Liberty Health AYR Marijuana Products Menu

AYR Menu – Florida Liberty Health AYR cannabis stores offer a wide range of marijuana menu products to serve the diverse needs of marijuana card patients.

From Low-THC to Full-THC Medical Cannabis as well as High CBD, Low THC, they have a product line that is right for you.

AYR/Liberty Health Sciences Flower | Bud

Sold in 3.5 Gram Amounts | Eighths


Bubble Bath #70

Temptation F2

Red Velvet Runtz #1

The Tangarang

Mr. Nasty

Lane Splitter

Zkittlez Cake

Zkittlez Cake Smalls [7g]

Cheese Wiz

Ruby Slippers

Nasty Girl

Super A5 Smalls

London Pound Cake

Cherry D

Dessert Runtz

Too Many Runtz 1g

Mr. Nasty 1g

London Pound Cake 1g

Dog Whisperer 1g

Zkittlez Cake 1g

The Tangarang 1g

Gorilla Glue 1g

Liberty Edibles

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blue Raspberry Sun Gem Edibles

Tangerine Sun Gem Edibles

Watermelon Sun Gem Edibles

Liberty Health Concentrates

RSO Syringe – OG Diablo

RSO Syringe – Kingdom Chem

Watermelon - Indica

Blue Raspberry - Indica

Strawberry - Sativa

Pineapple Distillate - Sativa

Shatter – Ruby Slippers

Live Sugar – London Pound Cake

Live Sugar – 8″ Bagel #2

Live Sugar – Caesar

Live Badder – Ruby Slippers

Origyn Runtz Shatter

London Pound Cake Crumble

Super Lemon Haze Wax

LA Kush Cake Wax

Gorilla Glue Wax

London Pound Cake Wax

Dessert Runtz Wax

Runtz S1 Wax

Sweet Tea Crumble

LA Kush Cake Shatter

London Pound Cake Shatter

Liberty Health Tinctures & Topicals

Zentient THC Hybrid

Zentient THC Sativa

Zentient CBD Balm

Liberty Health Vaporizer Cartridges

Strawberry Sativa Vape Pen

Mixed Fruit Hybrid Vape Pen

Mixed Fruit Hybrid Vape Pen

Blue Raspberry Indica Vape Pen

Granddaddy Purple Disposable Vape

Jack Herer Disposable Vape

Bubble Bath #70 Live Resin

Lane Splitter Live Resin

WAP #27 Live Resin Vape

Ruby Slippers Live Resin Vape

Nasty Girl Live Resin Vape

9lb Hammer 1g

Tahoe OG 1g

Grape Ape 1g

Acapulco Gold 1g

Mai Tai 1g

Tangerine Dream



Lemon Cookies

Ringo’s Gift PaxPod

Pineapple Coast 1g

Pacific Mango Dompen

California Citrus Dompen

Mixed Fruit 1g

Blue Raspberry 1g

Watermelon 1g

Secret Orchard Strawberry

Pineapple 1g

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