Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Brandon, FL

1256 E Brandon Blvd
Brandon, Florida 33511

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 1256 E Brandon Blvd in Brandon, FL 33511 is now open. This cannabis store in Brandon is conveniently located to service Riverview, Lithia, Valrico, Sun City and Hillsborough County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients with a Florida medical card. This Brandon cannabis store has the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Surterra is dedicated to building far stronger standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production to help provide patients great THC and CBD menu products. Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Brandon as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis RX products are available by home delivery or business in Brandon, Riverview, Lithia, Valrico, Sun City and throughout Hillsborough County. FREE Statewide Delivery!

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri for Surterra Deliveries RX.Surterra’s low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Florida Med Card who need non-euphoric care.

Find a recommending doctor on our Doctors Maps or fill out the Patient Registration Form to get started.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Sherry Ann Baker
Sherry Ann B.
13:10 06 Oct 21
Johnny 5 is the guy who checks you in, and he is so intelligent about products also! Christy, she was the one I paid. She helped me come up with the excellent nickname johnny 5!!! Loved the place will be back guys🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥read more
Zachary Billingham
Zachary B.
14:58 17 Sep 21
Best dispensary I’ve gone too. Raven, Simone and Calvin were extremely helpful and friendly. Everyone at this location made sure to learn my name and take good care of me every visit. Only dispensary I go to more
14:06 17 Sep 21
I can’t speak for everyone but for me and my wife we had an awesome experience with David Bowie. He literally went through every page of the menu with us to discuss their products and let us know more information about it and then gave us proper time even though they were extremely busy. I stay in St Petersburg and I would drive to Brandon again just to go to this Surterra. Also the young lady who checked us out at the counter I believe her name is Lydia was very informative and nice as more
Caroline Jennifer Cooley
Caroline Jennifer C.
00:01 11 Sep 21
.. update just got a call from surterra telling me that this didn’t happen. Seriously staff was really rude..see pic of my id on floor and the two staff members up front were actively verbally abusive aggressive behavior……I put in a good to go order today when I arrived I was attacked by the entire staff one boy even used the word gangsta….why? Management came out picked my ID off the floor where the receptionist threw it and then he gave me attitude and not once did anyone apologize. All I can say is enter at your own risk and don’t expect surterra wellness to respect your prescription needs. I will not be backread more
Nick Williams
Nick W.
17:53 30 Aug 21
Staff was very helpful and super knowledgeable and helped me with everything! Had great customer service from one employee named Camille she helped me out and made sure I got a great experienceread more
Ah hh Vvbb
Ah hh V.
02:46 27 Jul 21
This place has my favorite cannabis products in Florida.I love the Coral Reefer: Vapes, Pre-rolls, Balm and Chews.I totally recommend picking up one or more of each as they are the best for mental and physical relief.My favorite product by far is the Island Time Vape closely followed by the coral reefer Topical Balmread more
Vicki Kiker
Vicki K.
22:47 22 Jun 21
My first visit went very smoothly! Front desk people were very helpful, knowledgable, and professional in providing information on products! This is my store now!read more
yehfro c
yehfro c
18:35 24 May 21
Every time I come here, some sort of misunderstanding/miscommunication happens and I always end up with something other than what I asked for . Front desk associates are clueless about the medicine they dispense and only use typical buzz words like “terp profiles” and “entourage effect” to sell (with no actual description of said profile or effect given) rather than have an actual understanding of the medicine or their effects. On top of that, you’ll tell them word for word what you want and somehow they still mess up the order; I’ve been sent home with the wrong medicine twice now with multiple other times having to correct the associate dispensing said medicine.For the record, you can’t return incorrectly dispensed medicine once you leave the store so make sure they get it right the first time!read more
21:28 28 Apr 21
Today I went into cetera for 27-21. I’ve always had a good experience at this location. Better than some other dispensaries. I walk in I scan my card and they asked me what I’m there to buy. First of all I would like to see what you have and to see if I have any discounts cuz I may be purchasing more than just came in there to get. They wanted me to put my order up front. I usually go in the back is normal and they’ve even brought friends without cards and we were allowed to go in the back. I was kind of confused is why they won’t allow me to go in the back and then he asked me what I was in there for and I told him. And it seemed like he just wanted me to grab my products I came in for and leave. But the problem is what was advertised on a website wasn’t what they had in stock. I’m highly disappointed in a service I had today. I will not be more
Dennis North
Dennis N.
20:55 22 Mar 21
Normally I would rate Surterra high as far as dispensaries go. But I just counted the 40 count Theragels and there are actually only 39. And I wonder out loud, how many times have I bought these and not counted them? No excuse for this. My pharmacy does not give me 29 pills when the prescription is for 30. Same difference. Pay attention!read more
ariel mayer
ariel M.
16:22 26 Feb 21
Placed an order and never received a text after almost two hours saying it was received, called and spoke with Tod who advised that although it had been placed they did not obtain/have my patient ID number so they did not proceed with packaging or attempting to reach out. When I inquired why he stated “it was probably busy”. Probably now my first and last visit with this dispensary altogetherread more
Lisa Cartwright
Lisa C.
18:32 23 Feb 21
Surterra in Brandon offers the utmost in professional service and courtesy to their customers. They are the most organized dispensary in the area, and I never have to wait more than a couple of minutes for my order. I also would like to give a shout-out to Johnny…he is always so helpful and makes my day every time I more
Christopher Strickland
Christopher S.
17:01 15 Feb 21
The Surterra Brandon Location has been the BEST dispensary in Brandon and just keeps getting better! They have always had the most knowledgeable staff, best customer service and hands down quickest time in and out of a dispensary. The management team is amazing and keeps the staff trained on product knowledge and the operational flow of the customers. I work in retail myself and am constantly impressed with this particular stores flow. You can use GOOD2GO and literally be in and out of the store in 1 minute! Even if you haven’t placed a pick-up order and decide to stop in and grab something, you are still in and out within minutes. I keep trying the competing dispensaries opening in the area but NONE of them come close to SURTERRA!!!!!I’d like to give a special shoutout to Jess! She always has a bright welcoming presence about her and takes her time answering any questions people may have. She has taken away my anxiety several times when I feel I “should” know something by now. I’ve witnessed her doing this with other customers as well. Goes to show we are always learning and growing!read more
Carissa is one the most outstanding customer service rep I’ve ever experienced since I’ve started my pain treatment. Each and every time I’ve come in she’s been the most pleasant to deal with. With more employees like Carrisa this business will always be filled with satisfying customers like me!read more
Amanda York
Amanda Y.
23:22 12 Feb 21
I was really blown away by the fantastic service that I received at Surterra Brandon. It was my first time and my guide, Johnny J. made my experience such a delight! I had so many questions at another dispensary that they referred to Surterra and told me to ask for Johnny to give me a consult. I suffer from some terminal disease and was seeking some thing to relieve my chronic pain. Although Johnny stated that he cannot make medical claims or give medical advise, we assured me that Surterra indeed had products that would help my conditions. He greeted me with a very warm welcome and introduced me to the Surterra Wellness brand and line of products. I will definitely be making this location my preferred dispensary as Johnny has introduced me to products that have changed my entire well being. If I could rate this higher, I would. Again, I received such great service I’m shouting it to the more
Ruth Nicholson
Ruth N.
17:27 12 Feb 21
Carissa was incredibly helpful in finding me exactly what I needed. Everyone is so happy and helpful that it is a joy to shop more
Sara Gliksman
Sara G.
00:13 10 Feb 21
Surterra in Brandon is turning into one of my favorite dispensaries. The ladies up front were friendly, knowledgeable, and genuine. They went above and beyond to help me. Customer service has fallen off in a lot of places, but they are customer oriented, professional, and they really care at Surterra. Happy employees make happy customers. They have deals for first time guests and the associates are happy to walk you through any questions you more
joanna philpott
joanna P.
12:59 05 Feb 21
I don’t know how the other Surterra dispensary’s operate but I will say my experience with the Brandon location was and has always been pretty bad. Since they opened I’ve been there MAYBE 5 times and each time I regret stepping foot inside there. They lack knowledge, motivation and have the worst customer service out of every other dispensary I’ve been to. I went in yesterday to pick up my online order. They had no one in the back nor did they have anyone waiting to go to the back. I signed in up front, was told to have a seat and I would be called back. Waited and waited and a gentleman came in after me. He signed in and headed right back, one of the ladies that was up front decided to take care of his order before me. At that time was when the other person working in the back decided to holler my name from the back. Such disrespect! I mean honestly they should be working harder to keep their customers happy. Their products aren’t even good ( which is why they are always my last resort ). But now after that I will not ever go back there. My advice go to ANY other dispensary than this one. Spend your money where you are treated better and you get good quality products. Don’t make the mistake I more
Trapped On Vacation
Trapped On V.
04:34 30 Dec 20
Customer service is number one, best I have seen in any dispensary.Knowledgeable empathetic employees with great customer service makes coming to this location a pleasure.Coral reefer vapes and balm are fantastici really like how this location has multiple price points for flower, it also seem like its always in stock!read more
Chrissy Hymiak
Chrissy H.
20:49 14 Oct 20
Johnny J. Was very friendly and all of the associates are extremely helpful! I was a little nervous with many questions. But quickly realized everyone there was there to help. And it was very clean facility as well!read more
15:51 11 Oct 20
Surterra is my go to dispensary! The products are great at a fantastic price point. employees are always friendly and knowledgeable.I really enjoy the indoor flower.Best priced dispensary in brandon!read more
Deborah Larry
Deborah L.
13:03 06 Oct 20
Dependable quality, informed knowledgeable employees that actually are nice to you. Order before hand limited wait time. Or order when you get there never more than 15 min or so. Dream is my favorite for sleeping, I tried the other dispensaries products and the best quality is for sure Surterra. If your into the vape pens, I economize by purchasing my own refillable products. They help my money go a bit more
Drew Brown
Drew B.
21:11 03 Oct 20
Outstanding space that feels very luxurious and clean. Everything is great with this company, from the design of their packaging to the quality of the product. This was my first time visiting and I was very impressed with the process and appearance of this location. I will certainly be back and highly recommend this more
20:45 29 Sep 20
Not even good quality products but if I want to bring my wife in with me so I don’t have to sit alone IM NOT ALLOWED. So instead grow healthy right down the street let me bring my wife in so I didn’t have to sit there alone and wait, they also had way more of a section in just trying to save you time and more
Rafael Otero
Rafael O.
01:48 23 Sep 20
Great place to get all you need. I have been going here for over a year.
03:47 19 Sep 20
Johnny J. was so very kind and helpful. He took the time to go over each product and help my husband and I figure out what products would work best for his condition at the most economical cost. Definitely made the experience an easy one as well as an informational one. Surterra @ Brandon will be a regular spot thanks to Johnny J.’s more
Trapped On Vacation
Trapped On V.
02:16 18 Sep 20
Customer service is number one, best I have seen in any dispensary.Knowledgeable empathetic employees with great customer service makes coming to this location a pleasure.Coral reefer vapes and balm are fantastic!I love the value and accessibility of a different flower products. $27 for an 1/8th of little buds is a great deal.Speed of service is also a great thing, quick in and out always!read more
Kevin Moutry
Kevin M.
17:32 10 Sep 20
Visited today and Josh was very helpful. He answered all of our questions and provided us with the best product for our needs. Great job!read more
Christopher Long
Christopher L.
14:51 27 Aug 20
The day was August 6th the year of our lord 2020. The reason for my visit that day was to assist my mother in her journey to wellness. Her prescribing doctor told her to go to Surterra Wellness and I was to meet her at the location after work. Long story short , the traffic getting to the store was bad due to rain so I was a little bit tardy. When I get into the store my mother was just exiting her consultation with Ms. Arella. My mother who never has a good opinion about any service she receives had nothing but good things to say about Ms. Arella. Upon checking out with her medication Camille did offer my mother some very good advice on use of the distillate product. This location has a customer for the foreseeable future in my mother and I wanted to give the proper recognition where it is more
Garrett G
Garrett G
03:20 24 Aug 20
Surterra has stepped up their game.This location always seems to have multiple kinds of flower and vapes in stock at Decent THC percentages.I love having a selection.GG4, Jackys Girl and GDP are stand out strains I have tried and come to love.I love the quality and value of the ground flower.I also really enjoy the relief and dream oral capsules.Surterra Brandon has the best customer service And actual knowledge of the products they sell.any time I had questions they were knowledgeably answered for me.I HAVE BEVER WAITED MORE THAN 10 minutesBest vape: Float , GDPBest flower: Jackys GirlBest pill:dream and reliefSurterra is the best!read more
17:51 18 Aug 20
You may pay a dollar or two more, but the product is consistent, outstanding customer service. Well run store!
Wreck It Ralph
Wreck It R.
16:20 16 Aug 20
Awful experience. Quality has gone down hill and I purchased their “premium” shatter and it was unusable due to packaging error. Corporate told me to talk to store manager. Went to store got the shift leader who rudely turned me away. She did wait till after I made a purchase to inform me this was their standard quality in the product. Told me nothing she could do, but encourage me not to purchase again. Not going back here. Heading to new store down the street 🙂read more
Tracy Sestile
Tracy S.
22:19 14 Aug 20
Wonderful experience today from the moment we walked in the door. We were immediately greeted by Johnny and he became our guide into this whole new world of legal, medical marijuana and what an excellent guide he was. Everyone was amazing. Just an amazing experience. Thank you more
Amber Chambers
Amber C.
13:21 08 Aug 20
Very nice, gets a little busy and crowded because the store is somewhat small. Also, bring cash before you go because their system is typically down and they charge $3 to use their atm. If you though the Cashnow app was going to save you there is a chance that if you are new that the app will you require you to fill out more information and cannot be used the same more
Doug Nechodom
Doug N.
08:34 27 Jul 20
These are the best dispensaries in Florida for consistency and quality of product. Alexis and Kim are top shelf bud tenders and were very helpful and professional with all the questions that I had about cannabis in Florida. I would recommend this over any of the other dispensaries I have been to in the sunshine Stateread more
19:36 24 Jul 20
Sent me messages informing me my orders were ready for pick up…. they weren’t and couldn’t even fulfill my order. Left work to be able to pick up… extremely more
Kevin Wells
Kevin W.
18:11 12 Jul 20
Bottom Line on Top: Great products with irresponsible policies – Go elsewhere!In the midst of a global pandemic, what can you say about a company that takes away all options other than in person visits that start with a stay in a small and busy waiting room? BONUS: They claim to be a medical company! Earlier this year, Surterra stopped delivering products, just as the country was shutting down and shelter in place orders swept the nation. Now, they have even stopped doing curbside service. I know that some people use medical marijuana purely for recreation, but a huge number, like me, use it to treat real and serious conditions. To have a provider choose to abandon all truly safe options that avoid COVID-19 just to save a buck? Words like ‘unacceptable’ and ‘irresponsible’ and ‘unconscionable’ simply don’t do it justice. Surterra offers products that work very well. They are consistent and effective treatments, and both I and my spouse have tried a wide range of providers and found Surterra to offer the best medical options for us. But should we be willing to put our health, and that of the other customers and employees, at risk to get a marginal benefit over Trulieve, VidaCann and others that have actually *expanded* safer option? It’s not worth my life or the lives of my family. I don’t give one- or five-star reviews often, only when I think it’s really important. This is one of those times. Please like this review so people know what they’re getting into. AND WEAR A MASK!read more
Cassandra Mason
Cassandra M.
03:10 12 Jul 20
This was the first time I visited a surterra location. I am beyond impressed, from the moment walking through the door today I was greeted by warm, welcoming and knowledgeable staff.I came looking for only flower, but walked out with not only fantastic quality granddaddy purple. a relief patch that really helped with my upper back and neck pain, and a coral reefer island stick.Johny and labrea really helped me find the relief I was looking for and I can not be more thankful. Payday cant come sooner!read more
Elena San Pedro
Elena San P.
18:48 03 Jul 20
Don’t trust any of their ads for discounts. They like their fine print more than their customers.
Bad Ash
Bad A.
01:51 28 Jun 20
I work in the industry, and was visiting from Tallahassee. Josh showed exceptional customer service from beginning to end. I was in a bit of a hurry , and he swiftly got me through and even made changes to my products to suit my needs. Thanks again Chief, you were more
Emily Bracey
Emily B.
00:49 26 Jun 20
Had a great experience today with Arella! She was incredibly informative and helped me every step of the way! Every was super friendly and super knowledgeable! Will definitely be back!read more
Dennis Rodriguez
Dennis R.
23:09 16 Jun 20
They are so nice fast and really good prices today was my first day and I can said thank y’all for everything definitely I’ll be back 5starsread more
Judi Breuggeman
Judi B.
01:10 13 Jun 20
I was told I’d receive a text as to when my order would be ready. Never did. Called and was told it was ready. Directions inadequate for someone not familiar with Brandon. My order was not ready when I arrived. I read curb side pick up was an option but not one offered to me at any point. Since I’m a 74 year old cancer patient this is an issue. None of the customers were wearing masks? Why not? And I was not given options to distance from them while I waited for my order. And then I was overcharged when it was ready??? I ordered on line???? Sorry your store on Fowler was looted but you’ve lost me as a customerread more
Jona Bumstead
Jona B.
23:00 05 Jun 20
I placed an order online and used a coupon code. When I drove to pick the order up the next day they said they would not accept my order with the coupon code I used and said since they packed the order the next day I could not utilize the code. That is not how coupons typically work anywhere else and even if they do please mention that you have to pickup the same day on your website so people don’t waste their time. I will never be back as I do not appreciate my time and gas money being wasted. I even have an email confirming my total was $42 and when I went to pick up they would not honor that price. Really poor customer more
Jon P
Jon P
19:49 02 Jun 20
Great happy staff!! Fair prices.. THANKS 4 BEING THERE!!!!!
Albert Feliciano
Albert F.
14:26 01 Jun 20
They cancel my order too often , they have in store when I get to pick it up thats when I realized my order been cancel
Anna M Power
Anna M P.
21:04 20 May 20
Dont’t let the cheap prices fool you! Go to GrowHealthy across the street for better customer service. This store lost my business completely due to poor management and poor handling of regulations during the COVID pandemic. Not only were thet VERY late to provide proper regulations, I was told to come into the store for a refund that was apparently impossible. Why was I sent to the store, to potentially myself to a deadly virus, for a return that you couldn’t even do? Let’s not get started on how unorganized they are with providing you with THC %. I went into the store once, disappointed with the THC (which was WRONG on Leafly) and the employee was annoyed by me wanting to know THC levels of other product. How about you get a different job if you’re too impatient to help me get medication that actually works for me?Its stores like this that give legalization a bad more
kathy Davis
kathy D.
20:45 08 May 20
The Assistant manager is really nice and attentive! I had a issue with a cartridge and was told before theres nothing that can be done and to transfer the oil to a different cart and vape it that way… Well i did that and the taste was still horrible so i threw it out:/ i really like the product so im not gunna say the brand. But Alexis was so kind and helpful and genuinely interested in Her customers care! I was a little worried about trying the product again but after Alexis helped me i felt much safer! Thank you Alexis i will see you next friday -Nathaniel davisread more
Devon the manager does not honor his word. He was supposed to give me a discount because I accepted a prior order that was in error. Instead of holding others up I accepted the order as it was already paid and Devon stated he would “take care of me” the next time I came in. I brought this to his attention and very dismissively he stated he could not remember and just went about his way. He could have easily checked my last order or attempted to care. This is very sad because I like the product and this location is convenient. I’m a good customer and his response was very more
20:53 17 Mar 20
This place never disappoints. Excellent customer service every single time. Their products are better than Grow Healthy #sorrynotsorryread more
Kristen Tilrico
Kristen T.
08:25 18 Feb 20
Surterra has been improving recently. I enjoy their Florida’s Finest line of products. The flower so far has been alright and I am looking forward to their rumored premium line of flower. The Budtenders are helpful when it is slow but when there is a crowd things can get backed up and a bit more
Kristen Tilrico
Kristen T.
08:25 18 Feb 20
Surterra has been improving recently. I enjoy their Florida’s Finest line of products. The flower so far has been alright and I am looking forward to their rumored premium line of flower. The Budtenders are helpful when it is slow but when there is a crowd things can get backed up and a bit more
Ellen Bess
Ellen B.
21:26 08 Feb 20
Great first time experience! Josh was very personable, well versed in all products, and explained everything thoroughly. Would not hesitate to recommend Surterra. Thank you, Josh!read more
Wanda Carpenter
Wanda C.
16:11 06 Feb 20
Wonderful place!! Very nice employees who are very knowledgeable & willing to help with anything plus high quality inventory. But I go in the afternoon, after work & they seem to be always out of almost all pre-rolled items, that’s the only reason I gave 4 stars. But everything else is 5 star!!!read more
Alex Cabrera
Alex C.
22:33 01 Feb 20
Awesome experience from start to finish! Kim was very friendly and knowledgeable about All the products! I felt welcomed and comfortable with making the correct purchase thanks to Kim!read more
Thomas Strauss
Thomas S.
03:30 28 Nov 19
This was my first experience with therapeutic cannabis and I was seeking help for my chronic back pain, due primarily to arthritis. Chris was extremely personable, patient and helpful and offered me great advice on which products to try as well as dosing options to best address my specific concerns. As my journey progresses, I expect to rely on Chris’s expertise again. Thanks Chris and thanks to Surterra more
Ms Wms
Ms W.
00:59 26 May 19
.Customer service is A+. The best part was being able to take my son with me. The environment was clean and not overly done. They had coloring books and water for him as well. I felt safe with my son in the environment. They explain the products well. And they actually work! I was afraid to try to tincture oil, but the rep was able to explain it in a way to ease my insecurity. To my surprise, I liked it best! Oh and he tsunami Hurricane! Awesome. Definitely will check them out more
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