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Surterra Florida Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery

Florida – Surterra dispensaries have been opening up around the state with a steady expansion of their state licensed medical cannabis stores, or MMTC as referred to by the state.

Surterra’s dispensary menu has a variety of MMJ products in stock, including CBD & THC oils, oral sprays, patches and lotions available for sale to Florida Medcard patients.

Surterra’s, one of Floroda’s original cannabis brands, has a mission to empower the health of their patients through the purest cannabis products available in Florida. They carefully evaluate every aspect of the THC and CBD products that they manufacture. Surterra Wellness employees also happily educate anyone interested in learning more about cannabis treatment.

To shop at a nearby Surterra dispensary, patients with a Qualifying Condition must have received a MMJ Card from the state following a recommending doctor’s approval. Low-THC  High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care.

Call Center: 850.391.5455
Contact: [email protected]

Surterra Products

Discounts & Deals

New Patient

$75 OFF

  • Get $25 off of your second purchase when you make a minimum purchase of $100 or more

Second Trip

$25 OFF

  • Get $25 off of your second purchase when you make a minimum purchase of $100 or more

Veterans Discount

15% OFF

  • Veterans get 15% off any purchase.
  • Proof of former service required.

First Responder

10% OFF

  • First responders receive a 10% discount.

Student Discount

10% OFF

  • Students receive a 10% discount.


Free Delivery Statewide!

Florida – Surterra Wellness medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door throughout the sunshine state. There is now the convenience of ordering from the Surterra menu including vaporizer kits, CBD & THC oils, oral sprays, patches and lotions online or over the phone.

For in-store pickup and statewide home delivery call 850.391.5455

Surterra Wellness

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Surterra Wellness – Florida
Average rating:  
 74 reviews
by Rock on Surterra Wellness – Florida

Great first experience. Super clean facility. Aray, the associate that assisted me, was very pleasant and knowledgeable.

by Cindy Benson on Surterra Wellness – Florida

I just received a delivery at my home and I cannot say enough positive things about this company and its employees! Amanda is a fantastic person – professional, courteous, on time and everything one could possibly want working for your company. She is a real gem and I hope Suterra hangs on to her as long as she wishes to be there. I have no idea of her salary, but she deserves a raise!
Suterra’s products are wonderful as well.I have found the ones that work for me and have been able to stop taking two prescription drugs I have been taking for years. Thank heaven for common sense to prevail at last – Cbd and Thc are far more effective and better for me than man-made drugs for treating many of my heath issues.

by J. on Surterra Wellness – Florida

I did my homework on dispensaries and products, and reviews, and even before first going to Surterra for information while waiting on my card/email, I felt like I was in the right place with Surterra. After my first trip which was to discuss how it all works – knowing I was just waiting for the approval email, which came the next day, I was impressed by the Orange Park location and staff. It has a spa type appearance, which is nice. It is very open and clean. I gathered enough info and came back two days later for my first selections. Lamar and I sat and reviewed the various Vape pens and products. I had already preselected several based on input from patients’ reviews and product details. I had also reviewed other dispensary’s products and had selected some for comparison.

We spoke about the ratios, the strains, and the terpenes, CBDs, and THCs. Thankfully I am pretty knowledgeable about herbs and teas, and, that’s pretty much what we are dealing with re medical cannabis. I believe the terpenes are definitely valuable in the treatment of many ailments This is an art as well as a science, and, Surterra’s lines of products – at least the ones I have tried thus far – have all been really good selections to address my multiple healthcare issues. It was nice to receive $75 off $150 first time purchase. It would have been nice to still receive the military discount. I get it about no stacked discounts, but everybody gets the same promo….but, hey, not really complaining, just saying – please consider the military discount, on top of the sane promo that everyone is entitled to – thank you for considering such. We (military folks) always appreciate those who do even offer us discounts, and I will certainly get to use such in the future, G-d willing. 🙂

My product choices were: Florida’s Finest Tillamook Strawberry vape pen, Coral Reefer’s vape pens – Stories We Could Tell & Tsunami, and Surterra’s own line of products – Soothe, Relief,and Zen vape pens, and, Relief Tincture drops. All work well, though I am glad my doctor asked me to keep a journal, which I list the product, time/date, dose, symptoms and effects. This is what allows me to make informed decisions from this point forward, and, perhaps the doctor’s office will share patients’ journals with the cannabis product industry to help tailor the products to the patient’s needs with even more refined selections.

I must say, though, it seems as if Surterra, and Coral Reefer, have done a good job, as far as I can tell thus far, at selecting good options on the products available at this time. I look forward to seeing how products continue to develop. I had been on MarinoI prescription for years, which helped well with nausea, and no negative side effects, but I learned it is an indica strain, and not a high enough dose to help with my pain…and it cost my insurance company a hefty price. It would be great if insurance companies learned to pay for these cannabis medicines as well, because I do believe the F..D. A. could pass medical cannabis in all forms, since Marinol/dronabinol has been on the market at pharmacies for years. Fingers crossed for near future coverage by insurance companies!! I have, thus far, eliminated 3 prescriptions, and am stepping down on 2 more, and I believe I will likely need next to none of these 2 by the time I go back for refills. Then, I can try stepping down my pain patch… Not sure if/how that will go, but one thing at a time. I am just grateful for this road to better health and wellness This plant should never have been made illegal to begin with, especially under false hype…and all the people with criminal records over this same plant. Perhaps our legislators will see fit to overturn any cannabis “crimes.” It’s a shame, I still feel the stigma of sharing with some medical providers, and others, who are not yet educated enough about cannabis and terpenes, and you get one of those looks, it they verbally express their disdain, or say – don’t overdose, when you cannot overdose on cannabis, it they will say, don’t get addicted – again, not addicting, c except perhaps 10%, if those statistics are even correct, may possibly become psychologically addicted, but there is no physical addiction. Folks need to become better educated. Be mindful there is still some odor from vaping…but nothing like smoking flower.

Surterra offers Cannabis 101 and Cannabis Law workshops, periodically. It would be great if Surterra would post these on YouTube so we don’t have to try to make it to the workshops, but thanks for hosting such to begin with! :-). All in all, I am grateful it state, and country, is coming around about cannabis, and more importantly, the medical field is learning of the many health benefits of medical cannabis. I prefer to call it cannabis vs marijuana, as cannabis does not have the same stubs as marijuana, pot, weed, stash, etc. I hope all of society’s stigmas go away concerning the use of this plant for good health. We’re not stoners, nor potheads – we are people with healthcare issues, and this plant works great for a lot of healthcare issues. It had been around and used for thousands of years. In Israel, almost every patient in hospitals are given some form of cannabis. Who knew!?! Maybe one day, all over the world, hospitals will be using this. For now, just keep your product labels on your vape pen containers, or tincture bottle, or whatever product you get, and carry your MMUR card. Thanks Florida 👍. And many thanks to everyone at Surterra. I had to call the call center twice to ask questions, and they were very helpful and knowledgeable as well. Great job!! I am getting ready to call in an order to be delivered, so great to have free delivery! I do look forward to still stopping in the store when necessary, especially to check out here product lines.

Thanks to Lamar, Matt, and the young ladies from my first visit. Best wishes!!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a well written, thorough review!

by Loretta on Surterra Wellness – Florida

Very knowledgeable and accommodating folks. No complaints. I visited the Bonita Springs location.

by Dawn on Surterra Wellness – Florida

I absolutely love Surterra!!!! I use both the free delivery & go into the local store. The staff is awesome. Their products are amazing. I’m so glad they will be carrying flower soon!!!

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