Surterra Wellness Florida

Surterra Florida Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery

Florida – Surterra dispensaries have been opening up around the state with a steady expansion of their state licensed medical cannabis stores, or MMTC as referred to by the state.

Surterra’s dispensary menu has a variety of MMJ products in stock, including CBD & THC oils, oral sprays, patches and lotions available for sale to Florida Medcard patients.

Surterra, one of Florida’s original cannabis brands, has a mission to empower the health of their patients through the purest cannabis products available in Florida. They carefully evaluate every aspect of the THC and CBD products that they manufacture. Surterra Wellness employees also happily educate anyone interested in learning more about cannabis treatment.

To shop at a nearby Surterra dispensary, patients with a Qualifying Condition must have received a MMJ Card from the state following a recommending doctor’s approval. Low-THC  High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care.

Call Center: 850.391.5455

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Surterra Products

Discounts & Deals

New Patient

15% OFF

  • Get 15% off of your first purchase
  • NO minimum purchase required!
  • Whole flower products not eligible for discount

Second Trip

20% OFF

  • Get 20% off of your second purchase
  • NO minimum purchase required!
  • Whole flower products not eligible for discount

Veterans Discount

15% OFF

  • This discount can extend to a dependent family member.
  • Whole flower products are not eligible for discount.

Pediatrics Discount

20% OFF

  • Whole flower products are not eligible for discount.


Free Delivery Statewide!

Florida – Surterra Wellness medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door throughout the sunshine state. There is now the convenience of ordering from the Surterra menu including vaporizer kits, CBD & THC oils, oral sprays, patches and lotions online or over the phone.

For in-store pickup and statewide home delivery call 850.391.5455

Surterra Wellness

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Surterra Wellness
Average rating:  
 173 reviews
by Vicky on Surterra Wellness

First time I popped in so excited to find a new store. Very clean bright, friendly and super easy and no waiting. I did not feel like I was in with dead beats and crazies as in some other areas…Hunter was awesome, took care of me with more than one apologies because I waited for 1 person ahead of me. Went back again today. they have great bogo’s… keep checking.

by George on Surterra Wellness

Message: At the Panama City Florida dispensary, I was suspicious of the flower and pre-ground not having a seal like the other dispensaries do on their containers. Today I got a 10 pack container of pre-rolled mini’s and a container of ground. The ten pack had nine. It looks like I might by getting ripped off with every order. NOT COOL! I shouldn’t have to ask for my veterans discount each time as well but didn’t get that with today’s purchase either. Again…. NOT COOL!!!!!!! 😠

by william on Surterra Wellness

First visit cartridge did not worked after a few times ended in the garbage. My second visit today, I walked away because the two hateful, rude and arrogant kids running the place were so unpleasant. No manager or accountable adults there. Too many nice competitors to deal with these guys.

by Ken Farren on Surterra Wellness

I went to Surterra for the first time and the lady who took my information was so unpleasant that I walked out. I don’t expect much from people these days, but I won’t put up with a bad attitude. I doubt I’ll ever go back.

by Helen on Surterra Wellness

I’ve been a dedicated patient since they opened.
They always great me by name, and always helpful.

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