Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Merritt Island, FL

324 E Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt Island, FL 32952

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Merritt Island – A Surterra Wellness Center located at 324 E Merritt Island Causeway is now open.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients with a Florida medical card. This Merritt Island cannabis store has the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Surterra is dedicated to building far stronger standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production to help provide patients great THC and CBD menu products. Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Merritt Island as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis RX products are available by home delivery or business in Merritt Island and throughout Brevard County. FREE Statewide Delivery!

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri for Surterra Deliveries RX. Surterra’s low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Florida Med Card who need non-euphoric care.

Find a recommending doctor on our Doctors Maps or fill out the Patient Registration Form to get started.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

John Price
John P.
13:07 28 Sep 21
Nicole was Very helpful! She took the time to explain and educate. I will definitely go back.
01:18 25 Sep 21
The 40% sale got me. This place is always professional, courteous, patient & understanding of every client. Even when it is short staffed, but packed- everyone is treated great and the waits never too long. Shout out to Eric, didn’t make me feel rushed and appreciated the recommendations!read more
daniela gonzalez
daniela G.
13:20 18 Sep 21
Best dispensary! Went here for my first time, i was super satisfied with how well everything was organized. And the best part was having the best employees to help you. thank you Zack, Nicole and Michael❤️😁.read more
Tim Rausch
Tim R.
19:01 22 Aug 21
Very professional and well organized. I wasn't sure what I wanted but by time I left I had everything I needed and more for a great price. If you don't know about a product their guides will inform you without trying to over sell. Thanks again will be back more
michael vesnesky
michael V.
23:34 20 Aug 21
Palm Bay location is a bit closer but I love coming to the the Merritt location, there is always good energy coming from the employees. Brandon is always willing to go out of his way to help fill my order, good guy to have on staff. Full Spectrum carts are my go-to! Thank you Surterraread more
Rosalind Snow
Rosalind S.
21:04 26 Jul 21
Christie and Arianna were great! Super knowledge and friendly. As always very welcoming atmosphere. Great deals and great staff. I go in every couple weeks and everyone who I've met has been helpful, friendly, and knowledge. Always a great more
Catherine Hodge
Catherine H.
01:37 18 Jul 21
My go-to! Everyone has been helpful and friendly - each and every visit. I often see Gabby in the drive-thru who, every single time, has treated me with genuine kindness (that means something!!). The store itself is beautiful in an easy to reach location. I'm a fan!read more
ed j
ed j
20:10 12 Jul 21
This was my first time entering this facility and Nicholas was super great and helpful towards all of my needs and answered all my questions! He was super helpful and informed me about products that I’ve never heard of with great expertise and politeness. It can be intimidating going to any new place, and with their l help I felt extremely comfortable and welcomed with open arms! Great customer service skills and employee!read more
Adam Mackiewicz
Adam M.
21:18 10 Jul 21
Ariana and Kyle in the Merritt Island Florida location are the best! Actually the whole Surterra store in Merritt Island is the best! They always have what you’re looking for and they always have a great deals so be sure you sign up for their text messaging or email!read more
Kelly Hughes
Kelly H.
23:02 12 Jun 21
The place is always very clean, and everyone there is very friendly and knowledgeable. However, Gabby is absolutely my GO TO GIRLwhen it comes to ANY questions I may have about products or promotions. She always makes the experience a pleasant/helpful/smooth one!read more
Salt Life
Salt L.
19:37 30 May 21
First time visit today. Very nice establishment. Christie was at the counter, very pleasant and informative.She made the whole process simple and smooth. Will definitely be back 🤙read more
One Love
One L.
14:21 27 May 21
I frequent Surterra often, I like the people, the space is clean and very comforting when you walk in. Whomever is at the front desk is always welcoming and knowledgeable. I want to mention Nicholas, every time I come in he’s always incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He knows all of the different strains, how they work with terpene profiles and how each strain varies in different levels of medicinal qualities. What works for this or that ailment. Asks all the questions and then does an evaluation with your needs in mind. Every time my needs have been exceeded by his recommendations! He’s the best! I appreciate all the help Surterra has provided! Thank you for continued excellent customer service!~One Love 🖤read more
Rebbeka Pareja
Rebbeka P.
17:12 24 May 21
This place is great! I walked in for the first time and was welcomed by Nicole who was understanding and informative. Arianna was the friendliest person I've met in a while who helped answer all my questions as I was trying to ring up my more
Ramblin Rose
Ramblin R.
13:06 24 May 21
Nicholas is a genuine delight!! Really with so many options for medicine, it comes down to encountering those caring and helpful individuals tending to patients, that sets apart one place from another. I go to Surterra for the awesome staff, and convenience of the drive thru! With my schedule it makes such a difference and I always leave with a smile, thank you to everyone at Merritt Island Surterra!! Especially Nicholas! Shine on you crazy diamondsread more
Kailey Iglesias
Kailey I.
14:25 18 May 21
My favorite location & dispensary BUT Micheal is the best, so positive & makes my day as soon as I drive away. He is a breathe of fresh air with all the negativity in the world!! Thank you Michael!read more
Tracy Estrada
Tracy E.
17:13 17 May 21
Great experience today with Nicholas, Ari and Doug. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. I ordered online and it went smoothly. While I was picking up I noticed the staff were very knowledgeable and wanted to ensure everyone has a good experience like I did!read more
Dennis O'Brien
Dennis O.
18:55 05 May 21
Surterra is easy to find, VERY clean and spacious inside. The staff is the nicest I have come in contact with for a good while. Ease of ordering to picking up was fast and easy! I highly more
gerald shaw
gerald S.
16:26 21 Apr 21
As always Arianna delivered friendly service. Your dedication to your customers is invaluable. Great job!
jeff festa
jeff F.
21:00 20 Apr 21
Had the best % of 5 dispensaries. 2 had no flower at all!! Happy 420!
Marianne Kovach
Marianne K.
20:28 20 Apr 21
Very impressive place. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and listens to your needs. Very clean and the drive thru is great. The variety is good for many different more
Mathew Maxson
Mathew M.
16:31 14 Apr 21
Its not a bad place just not impressed with how they do prices, also I understand that deals don't stack but if I dont get to use my 1st time discount then I'd hope to be able to use it next time . Otherwise they seem to have flower when the other places run out but it is a lower thc% on average. They asked me to leave a review its an average place the help is not super friendly but not rude just average placeread more
Nickey T.
Nickey T.
00:54 14 Apr 21
Stopped by as a first time customer at this location. The process was quick and simple, having placed my order online ahead of time. Arianna was personable and informative; and we even have the same birthday! Was in & out in all of maybe 15mins having 3 individuals ahead of me upon arrival. Would more
Shannon Valdez
Shannon V.
01:13 09 Apr 21
So professional and efficient. Ordered online and picked up at drive thru, doesn't get more convenient and safe than that. Within 30 minutes I recieved a text that it was ready. Brandon waited on me at the window and I was literally on my way home in 5 min. Thanks a million more
Chris Devor
Chris D.
17:30 23 Mar 21
Excellent customer service! Charlie K. was very knowledgeable about all products
K Tate (N3th3rwarp3r)
K Tate (.
04:31 22 Jan 21
Absolutely wonderful staff. Wonderful products. Love this place so much! And the people who work there care so much for the patients. Its a great experience. Good job guys!read more
jessica harless
jessica H.
23:28 30 Dec 20
Surterra in Merritt Island will always get 5 stars from me based on my experiences! The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable about their product. Everyone is so friendly which makes the whole experience that much better. Not to mention how clean and professional it is inside! I’ve used the drive thru multiple times which is super convenient. Their flower product is pretty good, but they have a huge selection of anything you are looking for. I love their vape carts and the Coral reefer disposable pens rock. Hands down this place is the BOMB but it’s really the staff that keeps bringing me back!! Thanks Surterra Merritt Island !!! 🙂read more
Jon Mendlik
Jon M.
17:45 18 Dec 20
Horrible service they don’t know much about there own products. Very high priced for the quality of there products. Don’t order online!! They will give you a different price when you arrive to pick up. Trulieve right down the road has better products and store hours. Literally only two blocks away!!read more
Jeff Hart
Jeff H.
19:17 17 Dec 20
This has got to be one of the cleanest dispensaries around. And I've been to quite a few in Florida. They have a great selection of edibles now, along with extracts and flower. My only issue is that the points system hasn't been implemented yet and don't get as many discounts(why it's 4/5) as other dispensaries after intial two visits. Still the service and inside are super clean!read more
Jeff Davis
Jeff D.
18:17 04 Dec 20
Definitely best dispensary in brevard. The staff is inviting and friendly and go above and beyond for their customers. They really help and educate in order to find the right products for you. Always a pleasure going thereread more
Nicholas Hopkins
Nicholas H.
17:43 03 Dec 20
I've visited several of the local dispensaries and Surterra quickly became my favorite. It's a beautiful, clean facility, the staff is friendly and informative, the product is generally very good and the prices are reasonable (when you catch the bargains). I had zero complaints. Then I had a bad visit. I was very disappointed with the online ordering process and the product I did get wasn't up to snuff. Considering the costs involved, to say I was upset would be an understatement. Imagine my surprise when my email complaint to corporate was answered within a couple hours, late in the day and I received a call from the local manager the very next morning. I won't go into details, but the good people at Surterra made it right. And then some. It seems funny to say that I liked them before I had a bad visit and that I like them even more after I had one, but that's the fact, Jack. They do care about their customers, and it shows. Cool. Very more
Consertech Cope
Consertech C.
16:33 07 Oct 20
The people aare great and honest. David called when I had left a 100.00 in the ATM to come get it. Products were great but they are changing. I'm human and drop items on accession. I dropped my new float cart that sells for 90.00 once so I don't recommend them because they shatter and loss productThe store manager felt that its not defective because it was dropped it. My reply was I have dropped others and they work fine. I spend a few hundred a week at this location and feel badly enough over mangers decision NOT to offer to help , or discount in anyway was bad custermor service and intend to shop more
Jose Jones
Jose J.
13:55 07 Oct 20
I placed my order online. Once I arrived, I was pleased with the ample parking. The dispensory is an old bank, so it is clean and shiny. Nice minimal decor. Good reggae on the radio. I was amazed at how quickly my order was filled. Most pharmacies take 20-25 minutes. Surterra had it together in 3. Cashier/teller(haha) was working both the drive through and the front counter and she was great. The fellows at the front desk moved everyone along with ease. I highly recommend. I hope ya'll are getting good wages; because you deserve more
Michael Haack
Michael H.
13:18 03 Oct 20
Surterra is my second choice because of how high their prices are compared to their competitors(first choice) close by. The customer service is 5 star all the way as is the wait time when ordering ahead online. Also 5 stars for having product on hand. One star for prices that average $15 higher for their own line of vape carts which are no better in fact then their competitors....Their new carts are great...just over priced...Same with the flower..Typically $15 more for an 8th. I am sad to say that you are second choice to me because of your prices...Other than that...5 stars...Good people work thereread more
Michelle Fontecchio
Michelle F.
19:13 28 Sep 20
Bought a cartridge from a new line that was recommended by the associate (watermelon float). Brought it home could not use it it burned my throat, left a nasty aftertaste, literally tasted like breathing in somebody's perfume. I called the number was told to bring it back to the store and speak to management. I took time out of my day drove all the way over and was told that there's nothing they can do for me by a store employee. I have been to many different places and have never had any issues with any product that I bought, to know that this place and their employees don't care and can't do anything, I will shop other places from now on basically just threw away $50read more
Kelly Loaner
Kelly L.
05:03 24 Sep 20
Horrible experience for my first time. As soon as I walked in there was a crazy line but I had saw a boy doing the best he could checking people in, as well as another girl but she had stopped what she was doing when a ups girl came in and they started talking about "I love you" and "I will text you later about tonight". I just felt very uncomfortable during that situation, especially during a busy moment I thought. I clearly just walked out and did not want to more
Sharie Smyth
Sharie S.
16:56 22 Sep 20
I was very fortunate to meet Charlie on my first visit. As it turned out, I was out of my prescriptions. Even though I couldn't be a customer that day, Charlie took his time and explained the various products.When I had my prescriptions squared away, I came back and had Charlie assist me again. This time he went in to more detail for me. What a wonderful help he has more
Bobbi Campbell
Bobbi C.
19:28 21 Sep 20
Today was my first visit. I was worried I would feel uncomfortable, but everyone there was very nice and knowledgeable. They explained everything to me and gave me recommendations to help with my current issues.I will definitely use Surterra Wellness in the more
Lauren Linahon
Lauren L.
13:50 19 Sep 20
Love this location. The staff is so helpful. Charlie is so amazing and helped me find new options to medicate during my cancer treatment. I am so grateful for him and the rest of the staff during this time, it made my treatment the most comfortable experience it could more
Jan Barranco
Jan B.
18:17 06 Sep 20
Awesome place! People are great and very helpful. I had no problem returning a malfunctioning pod.
Joel Radon
Joel R.
01:15 02 Sep 20
I have been a regular customer to Merritt Island Surterra since they opened. Everyone is so helpful and knows me on a first name basis. Multiple employees have gone above and beyond and have always treated me right.David Castrillon has been especially helpful and friendly on many occasions including today. He has always gone above and beyond.Not only are the employees great, but Surterra has been constantly improving their product line and always has high quality products. I stopped going to other dispensaries because their products were not as consistent and innovative.Thanks Surterra team, you guys rock!read more
Patti Watkins
Patti W.
22:45 21 Aug 20
I went there for the first time today. I really like the set up. Very classy. The whole island theme is very relaxing.David was very nice and helpful. Showed me several options to choose from. And Charlie kept me entertained while David prepared my order.In and out. Very pleased with my experience.Only bad thing is Google maps will have you wanting to pull your hair out with it's directions. Unfortunately they don't have a onsite direct phone line you can call. Goes to main office in upper Florida. So I couldn't really call for directions.It's next to burger King across from mall. Much easier if someone could have told me. It's a old bank so they even have a drive through for pickup orders! Awesomeread more
joanna kraemer
joanna K.
15:01 08 Aug 20
Charlie helped me out greatly as did the other staff. Really nice place! Thanks!
Austin Davis
Austin D.
11:07 02 Aug 20
Absolutely hands down the best experience I’ve had with a dispensary. As soon as I walked in Charlie at the front desk was very welcoming ,professional and knowledgeable , he and the staff made a excellent first impression. I had recently had issues with a dispensary in suntree witch is a more convenient location but decided to try surterra wellness in Merrit island. Im extremely happy that i did and will be shopping at this location form now on. Thanks for the assistance it is greatly more
jason beeken
jason B.
23:27 22 Jul 20
Great visit at this store. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. The store - as are all Surterra stores I have visited, was beautiful and super clean. They had pretty much everything I wanted. They sell Puffco rigs which was a nice surprise!! Can't wait to try mine out!! Thank you and keep up the good work!read more
lorelle proferes
lorelle P.
11:24 06 May 20
Honestly came here because of the reviews and they stand true. As someone with anxiety, going anywhere new can be difficult. The second I stepped in Sunterra, Charlie greeted me. He really took the time to help understand all of the products and gave me some great recommendations. As other customers rolled in he was so welcoming and kind to everyone! Check out process was easy and over all great experience 10/10 more
Christian Anderson
Christian A.
19:24 15 Apr 20
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean and comfortable inside too. Great products!
Renee Hoffman
Renee H.
22:07 09 Apr 20
Always a nice experience & everyone well informed! Quick ordering on line right now & they text you when it's ready to pick up!read more
Jone Mount
Jone M.
20:47 01 Apr 20
The staff is very accommodating and pleasant. Most of all they listen and make suggestions based on your personal situation. The choices can be overwhelming and they were able to narrow down what might be best for more
Island Woodwerx
Island W.
22:33 18 Mar 20
Very friendly, informative, and helpful staff. I highly recommend.
Denise Vickers
Denise V.
18:11 18 Feb 20
Good selection. Fair prices. Nice staff.
Jahn-Paul Mazotas
Jahn-Paul M.
16:29 17 Dec 19
This is a great store the employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. The products they have all are amazing. Whatever you need depending on your physical health they have the product for more
Dan M
Dan M
05:37 27 Nov 19
Came here for the grand opening sale and was surprised to see some of the employees from my local Palm Bay store working here. Very friendly staff and the facility is spotless. Everything went just as smooth as it does when Im at the one I been going to for over a year. Then again they have many of the same great employees from the PB store. I believe Surterra products are by far the best. I have never had a single pen or cartridge failure and the quality of the product is amazing. Like a kid in a candy store with a excellent staff, what could be better then that. Thank you all for always taking care of me and treating me like more
Shanna de Potts
Shanna de P.
17:55 14 Nov 19
Awesome knowledgeable staff. Nicole FT was great.
Kimi Dodd
Kimi D.
22:21 28 Oct 19
The Merritt Island staff is very friendly. Ernest was really nice, answered all my questions, and was knowledgeable of the products. Good selection. Gives 15% discount for Veterans! Grand opening for Merritt Island Surterra is Thursday, November 14th, 2019 and is giving a 25% discount in store all day! Thanks Surterra!read more
Esteban Romero
Esteban R.
20:18 21 Oct 19
This is one of the best managed stores in the area. They represent what an excellent customer service is. I really want to thank Ashley (Team Manager) because even with all the issues given by one of the products that Surterra sell, she manage an excellent customer relationship. I'm definitely coming back to Surterra, and specially to this more
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