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How To Renew a Florida Marijuana Card

  • Florida medical marijuana I.D. cards must be renewed annually.
  • Patients and caregivers must renew their I.D. cards within 45 days prior to expiration. 
  • Patients seeking to renew their card can apply online or by mail.
  • In order to remain eligible to shop at Florida dispensaries, patients must also maintain a bona fide doctor/patient relationship with a Florida medical marijuana doctor and are required follow-up every 210 days

More than half a million Floridians with a wide range of qualifying conditions have access to medical marijuana in Florida

However, Florida medical marijuana I.D. cards do not offer eternal access to Florida dispensaries. Patients are required to renew their cards annually in order to maintain their patient status. 

Caregivers must also renew their I.D. cards annually. 

In this post, we’ll answer frequently asked questions and explain how to renew a Florida medical marijuana I.D. card. 

For patients who have not yet been approved for a card, instructions for how to get a Florida medical marijuana I.D. card can be found here. 

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Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card Made easy

To get started, simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form and press submit.  A clinic representative will contact you to review and schedule a renewal appointment. Get started now!

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How often do I need to renew my Florida medical marijuana card?

Florida marijuana cards are good for one year. Cards must be renewed annually in order to maintain patient status with Florida dispensaries.

When does my Florida card expire?

Florida medical marijuana cards expire one year from the date they were issued. The expiration date of the identification card is printed on the front of the card. 

When should I renew my marijuana I.D. card?

Patients wanting continued access to Florida medical marijuana dispensaries must renew their card no more than 45 days before expiration. Patients and caregivers will receive a 45-day reminder email. To assure continued access to Florida medical marijuana treatment centers, patients are advised to apply for a renewal a minimum of 14 business days before the expiration date.

Are designated caregivers required to renew their Florida medical marijuana I.D. card?

Yes. Designated caregivers must also renew their medical card 45 days before it expires.

What does it cost form the state to renew?

There is a $75 fee to renew a Florida medical marijuana I.D. card plus a $2.75 convenience fee for online payments. 

Step-by-step instructions for renewing a Florida medical marijuana card

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Online Florida MedCard Renewal Instructions:

  1. Log into the patient registry at

  2. The “YOUR CARD” menu option at the top of the page leads to your account. If the applicant (patient or caregiver) is not yet eligible to renew their card, then the page will display the number of days the patient must wait before submitting a renewal application.

  3. Click “BEGIN RENEWAL” to start a renewal application. 

  4. Enter in the required information then click “PROCEED.” Review the application and click “APPLY” if all the information is correct. 

  5. Click “SUPPLY A PHOTO” to upload your current Florida State ID photo or recent passport-style photo. Follow the instructions to add a new photo. 

  6. Next, the applicant needs to provide proof of residence. To submit a driver’s license or Florida State ID click “SUPPLY PROOF.” Then click “CHECK STATE RESIDENCY STATUS.” Applicants may also provide their own proof of residency document. 

  7. When the application is complete, click “PROCEED.” Review the application to make sure it is accurate and then click “APPLY.” 

  8. Enter the applicant’s first and last name in the applicant’s electronic signature field.


  10. The Registry will then prompt the applicant to pay the application fee. The application will not be submitted until payment is made. Payments may be made online via echeck and credit/debit card. There is an additional $2.75 convenience fee to pay online. Alternatively, applicants may mail a check. 

Complete instructions for renewing a Florida marijuana card in PDF format for printing can be found here:

How to renew a card Offline:

Renewal applications are available by mail or the process can be done online on the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana website. 

Patients wishing to renew by mail can call (800) 808-9580 to request a Florida medical marijuana I.D. card renewal form by mail.

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Do I have to see a medical marijuana doctor to renew my card?

All Florida MMJ patients need to be seen by their doctor once every 210 days in order to maintain patient status. The health care provider is required to keep your status up to date in the patient registry. Patients do not need to visit with a medical marijuana doctor in order to renew the card with the state. 

Can I make a follow-up appointment via telemedicine?

No. At the start of Covid, patients were able to meet with their doctors from the comfort of their own homes for medcard renewals only. Not all Florida medical marijuana doctors offered telemedicine services. Sign up for our newsletter below and we will let you know if it comes back as an option to get or renew your card. 

How much does it cost for a follow-up appointment?

Follow-up appointments with a medical marijuana doctor generally range between $150 and $250. Many offer payment plans. 

What happens if my Florida medical marijuana card expires?

In order to continue shopping at Florida dispensaries, patients must have a current medical card. If the patient’s or caregiver’s card expires, the patient will need to reapply for a new card in order to shop at open cannabis stores.

For more information, contact the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU).

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