Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Cannabis No Longer Carries Negative Stigma

Cannabis may be losing the negative stigma long associated with it, according to the Harris Poll’s State of Marijuana 2024 report, which found 64% of Americans agreeing that “Marijuana no longer carries the stigma it used to have.” The poll found 72% of Americans believed cannabis is only going to get more popular, with 70% saying it would someday be accessible for everyone.   

Smoking cannabis remained the most popular consumption method, the Harris report found, with 81% of parents with children under 18-years-old and 78% of Gen Z and millennials saying smoking is the most common way they consume cannabis. Another 62% of respondents said they preferred edibles, 56% said vaping, and 42% said dabbing. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they “seek out people who use marijuana the same ways that I do for social circles” and 47% said that “Living comfortably with a partner means sharing mutual acceptance of marijuana usage.”

In a press release, Libby Rodney, the Harris Poll’s chief strategy officer and resident futurist, said the numbers found by the firm, “speak volumes.”  

“With four in 10 Americans using marijuana, it’s not a trend – it’s a cultural shift.

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