Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Pensacola, FL

5046 Bayou Blvd
Pensacola, FL 32503

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Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm

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Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available


Dispensary – open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 5046 Bayou Blvd in Pensacola, FL 32503 is now open. This cannabis store in Pensacola is conveniently located to service Cantonment, Milton, Navarre and Escambia County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients that have received a medical cannabis certification. This Pensacola cannabis store will carry the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Pensacola as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis products are available by home delivery or business in Pensacola, Cantonment, Milton, Navarre and throughout Escambia County.

Surterra’s medical marijuana products are available by delivery for patients with a Florida Marijuana Card. Click here for more info.

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri to schedule Surterra Deliveries RX.

Delivery is now available in select areas of Florida. There is a $25 fee for delivery, and orders must be $100 or more after discounts to qualify for delivery. Orders of $150 or more after discounts qualify for free delivery.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Gypsy Jackie
Gypsy J.
23:18 21 Nov 21
I went in for the first time today and am fairly new to the dispensary experience in general. I felt right at home in this place. I am really impressed with the wellness selection of products and CBD content, hard to find anywhere else. Dylan was the person that helped me and he was beyond fantastic. He listened to every single one of my questions ( believe me, I had SO MANY). He was so knowledgeable and thorough and customized his suggestions to every single one of my needs. He is incredibly warm and welcoming and I now know this will be my forever store. Do not want to go anywhere else that Dylan is not. Great job Surterra and Dylan!read more
Ralph Curtis
Ralph C.
19:54 29 Oct 21
My first visit I had Kylan who helped me find what I wanted. She was very knowledgeable and a kind person, overall made my trip comfortable. I will more
Dopaw 13
Dopaw 1.
19:41 29 Oct 21
Went in and Dylan helped me pick a great selection and they had some full spectrum vape carts in and they are so worth it. You get that full flower feel in a cart. Also showed me a great deal they had i will defiantly be back more
17:33 02 Oct 21
One of the only dispenaries I will go to. The people are great and super helpful and willing to answer any question you have. I have noticed that Friday's are usually extremely busy so if you have anxiety, in a hurry or a new patient that wants to be able to hear and process information, I would avoid Friday or go around dinner time. They are usually pretty quick more
John Imm (John)
John Imm (.
18:06 01 Oct 21
My first visit to Surterra was today and I was very pleased. Kylyn was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I will definitely more
macy melnyk
macy M.
19:41 11 Sep 21
my go to dispensary!!! very controlled and respectful environment. the employees make the experience 10x better ❤️read more
Peyton Scott
Peyton S.
23:51 23 Aug 21
I’ve been to other dispensaries in this one by far as my favorite one the staff is amazing this time in particular I had Dylan who is beyond helpful and Gave me great suggestions and helped me to find what I needed. I will definitely be returning to this location for the great service. Thank you !! :))read more
cody bourgeois
cody B.
18:40 08 Aug 21
I love coming to this location. Everyone is so polite and helpful. Ask for Nancy, always amazing service!
Adam Simmons
Adam S.
18:56 30 Jul 21
I’m new to this and I’ve been to another place in Pensacola and they were not as user friendly as I hoped. I looked up Surterra Wellness and decided to go in. India was great, she coached me through on making a selection and was very informative about their products. I asked her quite a few questions and and she gave me very clear and helpful more
Twila Marlowe
Twila M.
14:09 17 Jul 21
Surterra is my go to . They have fast and friendly service. I truly appreciate the timely manner in which I get my online order.I've been to all the other dispensaries in town and have waited far longer then anyone should have to. With that being said, suttera is my favorite dispensery i always feel welcomed and more
Cody Williams
Cody W.
18:03 10 Jul 21
Mrs Nancy made my experience the best it has ever been. Great operation.
Susan Painter
Susan P.
19:09 14 Jun 21
This dispensary is top notch on customer service and always welcoming. They have no problem answering any questions you may have about the products and what will work for you! Love shopping here!!read more
Lucy Thomas
Lucy T.
19:36 20 May 21
So many problems with Surterra that I wonder why I kept going back there...Multiple vape pens have been empty. Mints have been missing from the metal tins. I've had to return these products to the store at least four times.The icing on the cake is their continued mask requirement. They say they are following CDC guidelines as a "Medical Facility." That's laughable. Multiple other dispensaries don't require masks anymore.As someone who suffers from panic attacks and can't wear a mask, I feel discriminated against. Can't wait to spend my money elsewhere and not be treated more
Susan Steele
Susan S.
23:15 07 May 21
Love the attention and service I am given everytime I am here. India has always been very helpful. Thanks for being customer more
Jonathan Doman
Jonathan D.
19:15 06 May 21
The customer service in pensacola has always been great. My only real complaints was the corporation being against recreational, home grow, and flower. I hope their ceos have changed their tune. However the full spectrum carts are really tasty. I can't afford to pay full price, which is why I waited for a sale. But it is a great product. Also just for the management, the young woman with either pink or purple in her hair was great and helped me put when there was an issue. Great customer service. Thanks more
Jason Kaleo
Jason K.
22:57 29 Apr 21
Stopped in here today place was clean Arthur was polite and professional. Knowledgeable but still fast customer service and I was on my way home! Thanks surterraread more
Marissa White
Marissa W.
01:12 26 Mar 21
Dylan was sooo friendly! I was so nervous and he made the entire process so smooth and easy. I will definitely be back and again, thank you Dylan for making my entire experience over the top and for making me feel welcome!read more
M Shea
M S.
22:36 21 Mar 21
I took advantage of the bogo they had over the past couple of days and couldn't be happier! You cannot beat that kind of deal. The people here are so awesome knowledgeable and helpful. I'm definitely going back to try out some more indica flower products!read more
Kelly Heacox
Kelly H.
19:28 19 Mar 21
I had to review this place again. As a sufferer of very bad depression to walk in for a pick up order that's been packaged for hours and get passed over like I didn't even exist while they continued to help 3 different walk ins complete shopping orders. You have lost my business for good just like more
Violet Reynolds
Violet R.
15:43 05 Mar 21
HEADS UP!! Be careful with the "Relief" or any type of drops. I went to drop some in my coffee and the top wasn't tightened all the way, so it came off and the WHOLE bottle went into my coffee... A waste of 60 bucks and medication. I desperately need for my nerve pain, and I was so sad. I think they should replace the entire bottle since they didn't tighten it well enough... Totally ruined my week being without it. Id make sure the top is in tact before you even leave Surterra, unscrew the top off in front of them to ensure that the dropper doesn't come with the entire more
Ronnie Dempsey
Ronnie D.
14:44 03 Mar 21
My first time shopping at Surterra Wellness was 3/2/21 and it will be my last time shopping there!!! I bought 7gs of original glue, and 7gs of galactic glue. Both are horrible can't hardly tell I've even smoked it. Acualy looks like ground up leaves and shake, rather than ground bud!! What a waist of time and money. They charge 50 dollars a quarter for some dried up leaves that is to harsh to smoke. How will Surterra fix this ?? This is BS, when you market something and for the price you charge there should be absolutely no guessing if the flower will work.!!!!read more
k pearson
k P.
17:23 13 Feb 21
I was in the store a few weeks ago and Dylan (sp) 😊 was such an amazing help! His personality was so much fun!! And his knowledgde of the prodict was super appreciated!! Five stars for sure!! 😉read more
Ruthi Pascale
Ruthi P.
21:19 11 Jan 21
Dillon is amazing! Great customer service and he was so prompt to being me my order to the car that I was thoroughly impressed. I’m recovering from a surgery and this was so much easier than having to go inside and wait.Thank you!read more
Daniel Beauchamp
Daniel B.
00:27 10 Jan 21
I'll be honest I didn't like Suterra so much at first but they have stepped there game way up, one of the better/best places in town.Another nice thing is they consistently have the same product lines in unlike other places that have something different everytime. All the staff are super cool, iv dealt with Dylan last few times and they are awesome more
jim kallas
jim K.
19:31 12 Dec 20
I’ve been to most of the dispensary’s in Pensacola and I have to say by far Suterra is the best. The overall feeling you get is extremely comforting. The setting the way employees talk to you is amazing. I have been going to this store for a year now and about a month ago I had an issue with a cart. It was leaking. Now no joke I was concerned that there was nothing anyone could/would do. Went into store and the manager John Flynn was great no problems replaced cart and even cleaned battery. Wish I could shout out to all the employees but only can remember John and Angela the assistant manager. So nice to see customer service like they show😊read more
McKenzie Price
McKenzie P.
23:42 04 Dec 20
The company ran a special today, which I tried to take advantage of. The site was down more than not because it wasn't prepared for the volume of traffic that comes with a special. After almost two hours, I managed to get something into my cart and got a confirmation that my products were secured. Then, after over six hours without an update (even after I waited on the phone to no avail for half an hour), I decided to go into town, prepared and unbothered to wait for my order to be completed.I got there only to be informed that all of the product was sold out—including mine, which I was told was on hold for me. This kind of sloppiness is unacceptable for any business, but when I experience it elsewhere, I just hold my tongue since it's more of a headache than anything.However, this is a company that caters to people who suffer from chronic conditions—many of which make taking a trip to the store an ordeal. That ordeal was for nothing today, as all I was told was that there was nothing left today. I was offered to buy something else, and I thank the rep. for the offer, but it was nothing I use or need. I was making a trip to stock up on this particular product while it was on special so I can avoid making any more trips for the remainder of the year.I gave the company a chance and had no complaints otherwise, but it's very bad business to be so unprepared for the volume of demand that would be put on a company's product and servers. The company already made its money, as is evidenced by its stock being sold out, but this lack of communication or preparedness indicates to me that this is a company that values making money over taking care of a vulnerable customer more
Anne Bechtol
Anne B.
17:46 28 Nov 20
Always friendly positive support for your cannabis needs. I normally order online w/an easy pick up. Today I came in to place my order. Super quick and more
Palmer Life
Palmer L.
19:56 13 Nov 20
Dropped by to pick up my order this morning, the place was pretty busy, but the vibe was right on. Angela was outstanding, she noticed I was waiting and as soon as she could took care of me. This is why I keep coming back!!!! Thanks Angela, and the entire staff of Surterra!!jpread more
Gloria Collins
Gloria C.
19:13 05 Nov 20
Carrie and Nancy helped me with my registration. They were outstanding and very pleasant. I will return.
Robert Nay
Robert N.
06:04 14 Oct 20
Great experience overall. Staff knows their product well and made great recommendations for what I was looking for. The one thing I DID NOT like was the fact that they do not allow the workers to accept tips. Major Fail Surterra!read more
Rebecca Krawitz
Rebecca K.
13:27 10 Oct 20
It was my first time yesterday, and it was a blessing. I am so thankful for Surterra. I placed the order online in advance and they had it ready in 30 minutes. The sweet soul at the front desk before the register welcomed me with a smiling face and such a kind demeanor, he was so sweet and welcoming, I will never forget him! I wish that Walmart took notes on first impressions and customer service from him, it would be a much more pleasant place to go if they did. They have amazing products and I will be back! Their customer service was out of this world phenomenal!!! Definitely recommend for anyone or other first timers! So much love and positive vibes 💜💜read more
xessty 055
xessty 0.
17:03 13 Sep 20
Angela was amazing as well as the staff greeting you when you walk in Angela was very informative and answered all of my questions will be bringing my business here from now on thank you for the amazing more
Ty R
Ty R
16:32 13 Sep 20
I've really wanted to try this place for weeks, but had trouble getting them on the phone (understandable during this flower "shortage") but once I talked to someone I found that the prices are quite competitive ...I just hope I'm not disappointed by the quality as I have been with other dispensaries. It's amazing that I got better bud in high school and college illegally than I have at a dispensary....I have yet to have a dispensary come up with anything that's of the quality we used to grow which is disappointing, but of all the dispensaries in Pensacola, SURTERRA is HANDS DOWN the best bang for your buck. Hope they stay in business forever. If it becomes federally legal, make it a smoking lounge/coffee shop type place and I'd still come more
Nick Teal
Nick T.
16:35 01 Sep 20
Went to this location for the first time recently. They were offering curbside pickup for orders which is great.Even with 3 people ahead of me in line, someone came and gave me a menu and helped me with my order while I waited.Really clever way of cutting down wait time. By the time I was next in line they had already sent my order to the back and it was ready at the register.Employees were super helpful and Surterra has some awesome medicine choices I haven't seen at other dispensaries (full spectrum carts and pre ground flower).Great location and I'll definitely be more
Peyton Williamson
Peyton W.
23:52 21 Aug 20
Went into Surterra for my first time today and was initially impressed with what a nice store it was on the inside. There were no signs (that I saw) and no one there to greet people as they walk in the door so I was just browsing until I noticed a lady waving me over from the back of the building. She seemed aggravated that I didn't know where to go when I came in/how they check clients in (again, this was my first visit and every place operates a little differently). She wasn't helpful at all when I was asking questions about their price sheet/strains and simply told me to refer to the price sheet in my hand...I then needed to get cash from their ATM to pay. After getting my cash, I returned to the same lady (no one else was in line and three employees were just standing there talking). When I got back in front of her, she says "Why are you here? I didn't call you up here" with plenty of attitude instead of just explaining to me that I needed to wait on them to call me. Again, FIRST TIME. I simply didn't know how they operated. She was rude, unprofessional, and should not be allowed to "take care" of Surterra's customers, which I'm sure they have to work hard to keep thanks to the competitive nature of the more
Nikki Byron
Nikki B.
20:07 14 Aug 20
Employees here are the best in town! Its a shame that they can't accept cash tips. Can we change this?! I would like to show my appreciation of your staff. Shout out to Nancy on Bayou Blvd. Thank you all!read more
Dominique Villanueva
Dominique V.
05:18 02 Aug 20
By far the best bud around❤️ Decent prices GREAT quality. AMAZING customer service. The atmosphere here is just all around awesome and laid back 😎read more
Josh Furrow
Josh F.
18:53 28 Jul 20
They make so much money and can't fix a massive pot hole that is nearly impossible to avoid. Medman next door has easy access to parkingread more
michael from the bronx
michael from the B.
22:26 05 Jul 20
From the moment I walked in I was greeted by a great smile which was weariig a mask no less. The knowledge and products are superb. Will be back most definately. One of my top picks more
Glenn Moe
Glenn M.
12:51 02 Jun 20
As a new patient/customer, I was lost and received little information nor direction from receptionist. No smile, no kind reception and didn't respond at all when I expressed concern about not receiving any information. Maybe just wasn't having the best of days. It happens. Did speak to a gentleman who was informative and kind. The technician at the counter was very pleasant and helpful as well. Was greatful for them more
Mind Shredded Gaming
Mind Shredded G.
12:18 30 Apr 20
This place has it all including fast pickup and friendly service! I would recommend this establishment to anybody who really wants to have a great more
17:55 26 Apr 20
The one on one experience provided set the bar. Shout out to your wellness coordinator India, who answered all of my questions and was ready to assist with a smile on her face that could be seen through her face mask! You go girl!read more
frank carron
frank C.
16:24 24 Apr 20
The staff go out of their way to accommodate. I like their strains and prices are competitive.
Dominique Villanueva
Dominique V.
19:42 12 Apr 20
I always have a great experience here especially when they have the girl working the front desk but this last time I went idk if the guy was new or what but I walked in was only greeted waited for about 15/ 20 minutes for someone to check me out and this other guy walks in the door and they take him straight back. I live far away so I’m already driving 45 minutes just to go to your specific store and I’m newish to using medicinal marijuana so sometimes I have questions about stuff but I never got any help it really just upset me. I ended up leaving and going to another more
Mark Sullivan
Mark S.
17:53 10 Apr 20
I used to give this place a five. But ever since they changed their containers without being sealed I noticed that a couple containers were extremely light meaning they didn't have the full 3.5 after I got home. They also Don't give veterans any discount on flower. I could take a scale on the way everything or I could just go to another store and get a better price. And a sealed more
Keith Quackenbush
Keith Q.
11:45 17 Mar 20
Awesome place!Everyone nice and very patient. Product selection is good.Bring cash as credit card system is often 'down'.Clean and well lit. Dirty bathroom floor almost knocked it to a 4 star review but I have only seen it unwashed once.You need to have your state issued identification card, or at least acceptance email from the state of Florida. Veterans can always get a 15% disxount .read more
Fatboy kingston
Fatboy K.
01:35 25 Feb 20
Nice products. Great Staff. I Keep my meds safe at all times!
Christie Stuff
Christie S.
18:10 20 Feb 20
The ladies I spoke with were helpful, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. During my wellness journey they have been an island of information. Also, check out their website, much education to be had there. Happy more
Tabetha Kuhn
Tabetha K.
20:04 01 Feb 20
Best products and prices. No need to shop around! Best staff ever... it's like Cheer's when I go in. Friendly comfortable waiting area, not pretentious or snooty... like some others. They don't hound you like others! Just good people, knowledgeable staff and excellent products and prices!read more
Cindy Zimmerman
Cindy Z.
16:00 02 Dec 19
This is my favorite store in Pensacola. They get five stars for having a welcoming and warm atmosphere, friendly and very knowledgeable people, and consistent supply. New flower is very nice and competitively priced. I hope as they change names and assimilate the Parallel brand that they will keep their same public business model. It's just a great place!read more
Janice K
Janice K
16:26 22 Nov 19
Everyone there is helpful and very nice! When you walk in you are greeted by all. If they can help you right away they will or if very busy you can sit comfortably in the seating area. But when I'm opening comes you have that representative has full attention on you. They can answer any questions you have. If they are not sure they will find out for you! Great place for your medicinal needs! You won't regret going. Oh and pricing is very fair!! Enjoy!read more
Laykyn Long
Laykyn L.
14:56 29 Sep 19
Great product! I had no trouble with any of the carts I purchased and they lasted as long as I felt they should have. Everyone I spoke with was very kind and helpful. My delivery guy was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and laid back. Ive really enjoyed my whole experience with them so more
tim and heather allman
tim and heather A.
20:52 25 May 18
Surterra Wellness Center on Bayou Boulevard is awesome for patient-centered care, attention, and product variety!EXCELLENT EMPLOYEES AND MANAGERSZARI RISSMAN, Community/Event Outreach, EmployeeMEREDITH, Employee CARMEN VANEK, ManagerLAUREN, ManagerALLISON, EmployeeTheir all-in-one vaporizer pens (battery and product in one discreet, easy, small delivery device) are an incredible invention!The PENSACOLA staff is efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help, from beginning: getting your card through to the end: finding the Surterra Wellness products that work the best for you as an individualized patient.From the Managers Lauren and Carmen Vanek... to Community & Events Outreach employee Zari Rissman... to helpful and professional employees Meredith and Allison, the Pensacola Bayou Boulevard Wellness Center is filled with knowledge and professional employees!Surterra and its employees are very interested in letting you know what Medical Cannabis and CBD ratios/ medicines will work the best for you! They CARE about helping you, as an OMMU patient, find the best product for you!Be sure to visit the Surterra Wellness Center in Pensacola as soon as you are able, whether you are a patient/caregiver/or simply an interested-in-FARMaceuticals individual.Make a cup of coffee. Have a seat. Get a bottle of water. Eat a green apple. It's very inviting and comfortable here. I promise that you will not be disappointed with your visit!5/25/18Staff was efficient ...and helpful, as always! Enjoyed the atmosphere! Great products as well, including one of my faves: transdermal patches... and now Florida's Finest line! A++++read more
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