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Fluent Cannabis Cares menu products are available in High THC as well as Low THC, High CBD forms. These are available by delivery or instore pickup to Florida medical marijuana card holders. Feel good today and enjoy Fluent products responsibly!


Live Fluent Menus by City

Fluent Smokable Flower/Bud

Bruce Banner

Nectar – Hybrid

Prism – Hybrid

Prism – Hybrid

Rider – Hybrid

Freedom Towns Astraeus

Melon Juice – Hybrid

Melon Juice XS

Baldor Flower

Larry x Geist OG

Larry x Geist Smalls

Freedom Towns Green Venom

Freedom Towns Rose Especial

Black Russian Pre-Bowl

Rider 1g Pre-Roll

Subra 1g Pre-Roll

Pineapple Skunk Pre-Bowl

Gemmador 1g Pre-Roll

Headroom 1g Pre-Roll

Bruce Banner Pre-Roll

Odra 3 .5g Pre-Rolls

Park .5g Pre-Rolls

Baldor 3 .5g Pre-Rolls

Fluent Marijuana Edibles

Green Apple Soft Gel

Sour Green Apple Gels

Watermelon Soft Gel

Sour Watermelon Soft Gel

Sweet Jamberry Gels

Tropical Soft Gel Edibles

Strawberry Soft Gel Edibles

Strawberry Lemonade Gels

Blue Raspberry Soft Gel Edibles

Sour Blue Raspberry Soft Gels

Peach Soft Gel Edibles

Sour Blackberry Gels

Cherry Soft Gel Edibles

Cinnamon Soft Gel Edibles

Mango Soft Gel Edibles

Mixed Fruit Edibles

Fluent Tinctures

Perla Black CBD Dominant Tincture

Baldor Black Sativa Dominant Tincture

Hydra Black Sativa Dominant Tincture

Polaris Black Indica Tincture

Kingdom Dreams – MOODS

Miami Vibes – MOODS

Midnight Cruiser – MOODS

Everglade Haze – MOODS

Baldor - Sativa Dominant

Elara – Blend Drops

Polaris - Indica Dominant

Zeltor CBD Tincture​

Vela - High CBD Blend 4:1

Perla CBD Tincture

THC | CBD Other

Elara THC-CBD Blend Suppositories

Elara THC-CBD Blend 600mg Topical Cream

THC | CBD Capsules

Elara Balanced 1:1 300mg

Elara 1:1 Capsules 90mg

Polaris Indica 600mg

Perla CBD Capsules 300mg

Perla CBD Capsules 90mg

Fluent Vape Cartridges

Polaris | Black​

Hydra | Black

Atlas​ | Black

Elara THC-CBD Blend

Golden Hour – MOODS Vape

Key Bliss – MOOD Vape

Moonrise Grove – MOOD Vape

Everglade haze

Gulf Coast Sunset

Midnight Cruiser

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