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FL – Liberty Health Sciences Cannabis Education Centers are Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC) that have many open dispensary locations throughout Florida. LHS has undergone many changes since it appeared as one of the original cannabis brands in Florida taking it’s own approach, brands.

Through their open CEC’s, Liberty Health has been able to grow and introduce top brands into the Florida marketplace. Some of these include Mary’s Medicinals, Zentient, Pretty Pistil, and Papa’s Herb. By bringing companies to Florida, Liberty has managed to bring the quality, talent, and products before only seen in the West.

Liberty Health Sciences cannabis menu products come in a variety of forms including flowerpre rollsvape cartridges, capsules, concentratesoils, and topicals.

Through their open dispensary locations throughout Florida along with marijuana deliveries RX LHS strive to bring the best cannabis products to patients with a Qualifying Condition that have received a recommendation from a Certified Doctor.

Liberty Health Sciences is also publicly traded under the stock ticker symbol LHSIF.


Call: 833.254.4877

Liberty Health Brands

Discounts & Deals

1st Timer

$75 OFF

  • $75 off first purchase.
  • Limited to purchases of $150 or more.

Heroes' Discount

25% OFF

  • Veterans of the Armed Forces
  • Retired First Responders

Birthday Discount

$15 Credit

  • On your birthday, receive a $15 store credit.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.

Compassionate Care

15% OFF

  • Patients on SSDI
  • Government Assistance Programs 


Free Statewide Delivery!

Liberty Health Sciences medical cannabis products can be ordered online and delivered to your door anywhere in Florida. 

Liberty has scheduled delivery runs throughout the state. Please call 833.254.4877 or email to schedule a delivery for Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei products.

Liberty Health Sciences

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Liberty Health Sciences
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 107 reviews
by Tomas on Liberty Health Sciences

I was lucky enough to be at the grand opening of the WPB Collective. I was pleased with the appearance. The artwork on the walls had me distracted more than once. I spoke with two associates who tried their hardest to accommodate and provide me with truthful info. I chose a few strains im the lower price range and arrived home to find the flower is absolutely filled with tiny prefertilized seeds. I am sorry, this is considered Medical Marijuana?

In my opinion, quality control is very low and it seems patients are not first priority. People pay top dollar to be able to even obtain medical cannabis, how can such low quality dog$hit be considered sellable??? Up the quality control. If there are seeds in the flower, use it for concentrate instead. Sell the people who need flower, good quality flower.

by Cuddles on Liberty Health Sciences

The numerous website menus under Liberty all say something different. When you go into the store the product and the THC levels on the store menu are different. On 7/10, Flower Friday. they had people lined up around the building in the heat and humidity. I am disabled and after standing in the heat so long my mask melted, I told Alec I had to sit in my car. He was so NICE. He new where I was in line and came and got me when it was my turn. Once inside, I SAW THE MENU AND THE 3 WEEK PRODUCTS ON IT!! I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED! I had called the day before and they had just gotten good stuff in.

I was told “there was Plenty” since the good stuff didn’t show until after 2pm I waited until Friday for the discount. Well the reason everyone was standing outside is because their “system was down” as is their excuse every time I go into the store. Also, I bought 2 kinds of flower and on 2 occasions it was 2.1 grams under weight. All I got was excuses. I think they should allow the customers to see how much the flower products actually do weigh on a scale before they pay for them. If it’s short they should make it right. They don’t and won’t! I will never go to Liberty on Wells Road in Orange Park Florida after that visit. They need more competent staff and maybe should get an IT person to make sure the store menu and website menu are the same!!!

by T-nuts on Liberty Health Sciences

Awesome staff with awesome products at an awesome price. Get it…………TOTALLY AWESOME. My only go to 🙂

by Chris on Liberty Health Sciences

I was a new patient. It was my first time in a Florida dispensary. I chose this dispensary first because it was closest to my house and it had a good first time deal. So poorly stocked, they had nothing I was asking for. They had 1 type of flower. The people were not helpful, i got yes and no answers and when i asked if they got a certain type of product, they told me i would never get it there. ever. I have seen it at other locations. It was the worst purchase i ever made in a dispensary. None of my needs were met and it turns out the base you use for the tinctures is bad for me.

I wish the people at the store had taken the time to try and match me to one of your products, So I could have found out before I spent the money. I watch the sales but it means nothing because the dispensary closest to me doesn’t ever have much of a selection even though the other dispensaries do. If you had a customer service email I would have used that instead of writing a bad review. I don’t have the product issue with any of the other brand dispensaries. I would not and have not recommended this dispensary to anyone.

by Pat on Liberty Health Sciences

It was our first time at this dispensary and the whole process was so fast. We were taken care of immediately. Staff was knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Thank you Cole B, Chelsea, Grady and Mike.

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