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How to get smokable marijuana added to your doctors recommendation in Florida

Smokable flower in Florida is now being sold by the ton, yes, ton. Thousands of ounces of bud, or flower is being distributed to MMJ patients that have received their medical marijuana card. Local dispensaries, now everywhere in the state, are able to sell flower if they can keep it in stock.

On March 18th, Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 182 into law effective immediately. This allows a qualified doctor to determine that smoking whole flower marijuana is an appropriate route of administration for treatment.

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Smokable Flower/Bud Rules and how to get marijuana flower added to your doctors recommendation.

1. Contact your doctor – Your doctor has to add to notes under inhalation section if they deem warranted. Your recommending doctor needs to add “Recommend patient for smokable cannabis/yes.

2. Then he/she needs to needs to add a start and end date not to exceed 35 days. So if it starts on March 22, it goes until April 26. 35 calendar days. 2.5 oz maximum

3. At open Florida dispensaries, MMJ patients can buy up to 20 packages every 35 days, and can only possess up to 4 ounces at one time.

  • The Florida DOH requires patients to see the doctor in-person to be eligible for access to smokable marijuana.
  • Patients cannot submit a change order request themselves, or call the doctor to get this route added over the phone.
  • Current Florida MedCard holders can wait until the next follow-up appointment to see if you qualify for dried smokable flower from your doctor.
  • New patients, find a doctor here.

Current Consent Forms For Smokable Marijuana

Appropriate Route Documentation
Consent Form

For Doctors: How to order medical marijuana in smokable form for your patients.

For assistance amending an existing MMJ certification to include smoking, or creating a new certification, qualified physicians can call 850-245-4657 and choose Option 2.

Dispensaries selling smokable whole cannabis flower in Florida

Ground TruFlower

Smokable whole flower marijuana is now available at the majority of Florida dispensaries. Trulieve, being the pioneers of the Florida MMJ market, stepped forward 1st again and started selling smokable bud on day one of approval. 

Flower is sold in 3.5 gram amounts mostly all the way up to ounces, which then come in several eighth increments. The full list that currently sells bud in its raw flower smokable form includes:

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