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Menu – Below are the CBD and THC Surterra Wellness Dispensary menu products being offered to medical marijuana patients. These can be obtained by Florida medcard patients by going into an open Surterra Dispensary location or through their medical Marijuana Deliveries RX program.

Transdermal Patches

Surterra Zen 4:1 THC to CBD

Surterra Soothe 1:1 CBD to THC

Surterra Serene 5:1 CBD to THC

Surterra Relief 9:1 THC to CBD

Surterra Calm 12:1 CBD to THC

Floridas Finest Vape Cartridges

Surterra Florida’s Finest Tillamook Strawberry Variable Flow Pure Oil Cartridge Hybrid

Florida’s Finest Myakka Native Variable Flow Pure Oil Cartridge – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Surterra Florida’s Finest Granddaddy Purple Variable Flow Cartridge – Indica

Surterra Florida’s Finest Arts OG Variable Flow Cartridge – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Surterra Wellness Florida’s Finest Rechargeable Vaporizer Pen Battery

Concentrate Oral Syringes

Zen Pure Reserve Oil 900 mg 4:1 THC to CBD

Soothe Pure Reserve Oil 900 mg 1:1 CBD to THC

Serene Reserve Oil 900 mg 5:1 CBD to THC

Relief Pure Reserve Oil 900 mg 9:1 THC to CBD

Calm Reserve Oil 900 mg 12:1 CBD to THC

FL Dispensaries

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Disposable Vaporizer Pens

Zen Disposable Vaporizer  Pen 23 mg 4:1 THC to CBD

Soothe Disposable Vape Pen 23 mg 1:1 CBD to THC

Relief Disposable Vape Pen 23 mg 9:1 THC to CBD

Calm Disposable Vape Pen 23 mg 12:1 CBD to THC

Surterra Tinctures

Relief Tincture Oil 300 mg 9:1 THC to CBD

Surterra Zen Tincture Oil 300 mg 4:1 THC to CBD

Soothe Tincture Oil 300 mg 1:1 CBD to THC

Serene Tincture Oil 300 mg 5:1 CBD to THC

Calm Tincture Oil 300 mg 12:1 CBD to THC

Surterra Topicals

Calm Topical Lotion 12:1 CBD to THC

Soothe Topical Lotion 1:1 CBD to THC


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