Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Port St Lucie, FL

7061 US Highway 1
Port St Lucie, FL 34952

Hours of Operation:

MON-SAT: 10-7
SUN: 12-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 7061 US Highway 1 in Port St Lucie, FL 34952 is now open. This cannabis store in Port St Lucie is conveniently located to service White City, Stuart, Jensen Beach and St Lucie County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients with a Florida medical card. This Port St Lucie cannabis store has the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Surterra is dedicated to building far stronger standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production to help provide patients great THC and CBD menu products. Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Port St Lucie as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis RX products are available by home delivery or business in Port St Lucie, White City, Stuart, Jensen Beach and throughout St Lucie County. FREE Statewide Delivery!

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri for Surterra Deliveries RX. Surterra’s low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Florida Med Card who need non-euphoric care.

Find a recommending doctor on our Doctors Maps or fill out the Patient Registration Form to get started.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Josh Silk
Josh S.
11:52 13 Oct 20
First timer yesterday. Nice place. Quick and easy. Great value. Definitely going to go back here. Was going to trulieve but they are always so busy and the prices seem higher. This location was clean and staff extremely pleasant. Looking forward to them opening the coffee bar back up!!read more
Jacob Yannucci
Jacob Y.
17:55 21 Sep 20
Worst customer service I’ve ever seen in any business. Whenever you go it always take approximately 25 minutes to get what you got. It also takes 17 minutes to reach anyone there over the phone. Absolute worst dispensary. Better dispensaries: anything else. Best dispensaries: Müv, Trulieve, and more
Katie Tress
Katie T.
00:44 19 Sep 20
Fantastic staff and incredible products. I have never slept better in my life.Repeat customer here. 🙂
00:27 19 Sep 20
Best customer service in the area hands down. These one star reviews had to have caught them on a bad day or these people were just having a bad day and projecting it on the staff. I’ve seen them open the door for older folks. Walk out in the rain to help someone in that didn’t have an umbrella. They have even help technologically challenged people set up can pay and even go over their mmur profiles. Anyone working during covid-19 deserves a pat on the back. And again if you’re giving one star based off of poor customer service during covid-19, self check… I tilt my hat to the staff more
Betsy Tress
Betsy T.
23:52 18 Sep 20
Best dispensary in Port St. Lucie, hands down. Superior customer service, consistently superb products, welcoming and friendly staff, and sparkling clean store! I recommend them to all of my clients as they are the most knowledgeable, most patient, and most qualified. They take time to educate their customers, make sure that they are receiving the product that they want, and go above and beyond for them! 5 star rating for sure!read more
22:11 06 Sep 20
I went there and I was sold infused wax paper for $60. I was not able to get the wax off and had to throw the entire gram away. I wasted $60. I don’t understand how they are able to sell this to their medical more
17:40 30 Aug 20
Sam Scarpaci
Sam S.
22:00 27 Aug 20
The worst service at any dispensery I’ve been in florida. good prices and products tho
Lori Blazer
Lori B.
15:45 23 Aug 20
What a great atmosphere, everybody there is always helpful, patient, very kind. The products are incredible.
onofrio piccolino
onofrio P.
13:41 25 Jul 20
some of there strains smell really good but the look of the buds are hot or miss 1/8ths are only $30, and mini buds are $27 It doesn’t make sense, there is no incentive on buying mini buds just to save $3. I do feel like they incorporate the mini buds into their whole flower because there whole flower buds aren’t big most of the time . The thing that bothers me the most is they don’t have a point system or discounts for disabled people or snap. There concentrates are expensive the same price as other dispensaries so without a discount or point system it’s not worth it to buy concentrates from themread more
onofrio piccolino
onofrio P.
20:43 21 Jul 20
I never got a big bud from them that I can hold in my hand and admire. It’s a shame because some of there strains smell really good and the look of there flower is so commercial There 1/8ths are only $30, and mini buds are $27 It doesn’t make sense, there is no incentive on buying mini buds just to save $3. I do feel like they incorporate the mini buds into their whole flower because there whole flower buds aren’t big at all. The thing that bothers me is they don’t have a point system or discounts for disabled people or snap. There concentrates are expensive the same price as other dispensaries so without a discount or point system it’s not worth it to buy concentrates from themread more
Dena Haaka
Dena H.
15:21 14 Jun 20
Travis was the first in three dispensaries that actually explained the products, and answered all my questions. Very clean and organized, also my wait time was not that bad. Will highly recommend to others I know to check it more
Leslie Fennell
Leslie F.
22:04 04 Jun 20
No one helps you. I was a new patient. I will never go back. I informed my Doctor of what took place. She assured me she would have all her patients go more
Cheri Michelle
Cheri M.
22:01 28 May 20
I wish they would have updated their Google page with the correct info. They are not offering curbside pickup, so if you are expecting that service, don’t order. Also, the customer service rep said they have a must wear mask policy for picking up inside. There again, not so. While on the phone to customer service, I saw multiple people enter and exit with no mask. So, if you are worried about that aspect, they are not enforcing the mask policy. Can’t comment on the product, I didn’t go in.Edit: They also told me on the phone, when I called to ask a question regarding the order, that they did curbside pickup as long as you paid cash or had a CC with a more
Bryce Nance
Bryce N.
19:16 18 May 20
Normally it’s pretty nice in here but today I had the displeasure of dealing with the older white lady who tried to tell me that I couldn’t explain the differences in thc bud to my mother who chose to make this her first dispensary to go to because she just got her medical card. Super unprofessional the sales lady just tried to pile on a bunch of cbd products and not listen to my mothers input at all. Probably won’t be back after this there’s too many other dispensary’s near by that have better flower and MUCH better customer more
Rrenis Petrey
Rrenis P.
16:52 15 May 20
The worst of all the dispensaries I’ve been to. I placed an online order at 10:11 a.m, got a confirmation email that said will be ready for pickup in 30 minutes. Fast forward almost 3 hours and I’m still sitting around here waiting to pick more
Carol Coppage
Carol C.
17:35 03 May 20
Love the Port St Lucie Dispensary.Friendly staff..They were so Helpful to me as a First timer.My Dr suggested some help for my anxiety and other issues.Had no idea what I needed,doses,what each strain does for a person.The staff explained everything then,I picked out my items.No pushy sales…No trying to get me more then a newbie needs..none of that.I tell my Friends…Surterra Wellness is The Place to more
Wood House
Wood H.
16:59 09 Apr 20
would not recommend coming here, multiple times medicine has been missing from containers and things come up short. The employees stating “its just like that”. The customer support is non existent, i was on hold for 5 hours before I gave up. Tried contacting Surterra and their parent company on social media and only got stock responses and no calls. Had to escalate to the necessary authorities, save your self the money and headache and go somewhere elseread more
Gary Godin
Gary G.
20:22 02 Apr 20
I would like to commend the PSL store & it’s employees. I made an order this AM via e-mail. Once the site could respond to my requests it was handled in the most efficient way. What a surprise when I got to the store!Social distancing was not a problem at all, there was not much wait time on my order and the store was absolutely immaculate. The transaction was completed without any hand to hand unprotected transfer of my order. WELL DONE Surterra. – Gary Gread more
Theresa Nicole Hogan
Theresa Nicole H.
11:28 20 Mar 20
For someone who is not, let’s say, a Noob to MJ, I’d say I’m really impressed with this dispensary. The staff are super friendly, attentive and they seem to be very knowledgeable of their products. I’ve tried one other local popular dispensary, but there’s no comparison. Surterra thus far, met all my expectations and then some. I love the options and variety of their medicinal products. I browsed their site before visiting so I had an idea of what I wanted already. I recommend Surterra to everyone, they pretty much have it more
22:15 07 Feb 20
I would have given 5 stars. The place is very welcoming and the people are prompt and have great customer service. But the call center said that location was currently out of stock of a product. Upon ordering they did have that product in more
Charles Bentley
Charles B.
00:10 29 Jan 20
Mike was very helpful. Very clean well organized environment. Comfortable waiting area. Safe for children to be with you. There was connect four on the table. Well ventilated. more
Kerrie Delamadrid
Kerrie D.
21:27 26 Jan 20
Very friendly employees. Has the best products. Also love that they put the games in there while you wait.
Anthony Mariano
Anthony M.
22:13 22 Dec 19
Hands down Best Service I ever had at any of the dispensaries around here Michael help me out with everything and explained every product I will definitely be back just for the service alone and highly recommended to check outread more
22:25 12 Nov 19
The place to go if you want true medicinal marijuana products. High quality products that really helped me post knee replacement more
Taimi Regits
Taimi R.
17:37 08 Nov 19
In my opinion this is the best dispensary in Port St Lucie. They are always very courteous and professional here. Their product selection is very good and they will patiently assist you with any questions you have. My quality of life has greatly improved thanks to medical marijuana. Thanks Surterra!read more
Brenda Chance-Farmer
Brenda C.
23:15 14 Jun 19
The store was so well organized in the staff was so friendly. Information was everywhere about the different products in the way it was set up it wasn’t crowded and easy to understand. The staff that work there were very knowledgeable and help me through this journey. Definitely definitely going to be a repeat customerread more
Dawn Pecci
Dawn P.
20:48 19 Apr 19
I chose this Marijuana Center because it was closest to my home and my Doctor’s office gave me a pamphlet with a coupon as well! It was very convenient to find too with thier location being right on US 1 in Port St. Lucie. As I walked in I was overly impressed with the absolute cleanliness of this Wellness Marijuana Center. I was greeted by Travis at the front desk and he couldn’t of been more friendly after checking my new card along with my DL he told me to help myself to a cold bottle of water and have a seat and someone would be right with me. I barely got my water open when I was approached by another very friendly employee who took her time with me because I didn’t know there were so many choices and they all have different properties from “Zen” for pain or “Relax” to help sleep problems to SO much more! There is an Oil dropper that goes under your tongue, to Vape pens with different strengths, to Capsules, on and on! I was very pleased that she took her time to explain everything and all my questions because I honestly didn’t know what I wanted and what fit for just me. The prices are reasonable, and along with the Coupon it made it even cheaper! They also promote event’s often, yesterday 4/18/19 Thurs., they had FREE Massages, unfortunately, they had left before I arrived later in the day, but today their having a big event to promote a new line called, “Coral Reffer” there will be food, drinks, music with a Fun and Friendly atmosphere, it starts at 4pm! I’m really excited to see what this can do for me!Oh, I almost forgot, they Deliver for FREE, Statewide!!read more
Jamie Romero
Jamie R.
22:34 25 Mar 19
“Share details” FAMILY…they treat you like family. I never walk out disappointed. I have cervical dystonia (highly spasmodic). I was going into a convulsion during an attack, my husband managed to drip some CALM drips, within minutes I felt better, embarrassed but better…they even deliver for free anywhere in more
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