Liberty Health Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Pensacola, FL

7152 N Davis Highway
Pensacola, FL 32504

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT: 10-5, SUN: 12-5

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Pensacola – A Liberty Health Sciences dispensary is now open to 7152 N Davis Highway in Pensacola, FL 32504 to service Brent, Gulf Breeze, Warrington and Escambia County in general.

Liberty Health menu products in Pensacola may include Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei. Low-THC High CBD products may become available for patients with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric CBD care. 

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to legal cannabis products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor in Pensacola.

Liberty Health Products

Liberty Health Marijuana Deliveries RX – AVAILABLE NOW!

Escambia – Liberty Health Sciences medical cannabis products can be ordered online and delivered to your door or business in Pensacola, Brent, Gulf Breeze, Warrington and throughout Escambia County from their Cannabis Education Centers (CEC) locations. 

Liberty has scheduled delivery runs throughout the state. Please call 833.254.4877 or email to schedule a delivery for Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei products.

Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!

Liberty Health Aphria CEC

What People Are Saying

Sterling Vangrowski
Sterling V.
22:18 21 Oct 21
After having been to several dispensaries across the state due to travel for work I’ve come to find that there really is no place like home. This Liberty has amazing staff that always make you feel welcome and comfortable when you’re too stressed about what to shop for. Thank you Liberty Health!!!read more
Kimberly Snow
Kimberly S.
13:30 12 Oct 21
The vibes and the friendly staff, have made me more than comfortable with this staff. Good quality products with amazingly great prices. Highly recommendedread more
Hope Jimenez
Hope J.
20:59 10 Aug 21
Staff is amazing and super friendly and very informal about the products that they offer and deals that are going on. The dispensary is very well maintained and everything is very bright. By far the best dispensary in the panhandleread more
Zane Hall
Zane H.
23:40 22 Jul 21
The staff is the most friendly, courteous and professional. They’re the kind of people who will lend you a couple cents if you’re short. I’ve been coming to this location for over a year and the wait times are much much shorter than other dispensaries, as well their products and prices are more
Mark Judson
Mark J.
18:45 09 Jul 21
This place is great. They always make sure you get the best deal. The staff is the best. They are very helpful in suggesting ways to use their more
Meaghan Batzloff
Meaghan B.
02:23 21 Jun 21
The staff here is great and the selection is pretty consistent. Two suggestions- more seating for the waiting area as the wait times are sometimes very long and a more discreet area or way to go over items and issues. These are health issues and discussing it in line or in an open area with other ears listening is a bit anxiety ridden. You guys have so much room and utilizing just the front area of your store for all of you customer more
Maria Villarreal
Maria V.
17:25 18 Jun 21
This is the first place I visited when I got my medical card back in April 2021. The gentleman helping me that day was named Isaiah. I was really nervous and he made me feel so comfortable. He explained each item with great detail! I cannot wait to go back for my second visit because now I have my CanPay account thanks to Isaiah advising me to get one. 😉 Thank you Liberty Health Sciences for being so sweet and kind on my first visit!read more
Parker Jordan
Parker J.
15:02 11 Jun 21
Man, I love it here. The employees always have a great time with me. They have the best prices on flower in the area on some strains. I always stay for an extra 10 minutes to make jokes with the front desk, and have a laugh. Great more
Carmen Vanek
Carmen V.
21:34 28 May 21
Poor customer service. System crashed at checkout; had to come back. At that time it was busy, but they did not want to offer good customer service and offer to expedite my PickUp order! Poor customer service. Don’t expect them to make anything right or offer good customer service. Too bad. So many other places to go in town with better selection, product, and treat the customers like they want to keep more
Jorden Pittman
Jorden P.
15:19 15 May 21
They were not busy so I was in & out really quick. The carts & battery I purchased were less money than where I usually go to get them & just as good. Also there was a great 1st time customer more
Anna S
Anna S
18:08 20 Apr 21
This dispensary is awesome! I have been a patient for 5 months. The staff is very helpful and courteous. I order online and usually have my order delivered. The ordering process from start to finish has been flawless every more
19:48 20 Feb 21
I have been a medical patient for over 2 years, and this is by far the best place to shop. Not only are the wait times from start (place your order at the counter) to checking out, the SHORTEST across ALL the other dispensaries in town. The service, quality of product (specials are actual huge discounts not some spam text), and price are of no comparison. I solely shop at liberty unless they're out, it happens. Go see for yourself and you'll be back again. ***This menu changes all the time so just use it for ball park estimates if you're more
Angry Croutons
Angry C.
19:25 14 Feb 21
The lady that came up to me wasn't very friendly, I feel like she was upset to be working on valentines day. She took my order and didn't give me any details about the dispensery or their products at all. Also she didn't try to up sale any of their products, which was weird to me.I'll go back again just to see if it's any better.Also the Papa Herb is amazing. I knew what I wanted when it went in there but was willing to look at other options. I am a first time customer also. I'll change my rating once I go back in on Friday. REGARDLESS the papa herb products they have is more
Clarissa Hall
Clarissa H.
16:17 14 Feb 21
The facility is very nice inside. It's very clean & spacious. The walls are adorned with large beautiful pieces of artwork depicting Pensacola & the surrounding areas. They have a wide variety of products & a lot of it is displayed throughout the room. And the staff was extremely friendly & knowledgeable. Super happy with the vapes that I purchased. Will definitely return!read more
aleshia warner
aleshia W.
15:20 12 Feb 21
Always exceptional customer service and great prices! Isiah was very helpful in recommending different strains. Their website is updated regularly which helps me decide what I may want to order online.Thank you Liberty Health Services!read more
Jeanie Eason
Jeanie E.
21:14 06 Feb 21
Every one on the staff was very friendly and helpful. Gave a lot of knowledge about their products. Everything I have tried has been excellent. Will definitely keep going back. Thank you. Jeanie Eread more
Jason Davis
Jason D.
02:51 03 Feb 21
Knowledgeable staff mixed with the clear handwritten daily menu lead to a 5 star rating. This location really helps make you feel comfortable. The ORANGE MINTS strain speaks volumes above most indica leaning hybrids. Did not disappoint for my birthday more
Wayne Lynch
Wayne L.
06:07 28 Nov 20
Used to be the Dispensary to get good flower at great prices. Now they rarely have flower and if they do it is overpriced for the product they are selling. I have not been back in 11 months. Glad that there are now multiple dispensaries in town that are featuring lower prices and better bud. Hope that LHS gets their act more
Jeff Hart
Jeff H.
20:23 23 Nov 20
While covid-19 has changed the way the world operates, Liberty Health Sciences is functioning well amid the pandemic. Thankful for that many of us are. I was able to get in and out quickly, even on a weekend day. Staff was very helpful and friendly, plus the selection of in-stock items made my day. Stop by and say high!read more
trish lathrop
trish L.
19:06 13 Nov 20
I'm very pleased with the products and service at Liberty Health science. The prices are reasonable and the people (workers) are extremely nice and very helpful. They always have a answer for me. I strongly agree to recommend Liberty Health Sciences to more
Joan Park
Joan P.
17:02 04 Nov 20
Honestly. Worth the price. Words can't describe what an awesome place this is! I wish I could literally go every weekend. Awesome vibe, awesome staff, and awesome music always playing. The food was beyond amazing! Recommend the taco fries HOLY SMOKES, felt like a total fatty getting to excited there is cheese on the bottom haha! Thank you for an amazing experience! I'll definitely be back REAL soon!read more
Nicole Brown
Nicole B.
23:16 30 Oct 20
I very much enjoy shopping with y'all. The employees are always in good moods and willing to help in any way they can. Good prices on products as well. Keep up the awesome job!!!!!read more
Katie Holland
Katie H.
05:35 25 Oct 20
Liberty always offers the most affordable options for my needs, and the employees are very helpful in finding exactly what you’re looking for. This is what keeps me coming back! Also, I never have to wait very long at all which is more
Luis Montes
Luis M.
17:32 23 Oct 20
The Associates at Liberty are very polite and very helpful. I called there with a question and their phone etiquette is awesome. They're always taking precautions and making sure everyone is safe. I highly recommend Liberty health more
Kelly Nicholson
Kelly N.
20:13 09 Oct 20
Wonderful staff and great products! I love the pineapple coast carts and free delivery if you spend $150+ (:
Samantha Newman
Samantha N.
20:11 09 Oct 20
Liberty has some of the nicest staff you will ever meet! A truly different cannabis buying experience.
Carol Sanchez
Carol S.
21:38 26 Sep 20
They don't update the website so take a chance and visit here. The girls there are really nice to answer your questions. 😊read more
Miranda Nash
Miranda N.
17:47 25 Sep 20
Everyone there is amazing and helpful. I really can't say anything bad about liberty. They have great product and more
Christopher Burkett
Christopher B.
20:17 19 Sep 20
Awesome products and Awesome Service Every time! Highly Recommended! 5 star!! Cheers!
Oran Allen
Oran A.
15:41 18 Sep 20
Awesome crew, and fantastic energy from this place. Come see why Liberty is the difference.
Trina Holthaus
Trina H.
05:07 10 Sep 20
People are friendly and helpful!!!
Parker Babcock
Parker B.
22:00 04 Sep 20
Best dispensary in Pensacola! Definitely helped me find my new favorite way to medicate!!
Joe White
Joe W.
18:03 31 Aug 20
Great place great prices nice helpful staff Plenty variety
Sammy Hedberg
Sammy H.
19:02 29 Aug 20
Great store, very friendly staff!
Tony Hardy
Tony H.
18:45 27 Aug 20
Store has an open layout which I like. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Comfortable atmosphere.
Katie Tipsword
Katie T.
19:32 23 Aug 20
Easiest ordering online than all other dispensaries. Kind and helpful staff! This is always my first pick!
David Cockerham
David C.
22:44 18 Aug 20
Best products, best prices. Great staff and bar none the best discounts. The #1 dispensary in pensacola
777 778
777 7.
17:16 22 Jul 20
This specific establishment has always maintained a positive, well informed, genuine appeal towards all clients including our business.Prior to Covid, and during these times, the entire staff of amazing individuals, have superseded the standards of any workplace. they maintain a great attitude, very understanding of all peoples and of all backgrounds.Eye do not only recommend this establishment for the staff, eye firmly stand by all the products they provide.From "flower friday" to the oil, and equipment sales. From the minis, and shake that they provide with their arrangements, it is worth the time and investment to visit this more
Scarlette Hoosier
Scarlette H.
01:20 22 Jul 20
So I have been a legal cardholder for the past two years and this dispensary is pretty awesome. I enjoy their Papas Herb and Lemon and grass products. I highly recommend this more
Jeremy Live
Jeremy L.
14:58 20 Jul 20
Last time I was able to find my favorite cultivar (Star Killer) was back in November of 2019. Great flower which came from Liberty exclusively. The dispensaries in FL are pretty much all terrible at keeping flower in stock especially good cultivars like Star Killer - so I decided to save most of what I got back in November 2019 just in case it might become difficult to get in the near future. It was last Friday in July 2020 before I was able to get it again; but I certainly still had some of these meds saved from 8 months prior. So when I found my Star Killer again I (naturally) got very excited & placed my order for pick-up the next day as fast as I could. Then, feeling fortunate to have found it again, I celebrated by enjoying some of what I had saved which was still almost as good (of quality) as the day I bought it 8 months prior. So, I get my preorder in but I have to drive 3 hours in one direction (6 hours round trip) just to get it - no big deal; we ARE talking about Star killer here & it is indeed worth it! The next day I drive out to get it - super excited & just can't wait to get my fresh new supply of my favorite cultivar with my last 2 units remaining on my monthly flower allotment. I get there & deal with Covid-19 limitations, new associates being trained and some "man-child" of a manager who's running around coaching all his personnel as well as every patient walking through the door. Speaking of "walking thru the door" - my 13 year old, autistic son had to (illegally) wait out in the car because "No Guests [patients only] allowed in during Covid protection processing" is what the sign on the door said (something we had no way of knowing we would encounter; until we actually got there.) The new associate screwed up my discount and then the worst happened. I get my flower out to the car & open it to enjoy my new, fresh fave. The top pops off, my heart sinks & a mixture of terror & anger set in immediately. Get this: THE STAR KILLER I SAVED FOR 8 MONTHS IS BETTER QUALITY FLOWER THAN WHAT I JUST BOUGHT FRESH AFTER A 3 HOUR DRIVE TO GET IT! The new batch has barely any essence when normally you can smell a new shipment of Star Killer before you even walk into the dispensary. My new flower smelled old & musty; it was dry, hard & crumbly; it was closer to brown than green and it was bitter & harsh - not kushy with heavy floral undertones as I had enjoyed just the night prior to this trip. So I took it back in hoping to return this junk & use my last 2 units allowed at a different dispensary on hopefully better product. The friggin "boy-in-man's-clothing" of a manager treats me like I'm trying to get something for nothing & refuses to accept my return. I didn't even want my cash back (store credit would've sufficed) - all I wanted was my last 2 8ths for the month to be of high quality meds! So now I'm stuck with an insulting excuse for my favorite cultivar, spent 3/4ths of a $40 tank of fuel round trip and dealt with an autistic boy trapped in a car for a boring 6 hour ride. All this only to have some 19 year old treat me like I was a criminal & stick me with garbage meds for the next 2 weeks. Well guess what, Liberty! I'll not ever be buying (from Liberty) anything for the son I'm a caregiver to - no capsules, no topical treatments. I'll never be buying any more flower nor concentrates for myself from you. My silhouette will never again darken the door at Liberty Health Sciences nor will I ever have anything nice to say about liberty besides that SOME of their PEOPLE are good - but most are either total morons whom have no business in a retail environment nevermind within the cannabis industry; or they are really negative people whom act like they are better than everybody else. Thanks for helping me to save my money Pensacola Liberty! Can't wait to hear that y'all are out of business because that's the road y'all are headed down! Please feel free to contact me so I can give y'all another big fat "F you"!read more
vicente salazar
vicente S.
17:40 12 Jul 20
These guys always have a smile on their facesstaff know their stuff!! Great selection better prices! Check them out
Ellen Kehoe
Ellen K.
21:51 10 Jul 20
I’ve been to all the dispensaries in the area. I love LHS! Fair prices, great pick up options, and amazing staff! I always see Shelby when I’m there, she’s always a joy! 😊😊😊read more
Chris Schuchard
Chris S.
02:58 03 Jul 20
This being my first legal medical marijuana purchase in Florida; I'm very glad I choose LHS to help usher in the moment. Awesome open floor setup. Everyone who helped me was very knowledgeable but yet not pushy. No need to feel intimidated. Was in and out a lot quicker than expected. Also, best flower prices in town and so far best medication I've tried! 😀 A+ all around. Will definitely be more
Philip Roberts
Philip R.
20:50 17 Jun 20
I put an order in yesterday evening and was excited that the products i use we're on sale. Upon arriving to pick my order up today, my price was back to regular price and cost me almost $50. I love the products but i will not shop somewhere that changes the price without notification. Other dispensaries in town have never charged more than the quoted price. I'll stick with the dispensaries that stick to their more
Justin Strickland
Justin S.
02:30 13 Jun 20
I just love visiting Liberty Health Sciences. They always have the largest selection of quality medicine. Every time i visit im met with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff and i could not be more grateful for that. I am more pleased after each and every visit to Liberty. Thank you guys for being here for us!read more
Tree Jay
Tree J.
15:49 08 Jun 20
Best customer service around! The flower and the carts are by far the best in town! They practice social distancing, and care so much about you as a patient! You guys keep it up! ❤️read more
Lacey Bonifay
Lacey B.
20:01 23 May 20
The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. They made my first experience a great one. I can’t wait to return and work with them again!read more
Christy Laiben
Christy L.
19:47 09 May 20
The dispensary is very clean. Staff are helpful and kind. Nice selection of flower and price. Lots of other things there as well. Fast Service. I do recommend Liberty. It has a lot to choose more
Melissa Bailey
Melissa B.
23:07 27 Apr 20
Excellent customer service. Staff is very well educated on all of the products and everyone is always so friendly! They also have the BEST sales. Would highly more
C Menzie
C M.
18:48 02 Apr 20
The employees here are very knowledgeable and helpful!!! Clear pricing and great products. This store always seems to have more strains flower than others. I LOVE their transdermal compound- it works great on my hands for carpal tunnel from crocheting too much. Their tinctures actually taste GREAT while others at places like MedMen taste too "weedy" and earthy. This is a complete one stop solution for all you medical marijuana needs! Definitely check them out!!!read more
Rob Brannen
Rob B.
15:17 31 Mar 20
Great prices. Great product at reasonable pricing. Quick and dependable. Online ordering for easy in and out. First class establishment!read more
Haleigh S
Haleigh S
21:13 13 Mar 20
I like the open layout here & they are always super helpful!
Amanda Alcorn
Amanda A.
00:04 26 Feb 20
I love going to Liberty Health. Every time I go in there and they're so helpful very efficient. I call them my in and Out store. I've basically stopped going to the other places cuz they're so quick.,knowledge and friendly. I joke with them I feel comfortable I tell everybody about your store . You have great staff great people. They are always eager to help me with any questions I may have. So I have gone from being a person that smokes and is much more knowledgeable at 56 years old than I ever have been .thank you Liberty Heath for your service grandma Amandaread more
Karen Ayers
Karen A.
22:06 19 Feb 20
This place is quickly becoming the number one spot to get Bud in Pensacola. The customer service is next level love all those girls. The weed is reasonably priced and high quality. Can't recommend it more
Kelli Cunningham
Kelli C.
22:44 15 Feb 20
I love this dispensary. Rarely are they ever out of product, and on the off chance they are, the staff is very helpful in suggesting alternatives. The prices, including the discounts that are offered and the special discounts that are advertised make this dispensary very reasonable. The product(s), in my opinion, are well worth the price. The product, to me, seems to last longer than product(s) that I have purchased elsewhere. And finally, the staff...let me just say, I love the staff at liberty. Everyone has been so helpful, patient, compassionate, and just plain nice to be around. From new patients to us "seasoned" patients, each person is treated as an individual and they don't mind taking time to explain the product(s), or in my case, to listen when I needed someone to listen to me, and for that, I must say, Thank You so much!!!read more
Stephanie Worley
Stephanie W.
19:04 03 Feb 20
Okay, my stuff did come up a gram short and I was given a $25 credit. So they are in my good graces . However, I'm still going to bring in more
Thomas Lewandowski
Thomas L.
01:30 28 Jan 20
Great customer service and much cheaper than the others on flower.
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