more
01:08 22 May 20
Apparently word through the grape vine but not out of the horses mouth is "this is still a soft opening " that has been going on for what appears to be over six days? (see review 6days ago about mango cart) so after seeing another patient having product a couple days ago I decided to give it a try. Online ordering is bizarre to say the least. You put something into the cart and a countdown timer starts but is very, non specific... I was thinking I had 45 minutes to place and then pick up. After recieving the first text stating "we got your order and will text again when its fulfilled. " I relaxed a bit got ready and waited for that text. 2 hours later I had errands to run over near the dispensary so figured I would most likely get the pick up text while I was in Cape. Never came, I drove to the location and there is a sign on the door with the stores number that you call when you go pick up and they bring it to your car. Well being that I have never been here I called so I could ask how long it typically takes for them to fill orders. I spoke to a man and he said "were busier than usual sonits taking longer than normal."e asked my name and then told me "i had 7 orders ahead of mine and I would probably receive my pick up text in about 45 min." That was 3:45 pm so I went to walmart. Meandered around, no text I drove over to the location again figuring I'd wait outside and should be good. I watched 9 cars pick up and leave in the next hour I sat outside. At 5:55 pm I called back and was told they wouldn't be able to serve me today because they close at six but nothing on the call in line says that. The 888 number says 8 pm....and I was told there were ten orders not 7 so they never got to fill my order any way. When I spoke the manager he clearly forgot talking to me 2 hours prior because indicated being the only male in store and I spoke to a guy the first time. He did apologize and I was told he would hold my order and I could get it when they open at 10 am. But I went to my friends house after and he was in the same boat but he got his text to pu at 530 pm when he ordered in the morning,and was told he would have to reorder the next day since he couldn't get there "before 545 when they stop serving people" sorry but this is not the best way to soft open for over a week. Now he misses out on product that was the last one they had.... and I get to drive from alva practically tomorrow am when was there before they closed. N ever has this happened at trulieve trulieve atleast keeps their business transparent. Please indicate if a specific store is closing 2 hours before the time listed.. and when you physically stop serving patients . 15 minutes before closing is ridiculous. PLEASE SEE HOURS OF OPERATION, THEY OPEN AT 12 PM TOMORROW/FRIDAY AND THE MANAGER ALEX TOLD ME 10 AM. wow. What the more
Patrick Gibson
Patrick G.
22:36 21 May 20
Very poor customer service ..
landbased legends
landbased L.
22:23 21 May 20
Was told 45 min wait. Waited 2hours for them to come out and tell me there closed and can not give my order. This place is B's no care or effort for the costumers. Trulieve is more expensive. But at least they won't lie to youread more
Connell O'Neill
Connell O.
18:44 17 May 20
I have a new favorite dispensary. Here's why: friendly & fast customer service (they actually answer the phone), superior products for the price ($40 for .5 grams of distillate, $55 for 1 full gram of RSO!, $35 smalls of flower (Birds of Paradise & Silicon Valley OG clock in at over 26% THC!)I wish I could assign 4.9 stars, because my only complaint is not too significant: buds were were a little too dryread more
Stephen Guyton
Stephen G.
18:24 15 May 20
Just opened today! Order online for fastest order. I love the Mango cartridge. First time with preroll!
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