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FL – Liberty Health Sciences Cannabis Education Centers are Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC) that have many open dispensary locations throughout Florida. LHS has undergone many changes since it appeared as one of the original cannabis brands in Florida taking it’s own approach, brands.

Through their open CEC’s, Liberty Health has been able to grow and introduce top brands into the Florida marketplace. Some of these include Mary’s Medicinals, Zentient, Pretty Pistil, and Papa’s Herb. By bringing companies to Florida, Liberty has managed to bring the quality, talent, and products before only seen in the West.

Liberty Health Sciences cannabis menu products come in a variety of forms including flowerpre rollsvape cartridges, capsules, concentratesoils, and topicals.

Through their open dispensary locations throughout Florida along with marijuana deliveries RX LHS strive to bring the best cannabis products to patients with a Qualifying Condition that have received a recommendation from a Certified Doctor.

Liberty Health Sciences is also publicly traded under the stock ticker symbol LHSIF.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 833.254.4877

Liberty Health Brands

Discounts & Deals

1st Timer

$75 OFF

  • $75 off first purchase.
  • Limited to purchases of $150 or more.

Heroes' Discount

20% OFF

  • Veterans of the Armed Forces
  • Retired First Responders

Birthday Discount

$15 Credit

  • On your birthday, receive a $15 store credit.

Compassionate Care

15% OFF

  • Patients on SSDI
  • Government Assistance Programs 


Free Statewide Delivery!

Liberty Health Sciences medical cannabis products can be ordered online and delivered to your door anywhere in Florida. 

Liberty has scheduled delivery runs throughout the state. Please call 833.254.4877 or email [email protected] to schedule a delivery for Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei products.

Liberty Health Sciences

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Liberty Health Sciences – Florida
Average rating:  
 55 reviews
by Ray on Liberty Health Sciences – Florida

Things are getting alot better LHS. The strains are getting much better. Starting to get more choices in flowers and distillates are also great. I have noticed a number of negative reviews ,of which I chalk up to expectations of a product to be outstanding quality for little or nothing. But $28 for a 1/8is outstanding price . We all have a learning period . This is not the old square Grouper days.

Do your home work and you will see how true this is. Safe products are great and not having to worry about the state controlled products. Or you can take your life in your own hands with questionable goods. Products and services and quality takes time. Remember all products must be raised here in Florida.

In time Florida will out pace all west coast state. We have some of the best stains in the country. Plus we have Jimmy Buffett. Lol learn about your products and start supporting the business and get off your ass and quit bitching . Support a veteran .

by John on Liberty Health Sciences – Florida

Liberty is exactly what Florida needs. I’m glad to see them closer to Pensacola.

by Hubert on Liberty Health Sciences – Florida

The products are outstanding the prices are great however at the Tallahassee Florida location the people are knowledgeable and friendly they were just over the top taking care of me I will be back. They even enjoyed my pup!

Great job.

by Dina on Liberty Health Sciences – Florida

I have to agree with my fellow patients I was not informed of the discounts or the accumulated points being removed until I was already at the dispensary. I also drive 30 minutes to my location and was not prepared for the price difference.

by Joe Gamalero on Liberty Health Sciences – Florida

Don’t go here you will waste your money and time.

So this is the last dispensary to open in Tallahassee as of now. And by for has the worst costumer and worst products on the market. I have been to every store even a lot of stores outside of Tallahassee and I can’t believe their ways of doing things. For one you literally have to wait while they make up your flower requests on the spot. So I’m not sure if they just have it open to the elements in the back or what but this process allows for their products to be dried out, or it dries out faster this way. They change their policies on their loyalty program and when you think you have store credit (which is what they give you for spending so much there) which I had some. They send emails and texts out for product info and in Stock items, but they didn’t send any emails or texts about their policy changes, so for people who have to drive an hr or more to get product from them and not know of policy changes it effects us. I was low on funds and I thought I had store credit and a store 20% discount making it only like $15 for an eighth I was stoked, because I was low on funds. Well I drive an hour get there and wait 15-20 minutes for them to make my flower request up in the back, while ringing me up they tell me oh on Monday (this was Wednesday) we changed our policies and I can’t use my 20% off anymore, she proceeded to tell me corporate sent them an email Monday telling them that they will no longer be doing 20% off on flower purchases. I asked well why wasn’t any costumers informed. She said well corporate didn’t listen to me and let anyone know. I said ok so how is this helping people who drive an hr to pick up some flower that they can’t order online because their website doesn’t allow it. She said I’m sorry there is nothing I can do.

A few days later I go in and I was going to try it one more time, and use my store credit that I’ve accumulated. Again drive an hr and I’m told, which I wasn’t the time before, sir you can’t use your store credit on this product in the store by the same lady that told me I couldn’t use my 20% off discount. I ask why she didn’t tell me that I couldn’t use it last time, she told me that I didn’t ask. Really?!?! So I get aggravated that I couldn’t use my 20% off the first time so you don’t tell me that I couldn’t use the store credit in it either! I have rambled enough.

I myself will never come back here. They can keep my store credit it’s not worth it anymore. I’ve lost more money driving up there than I would’ve saved with the credit.

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