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Florida Plans to Issue 22 New Medical Cannabis Licenses in Next Six Months

Florida is on track to potentially grant 22 additional medical cannabis licenses in the upcoming six months, which would significantly increase the number of licensed operators in the Sunshine State.

Christopher Kimball, who heads the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), discussed this development during a Q&A following his presentation to the House Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee. This information was reported by Doral TV station WFOR.

State Representative Allison Tant, a Democrat from Tallahassee, inquired during the session whether these new licenses would be issued within the next half-year, noting the keen interest of her constituents in this matter.

Kimball explained that 73 applications submitted in the previous spring are currently under meticulous review to ensure a thorough and fair evaluation process, aiming to mitigate any potential legal challenges.

Kimball expressed optimism about meeting the six-month timeframe, as reported by WFOR, though he cautiously noted that while hopeful, it wasn’t a definitive plan.

These highly sought-after licenses are integral for businesses to grow, process, and distribute medical cannabis within Florida.

The licensing process includes significant costs, with the latest challenge to the new $1.3 million biennial renewal fee being dismissed by an administrative judge.

Amidst these developments, existing medical cannabis licensees in Florida are expanding their retail operations, anticipating the possible legalization of adult-use cannabis.

Currently, Florida’s Supreme Court recently approving the adult-use cannabis proposal in the 2024 ballot.

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