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Menu – Below are the CBD and THC Surterra Wellness Dispensary menu products being offered to medical marijuana patients. These can be obtained by Florida medcard patients by going into an open Surterra Dispensary location or through their medical Marijuana Deliveries RX program.

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Surterra Smokable Flower Products

Whole Flower

Tillamook Strawberry

LA Confidential

Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Gas Monkey

Oregon Noble

Galactic Glue

Oregon Noble – Ground Flower 7g

Pre-98 Bubba Kush – Ground Flower 7g

Gas Monkey – Ground Flower 7g

Tillamook Strawberry – Ground Flower 7g

Blue Dream Haze – Ground Flower 7g

Cakez – Ground Flower 7g


FLOAT Sherbert

Midnight Mariner

Sunrise Surfer

Island Castaway

FLOAT Galactic Glue

FLOAT Oregon Noble

FLOAT Original Glue

Myakka Native

Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Jackies Girl

Blue Dream Haze

Surterra THC Infused Edibles

Surterra Pineapple THC Chews

Coral Reefer Pineapple THC Chews

Coral Reefer Mixed Berry Fruit Chews

Coral Reefer Mixed Berry Chews

Coral Reefer Tangerine Fruit Chews

Coral Reefer Tangerine Chews

Heights Dark Chocolate Bar

100mg Dark Chocolate Bar

Lemon Drops Surterra

Soothe Lemon Drops [5mg ea]

Surterra Wellness Watermelon Sublingual Theragels

Surterra Watermelon Theragels

Watermelon THC Drops Surterra

Black Jack Flower | SD

Sweet THC Mints Surterra

Surterra Sweet THC Mints

Calm (Orange) – Sublingual Drops 5mg

Calm Orange Drops [5mg]

Watermelon THC Drops Surterra

Relief Watermelon Drops [5mg]


Calm Reserve Oil 900 mg 12:1 CBD to THC

Zen Pure Reserve Oil 900 mg 4:1 THC to CBD

Soothe Pure Reserve Oil 900 mg 1:1 THC to CBD

Full Spectrum Oil – Hybrid Syringe [1g]

Full Spectrum Oil – Indica Syringe [1g]

Full Spectrum Oil – Sativa Syringe [1g]

Pre-98 Bubba Kush Kief 1g

Oregon Noble Kief 1g

Galactic Glue Kief 1g

Gas Monkey Kief 1g

Tillamook Strawberry Kief 1g

LA Confidential Kief 1g

Blue Dream Haze Kief 1g

Original Glue Kief 1g

FLOAT Hybrid Blend Kief 1g

Bombs Away Bubble Hash 1g

Gas Monkey Bubble Hash 1g

Original Glue Bubble Hash 1g

Galactic Glue Bubble Hash 1g

Cakez Bubble Hash 1g

Granddaddy Purple Shatter 1g

Granddaddy Purple Shatter 1g

Sherbert Shatter 1g

Tillamook Myakka Native Soft Wax

FLOAT Myakka Native Shatter

Tillamook Strawberry Shatter

LA Confidential Soft Wax

Oregon Noble Soft Wax

Gorilla Glue Gelato (GGG) Shatter

Jacky Girl Soft Wax - FLOAT

Soothe Pure Reserve Oil 900 mg 1:1 CBD to THC

Serene Reserve Oil 900 mg 5:1 CBD to THC

Relief Pure Reserve Oil 900 mg 9:1 THC to CBD

Floridas Finest Tillamook Strawberry Concentrate

Floridas Finest Grandaddy Purple Concentrate

Super Sour Diesel Distillate Concentrate

Purple Punch Distillate Concentrate

Girl Scout Cookie Distillate Concentrate

Wedding Cake Distillate Concentrate

Clementine Distillate Concentrate

Surterra Vape Cartridges

Original Glue Gelato

Galactic Glue

Jacky Girl

Super Sour Diesel

Oregon Noble

LA Confidential

Tillamook Strawberry

FLOAT Blue Dream

FLOAT Watermelon

Float Myakka Native

FLOAT Limoncello

FLOAT Pineapple Express

Myakka Native Variable Flow

FLOAT Cherry Pie

FLOAT Strawnana

FLOAT Orange Cookies

Granddaddy Purple Variable Flow

Sundae Driver (Drift)

Arts OG Variable Flow

Super Lemon Haze PAX Era Pod

Blue Dream PAX Era Pod

Banana Kush PAX Era Pod

Florida Finest Black Jack

FLOAT Grandaddy Full Spectrum

Float Sherbert Full Spectrum

FLOAT Goji OG (Soar)

Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Vapes

Coral Reefer Surfin’ in a Hurricane Vape Pod

Coral Reefer Stories We Could Tell Vape Pod

Coral Reefer TideRider Battery Pen

Pax Pod Sunset Sailin

Stories We Could Tell

Island Time

Coral Reefer Island Time Pen

Coral Reefer Sunset Sailin Pen

Coral Reefer Surfin’ in a Hurricane Vape Pen

Disposable Vaporizer Pens

Zen Disposable Vaporizer  Pen 23 mg 4:1 THC to CBD

Soothe Disposable Vape Pen 23 mg 1:1 CBD to THC

Relief Disposable Vape Pen 23 mg 9:1 THC to CBD

Surterra ReviveAM Vaporizer Pen

Revive Vaporizer Pen 1:1

Dream Vaporizer Pen 1:9

Surterra Tinctures

Relief Tincture Oil

Surterra Zen Tincture

Soothe Tincture Oil

Serene Tincture Oil

Calm Tincture Oil

Surterra Relief

Surterra Zen Tincture Oil 1:4

Surterra Dream Tincture Oil 1:9

Surterra Revive Tincture Oil 1:1

Surterra Tranquil Tincture Oil 1:19

Tranquil Tincture Ex Strength 1350 mg

Theragel Capsules

Surterra Zen Capsules

Surterra Soothe Capsules

Surterra Relief Capsules

Surterra Calm Capsules

Surterra Topicals

Calm Topical Lotion 12:1 CBD to THC

Surterra Relief 9:1 THC to CBD

Surterra Zen 4:1 THC to CBD

Soothe Topical Lotion 1:1 CBD to THC

CORAL REEFER 1:1 Infused Balm

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